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David China Woolf

Mutual screenplay review

So, yesterday I joined the "Stage 32" webinar -"How to Better Rewrite and Polish Your Feature Screenplay or Pilot" with Steve Desmond, and I understand feedback is crucial to improve my work. Is there anyone who wants to read my 130 page drama and give feedback , in return I will read and give an feedback on his/her script (I prefer drama or comedy)?? I think I want this option prior to paying to an official coverage service...

Noel Thompson

130 pages sounds a bit long, perhaps you can exchange the first 10 pgs or pay for a first 10pg review. I find that peers can point out HUGE obvious issues in your script in these first 10 pgs that then trickle down through the rest of the script (such as there's no conflict, we don't know who the main character is, what is the theme, why must THIS character go on THIS journey). I've been working on a script this week with a montage scene that started at 8 1/2 pgs that I swore needed to be THAT long. It's now 2pgs long and it's a tighter script for it. I also self-analyze my scripts through various methods such as Save the Cat, Nutshell, and MY script can beat up your script (book). I recently found "Your screenplay sucks by William M. Akers" and it helps to spot a lot of common mistakes that will tighten up your script for the next draft. And lastly, if you get a peer review THANK the person - even if you disagree with EVERYTHING they wrote - they took the time to read your script - and for that they deserve thanks. I feel some people don't want feedback but validation (this might not be you). If you want validation, ask your mom to read it, but if you really want to hear that that awesome scene that you LOVE is pointless, THEN ask for feedback. Hope that helps, while you're waiting for trades.

David China Woolf

Thank you Noel for your insights, I have rewritten my work already but I wanted someone else before I go to the paid services... By the way, the THANK step you mention, was one of the main points Steve Desmond emphasized in the webinar yesterday...

Eoin O'Sullivan

I'll give it a read.

David China Woolf

Thanks Eoin, how can I send it to you?

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi David, send me a link if you have a Script Hop packet or another hosted link, or IM me and you can email a PDF.

Craig Prickett

I'm happy to read it if you like.

David China Woolf

Jackie Young very well, lets do it, send me your email

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