Screenwriting : My first pitch is done! Wow was that fun! Anxiety part if over I think for forever.. by WL Wright

WL Wright

My first pitch is done! Wow was that fun! Anxiety part if over I think for forever..

Hey everyone I was like oh no screenwriters have to pitch? Anxiety set it but then I watched a pitch session that Stage 32 did and it got me to the "I think I can do that". mustered the courage and signed up for one. I just did it a few minutes ago and just like I love screenwriting I loved doing the pitch. I don't know the outcome but I see the value in it and I don't hate it at all. Sweet!

Paul Norman Rich

For most writers the biggest fear / anxiety is pitching your precious baby knowing the great odds are, after all that work and editing and rewriting it will likely be rejected. Imagine what actors go though on auditions though. They may have killed the read and their personal intro but it is so often based on just "your look".

WL Wright

Thanks Maurice! Yeah one thing I don't want to do is act. No thanks. i think we all have that anxiety to overcome but sheesh I didn't think I would enjoy the pitch. That's the cherry!

Christie Conochalla

congratulations! Pitching is so tough. I'm happy you had a good experience :)

Ronald J Drescher

Congrats! Where can I find the pitch session that you watched, would love to check it out.

WL Wright

I think it's in the writers room it was the free one they did during this week.

Stephen Carter

Congratulations on getting that first one under your belt. It's awesome you enjoyed it.

WL Wright

Thanks Stephen!

Phil Parker

Well done in tackling your first pitch, they're not easy. Just like with writing, it takes practice, practice, practice. The fact that you loved doing it will be a plus because execs will see your enthusiasm. See ya around the WR!

Peter Dowd


WL Wright

Thanks Peter and thanks Phil. I followed the advice of the guy that is already a seriously made screenwriter that was on that free session showing pitches = you are the writer you know the story. He is right for sure and that advice was probably the best and what made it fun. As said I don't know the result until it comes in but I feel good about it. He said I had two great things going for it at the end of it so I got my fingers crossed.

Bill Albert

Are you talking live or written? I have to admit I'm really reluctant to do the live pitches.

WL Wright

Hi Bill, It was live and hey I was too before I did it but I realized at some point I was going to have to. So I jumped, took the leap. You should too and you'll see it's not as bad as our minds make it out to be. I had fun, you might love it too. Good luck!

Jason Mirch

Glad to hear it WL! It is a big step to pitch your project. Keep us posted on the progress!

WL Wright

Thanks Jason! Will do!

WL Wright

Thanks Nick!

Rashika R

WL Wright love your transparency! My first few pitches were nerve-wracking! Now I love every minute of them. I stopped viewing it as wanting them to like my show, versus selling them a product. (Why me, why now, what do I have to offer and is my story original?) Happy Writing!!

WL Wright

Hey Rashika thanks it's a compulsion, good or bad, but I think it's good overall. lol Glad to hear you love it too now. If it's part of it and we love it, well, sounds like that crazy goal is even better than I expected. lol Happy Writing to you too!

Craig Anderson

Yeah, I had a similar feeling/anxiety at a local summit late last year, pitching to three rooms of development execs for the first time...

Pitch 1: about as awful as you can get. I'm sort of surprised I remembered my name.

Pitch 2: better. Not great, but better. I at least got the main elements of my project across.

Pitch 3: nailed it. Was not only able to hit all my talking points, but to actually try to sell the idea convincingly and passionately.

Obvious proof that the more you do it, the more you become comfortable with it. I'm by no means any kind of Jedi master after three pitches, but the lessons learned were invaluable. Good on you for bucking up and going for it, keep at it!

WL Wright

Hey Craig thanks. I have to admit that the person I pitched laughed out loud enough times for me to be WOO YA! It actually threw me off for a second. Yes, it's a comedy. I also have to admit I have experience in another world of living of speaking in front of people, even lots of people. But this, was different than all of that because it was great to talk about a story I love and believe in. Seeing that reaction was priceless since he is big time, a literal golden boy in my estimation. . I might be way off on how he feels, I mean I get I might get something that leaves me wondering how I could be that way off on the reaction. But frankly it's left me with a good feeling that nothing, even not all my normal human insecurities can shake off. It is making me kind of a crazy person in the meantime. lol

WL Wright

The feedback is in. Happily I am a little crazier for it because the accolades seemed plentiful enough and big enough to get it moved onward and forward, but it was a pass. Yes, we are down the rabbit hole Alice.

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