Screenwriting : My screenplay has been selected! by Vanessa Chamberlain

Vanessa Chamberlain

My screenplay has been selected!

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am right now! This is the first screenplay I've ever written, have no formal screenwriting education, and worked my butt off to bring this story to life. I originally hadn't intended to submit my screenplay to any competitions - 1. probably because I didn't believe I was a good enough story teller to even be selected, and 2. because I had no idea how to write for competition. I knew writing for production and for competition were different, but to be honest, I still don't know the difference. Having stated all that...

... My screenplay has been selected to move forward in the Queen Palm International Film Festival!!! I am over the moon excited and this only makes me want to write all the other stories in my head!

I don't like to brag, or even bring attention to myself for that matter, but felt in a community of other creatives, this may encourage someone else who might doubt their own abilities. I was scared to enter these competitions, but I did it anyway. I entered 8 competitions on and have only heard back from one - this one! The other 7 are still in consideration.

Erik A. Jacobson

Congrats, Vanessa.

Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you, Erik!!

Adrian Cunningham

Great news!

Vanessa Chamberlain

I'm just blown away, to be honest. :) Thank you!

Kevin Johnson

Congrats. I am so happy for you!! Good Job! Its a start

Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you, Kevin! This is a great start, for sure! I'm over the moon! :)

Kevin Johnson

Im smiling just as much as you! I love to see people succeed. it gives me confidence to keep going and do better. Im rooting for you. Send a copy of the script once you can so I can check it out. Good job!!

Bill Costantini

Wow....that sounds like a really interesting story. I'd read that, and would give that film a try if I saw that logline on my cable directory.

Congrats on the win, V, and best fortunes in your creative endeavors!

Eric Sollars

Congrats, eager to see more from you in the future.

Michael Nguyen

Awesome! I too have used FilmFreeway for film script submissions, but almost never succeeded with submission windows. If only I could go down the same path you did!

If this does not encourage me to keep submitting my scripts to submission windows, then I don't know what does!

Ingrid Wren

Congratulations and best wishes for the next round.

Abby Verste

Vanessa Chamberlain congrats! ❤️

John Zuzolo

Congrats! How many re-writes and did you use any script services/feedback?

Micki LeSueur

Congratulations! So exciting!

Dan Guardino

Great Job!!!

Doug Nelson

Vanessa, it's a start. The fact that you've started moves you up a notch or two - it's a good thing. Being selected - no matter how prestigious this contest - is a boost to your ego. You're entitled to the good feelings. But a word of warning is due. The ODDS of your winning are pretty slim, but don't let that discourage you. Congratulations are in order.

Angela VanZandt-Bumpass

Wonderful news! You are on your way!

Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you so much, everyone!

@John Zuzolo, My first draft was complete in 2018. I wasn't able to afford professional script reading, so I put it infront of anyone willing to read it and give me feedback. The number of rewrites I've done are way too many to count. In fact, it is nowhere near the same movie I began writing in 2017. The premise is the same, but what was once a very dark movie morphed into what I consider to be a much better story.

@Doug Nelson, thank you for the warning. In no way do I think I'm "the one." I'm just thrilled to have made it this far. I didn't even imagine my writing and story telling abilities were enough to make it past paying the entry fee. I'm over the moon thrilled and very proud to have made it this far. This is a very competitive business.

Dawn Sellers

Congratulations, you are off to a great start!

Bill Albert

Congratulations. Keep at it.

Paige Lauritsen

such wonderful news! Congratulations Vanessa. A great inspiration. I am glad I logged on and into the chat room today : )

Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you, guys, and @Paige Lauritsen, I'm glad you did, too! I'm not on here nearly as often as I should be. Life takes over for all of us. :)

Meg Stone

Your first screenplay - wow! My hat is off to you Vanessa Chamberlain ! I am also heartened to see it can be done. Do you have previous writing experience with other mediums? Novels, music, poetry, journalism?

Deepak Ram

Congratulations Vanessa

Craig Parsons

Congratulations- that is awesome.

Steven M. Cross


Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you, everyone!

@Meg Stone, I have previous writing experience, but only for a hobby - nothing more. I did write a series of children's books (for ages 4-8) but have not published them. I did publish one of my books, but only to see how the Amazon KDP process works. That book is nothing like the ones in the series I wrote - other than it rhymes. I truly believe what helped me so much with my screenplay was being open to all criticism - productive, constructive, and even simply downright mean. I made changes when I agreed, and left things alone when I didn't. My grandmother always did say I live in a cartoon world. Maybe that helped the story along a little, too? ;)

Jim Boston

Vanessa, congratulations! Way to go...and all the VERY BEST to you!

Selena Lohan


Jon-Michael Mooney

Congrats, that's awesome

Alexander Perry


April Mae Berza

Congrats! So proud of you!

Anthony Moore


Monica Mansy

Congratulations, Vanessa Chamberlain! That's amazing news!

James Welday

Congratulations, Vanessa!!

Taurai Zhanje


Robert Sacchi

Great going. You are an inspiration.

David Kleve


Elsie Joseph


Kat Rollinson

Congrats! As a newbie, I love this post - inspiring and motivating. Good luck with the other 7.

Bill Albert

I'm so happy for you!

Richard M Kjeldgaard

Very Exciting!! Congrats!!

Keith Brandon

Well done! What it is about?

Kelly Ann Guglietti

Cool beans! Congratulations, Vanessa!

Harvey Read

Serious congratulations, Vanessa - best of luck

Vanessa Chamberlain

Keith: Haunted by the death of her twin brother, the daughter of a well-known author sets out to pen her own book exposing the person she believes is responsible for his death - their mother.

Arturo Javier Mireles

Congratulations! Keep on writing!

Matthew Parvin


Barbara Zumer


Kellie Baxter

That’s so cool

Vanessa Chamberlain

Thank you, Kellie. It has won many other laurels/badges since I posted this message. It has been a fun ride, for sure, and I now have a producer (not found on Stage32) interested in working with me to get the movie filmed! Things keep getting better! I hope you are experiencing much success in your creative journey as well!

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