Screenwriting : Need a MANAGER! by Donnalyn Vojta

Donnalyn Vojta


Anyone know a website OR section of S32 where a screenwriter can pitch themselves to a manager? I need a manager for my script writing work... Any advice is greatly appreciated. : -)

Derek Reid

I haven't used this just yet (got it from someone else) but it looks comprehensive enough:

Donnalyn Vojta

Thank you, Derek! I'll take a look.

Eric Christopherson

Look under "Script services" above and select "Pitch sessions" from the drop down menu. There are plenty of managers listed there.

Donnalyn Vojta

Thank you, Eric.

John Ellis

You know a manager doesn't typically do the business side of things, like making connections, setting meetings, fielding offers - that's what an agent is for. Managers typically work directly with a writer to help him/her improve their craft, help decide what direction a career should go, what genre is hot, and so on.

So why do you think you need a manager?

Chaz Fatur

Don't we all Donnalyn!

Dan MaxXx

Attend Austin Film Festival. Plenty of Reps speaking on panels and drinking after-hours

Donnalyn Vojta

John, I’ve read the opposite. Now, I’m in the dark again.

Robert Sacchi

Have you tried going through one of the lists:

I hope someone here has a more refined idea.

Donnalyn Vojta

Thank you, guys!

Dan Guardino

managers can package deals and use their contacts to help you sell your screenplays and help you land assignments. Managers are easier to get to rep you.

WGA Agents can do those things as well and they negotiate deals and write agreements because they are licensed. It is a lot harder to get an agent than a manager but that never stopped me.

Donnalyn Vojta

Nice, Dan. Love your drive!!!

John Ellis

Donnalyn Vojta Here's an article - one of dozens from a simple Google search - that explains the diff between mgrs and agents. This article is about actors, but for the writers, the roles are almost identical.

Danny Manus

John, those are talent agents and talent managers, slightly different for lit. and very different right now during the WGA ATA issue. But back to the Original Post.... WHY do you think you need a manager? why do you think youre ready for one? Everyone thinks they need a manager - 80% are wrong.

William Martell

A manager is like a spouse... So saying "I need a manager" is like saying that you need a generic spouse. You need to find the manager that works for you. So you need to do the research yourself to find the person who fits your specific needs. But as Danny says - are you sure that you are ready? Are you already getting interest from producers? I recently found an old article from my home town newspaper about me selling a script to a company at Paramount... and had forgotten that I also had nibbles from Silver Pictures and Tom Mount Company on different scripts. My writing had reached the level where people were now interested in it. The script that sold to Paramount had been passed around town - beginning with an actress from my home town who moved to Los Angeles and had a small role in a low budget horror movie. Everyone who read it gave it to their best contact to help their career. I had no idea this was happening. But you need to find the manager who fits you . Not some generic person.

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