Screenwriting : My lunch yesterday with Screenwriter, (David S. Goyer)… I took away ONLY *one* valuable lesson. by Stephen Barber

Stephen Barber

My lunch yesterday with Screenwriter, (David S. Goyer)… I took away ONLY *one* valuable lesson.

Let me start by submitting my disclaimer… As an aspiring Screenwriter, I’m currently trapped inside the body of a 37 year old Financial Advisor. FYI Yesterday I had a lunch appointment with two clients at a place that I frequent. In addition to the meal, (consistently great) I had arranged the best seat in the house to enjoy our time together and focus on the goals of my clients. Halfway through our meal, (silent chewing beat) I noticed that sitting right next to us was, David S. Goyer. My initial impulse was to notify my clients that “the man right next to you is the one who wrote ‘The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, etc...” But I didn’t… I paused. I noticed that he was sitting with two others and (excitedly) discussing via- IPad’s and other devices, they were talking characters! I was in awe! I’ve been around famous people my whole life. Through my business, through aviation, I’ve never been star-struck; but this, this was different. Here was David S. Goyer, talking about what I love. I wanted to excuse myself and walk over and introduce myself. But I didn’t… I was wondering if maybe I could time his departure and quickly run out to let him know that I had just two days prior listened to his BAFTA podcast, and really enjoyed it. I wanted to tell him that I think his contributions to movies and video games are AWESOME! But I didn’t… What I’m trying to get at is this… I’ve want nothing more than to tap into this creative industry and be around people who’re successful. I had done that with investments, and it had led to my growth, my character’s (arc). But what I learned in those pauses was that I was not at lunch with Mr. Goyer. I was at lunch with my clients. My attention was sidetracked because of a glimpse into a world that I’m in love with. The question immediately came, “are you being fare to your clients who’ve come to meet you?” Answer…? “No.” Every beat in this post, (real time) yesterday, upon first sight of Mr. Goyer and through, to the answer “no” that brought me back (mentally) into my appointment, had happened in 30 seconds. I came to one conclusion. Even though I convinced myself immediately that (this was a sign from God) I had to pause, take a moment and ask “Am I doing what I need to do NOW to be the best that I can be?” Ignoring my clients, and rudely introducing myself to someone who most likely wants to be left alone, was not who I am as a person. Let alone, it wasn’t who I want to become as a Screenwriter. I just made up my mind (quickly) that, “who knows? Maybe one day someone will be eating lunch here and look over and say, ‘hey! There’s Stephen Barber!” Regardless, I do know that ignoring who I’m with RIGHT NOW won’t make me a better person/Screenwriter/Financial Advisor, or man. However, what WILL help me become a better man/father/friend/professional is to be PRESENT, and give my attention to those who’ve taken the time to give me theirs. Thought I’d share. sorry if the hook left you wanting more... for the record, my LOGLINES are that good too

Bill Costantini

You have some serious credentials and accomplishments in your professional and personal life, Stephen, and I'd say you did the right thing in this situation, too.

Stephen Barber

You, Bill, are too a good man!

Fiona Faith Ross

Wow, Stephen, what a FAB story and a page-turner! You hooked me in, especially with the notion of being around brilliant creative people working on a project. This is my dream too, and a major motivation for me, to be included on a screenwriting team. Keep wishing and working at it!

Stephen Barber

@Fiona... People are constantly praised in public for what they practice for years in private DOING!

Raymond J. Negron

I actually saw him in a town in upstate, Ny called the Mudpuddle, where he was sitting in my seat where I usually write. I don’t like to be bothered, so I didn’t. Let’s do this! I’m curious who writes 40 hrs a week, here? If not, we have some work to do. I’m sending you all green lights.

Joseph Chastain

Good job! It would have probably hurt you to have bothered him. If it were an industry event, that would have been different.

Jorge J Prieto

Stephen, you are an Officer and a Gentleman. You behaved like one, by putting your clients first, as a true professional and a real gentleman.

Tao Ryan Moua

Wow, you met him. I mean you saw him. I've always wanted to meet him and maybe ask him for a few tips, that's if he's willing to share. You did the right thing. It would've been rude and unprofessionally if you had walked away from your clients ( focus) and interrupted him and his colleagues.

Stephen Barber

@Tao... I think the 'ink-work' on both sleeves' are enough for conversation fillers (WHEN) you DO meet him.

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