Your Stage : My short script, Disruption, has finished post-production... check it out by Anthony Cawood

Anthony Cawood

My short script, Disruption, has finished post-production... check it out

All ready for a few select festivals... Enjoy!

Zorrawa Jefferson

Good job, I liked your short.

Jody Ellis

Good job !!

Debbie Croysdale

Thanks for the share. The non fuss sound until the plot really kicked in refreshing. The croaking crickets, squelchy pen on paper of shrink , all natural background sounds. Often in shorts background music kicks in too quick.

Vladislav Nikitin

1:40 - "my dream usually signifies disruption" - roll credits but if seriously, good set up and pay off for a very contained story. cool music too. not a comment for you but rather for the editor: why keep the sound of the fake knife?

Adrian Muscat

Cool story Anthony!

Pierre Langenegger

haha, good stuff, Anthony.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Anthony: I liked it mate!. What a creepy lass. Not an old girlfriend I hope.

Robert Sherry


Anthony Cawood

Thank you all for taking a look, glad it seems to have worked for people... as a writer you always have pangs of doubt when letting people make your work, but Malhar, the Dir, has done a great job in bringing the script to life and also made it in just under 3 months from first contact!

Anthony Cawood

@Phillip... no, but I know a few project managers who may or may not have been the inspiration for her character ;-)

David Levy

Great work Anthony! Between you Phillip, Bill and a few others I really need to catch up on my short scripts!

Anthony Cawood

@David... At least with shorts it shouldn't take you too long to catch up ;-)

David Levy

Well, I'm finishing up my first attempt. If it wasn't for my vision impairments I would be able to write faster than I do. So a short to me can take as long as a screenplay (kidding!). I could use feedback on my first attempt when it's done if I have any takers (not everyone at once now).

Anthony Cawood

Happy to give it a read when finished, PM me.

Terence Campbell

Nice work

Edward A Haynes Jr

Amazing job!

Jim Gloyd

HAHA good twist!

Anthony Cawood

Thanks Jim!

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