Success Stories: AUG'20 My first movie!

My first movie!

My western screenplay CATCH THE BULLET started filming yesterday in Buffalo, Wyoming. Super excited! The Exec. Producer of the movie found the script on Inktip last August.

WL Wright

Congratulations! That's awesome! Wyoming is awesome too. I spent a few years living there. It's a wild place on every level.

CJ Walley

Super excited for you, buddy. I know it's been a difficult six months for you with the lockdown holding stuff back and it's wonderful to know this is going ahead. So much in the tank too. It's going to be an exciting year.

Stephen Thompson

Congratulations, I am super excited for you!

Thom Reese

Congrats, Jerry!

Jerry Robbins

Thank you, CJ - everything was on hold since April when it was supposed to start filming - then last week - bang - it's on and a week later the cameras are rolling on my outlaw gang! lol it's quite surreal!

Jerry Robbins

Thank you, WL - the location is incredible.

Rutger Oosterhoff


Andrew Jay

Great news Jerry. We made several notes passes on this script with you. We always knew it was a winner.

Jerry Robbins

Thanks, Andrew! The Gurus helped turn the script around! HUGE thank you!!

Dan Guardino

Congrats. That is fantastic news and well deserved.

Philip Sedgwick

Yea! Congrats, Jerry. Nicely done!

Craig D Griffiths


This is a perfect example of quality and story winning. I remember less than a year ago people saying “you’ll never sell a western”.

Tell me when I can rent it. I love a western.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


Richard P. Alvarez

Well done!

Jerry Robbins

Thanks so much, everyone! I appreciate it!

Tony S.

Yippee ki yay, mofo! Outstanding, sir.

Jerry Robbins

Thanks, Craig! I will!

Justin Plourde


Jerry Robbins

Tony - LOL (I love that movie!!)

Phil Parker

That's great news! Well done!

Monty C. Floyd

Fantastic news, congrats!

Jim Boston

Jerry, that's great news! Thanks for sharing...and all the VERY BEST to you!

Annaluisa de Socchieri

That's fantastic, congratulations!

Dave Thomas

Wow. Congratulations. I was starting to lose faith in InkTip.

Vernessa Williamson

That's wonderful. Congratulations!!

Roberto Vitale

Hey man that's AWESOME. Haven't checked out Inktip yet. Thanks for the tip! Pun intended :)

Wayne Jarman

Congratulations, Jerry. Exciting times!

Tracey Collis

Congrats Jerry xxx

Marie McRae

Congratulations Jerry, well done.

Marcin Klinkosz


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