Screenwriting : Netflix + Stage 32 Free Webinar: How to Write Hit Drama TV for Streaming Platforms by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Netflix + Stage 32 Free Webinar: How to Write Hit Drama TV for Streaming Platforms

Hi everyone, I'm excited to bring in a producer & writer from BRIDGERTON to teach the final installment of our education series with Netflix. Here's all the details - be sure to register:

Ahmed Hayat Khan

I want to thank you for your work. I am also looking forward for this webinar. You are remarkable job. It is really nice to work with you Amanda Toney

Emma Crookes

Hello from Bath, England. I’m so looking forward to this.

Thank you

John Forbes

Hey everyone -- looking forward to this presentation . . .

Balarama Munoz Medina

Hello My name is Balarama Munoz, i am filmaker and director from Chile

Vikram Bhandari

Hey Filmmaker from Germany! Excited to connect with creatives around the globe.

Natalia Cruz

Hi, my name is Natalia. Anyone else from Vancouver, Canada?

Luiza Paniagua

Hiiii! I'm Luiza Paniagua and i'm from Brazilll ! Very anxious with this webinar!

Katherine Nema Zaghi

Hi everyone! Excited for this thank you.

Francesca Varisco

Hi everyone! Francesca here, looking forward to the presentation!

Kathi Carey

Sooooo looking forward to this -- outlining a drama pilot now!

Jerry Jaz

No drama in writing, but selling writing, well….

Danielle Boone

Looking forward to hearing from Leila. She was awesome in the pitch tank last week :)

Hania Sherwani

Hi!! my name is Hania. I'm a film student. Very excited for this seminar

Diane Namm

Hi. Looking forward to hearing what Leila has to say! Thanks for arranging this!

Dominika Gniewek

Hello! Best wishes from Cambridge! I have been really looking forward to this webinar :)

Ayn Carrillo Gailey

Thanks so much. @ayngailey from Orcas Island/LA

Lise Rask

Excited for this webinar :-)

Casey Williams

Hey everyone! I'm Casey from Calgary, AB! So excited for this!

Donald Jacobs

So looking forward to this session

Trisha Evans-Lutterodt

Hi everyone, I'm Trisha, an aspiring screenwriter, and director from London, UK. Lovely to meet you all!

Sam Felman

Looking forward to meeting everyone! / @SamFelman / / Director and Production Designer

Omowumi Ogunsola

I'm so fascinated about this. Looks interesting already. I'm Vicky, from Johannesburg South Africa

Anastasia Yules

Looking forward to this. Greetings from Sheffield, UK :)

Anna Fong

Hi! New here, nice to meet everyone

Diana T Black

Thank you RB, Amanda, and of course, Leila... these are really valuable presentations...

Jeff Shelby

Hi all - I'm in cold, dreary MN. :)

Camille Elston

Hey everyone! I'm here from Riverside, looking forward to the webinar!

Fawaz Azim

Very excited! Name is Fawaz. and joining the webinar from Toronto


Reneasha Lawrence

Hi, looking forward to this from Trinidad and Tobago.

Rebecca Gismondi

Hi everyone, tuning in from Toronto, Canada!

Nosipo Matanzima

Hi there, am so looking forward to this.

Svetlana Tulasi

Hi everyone! Loved Chris Mack's Netflix workshop, excited for this one too! Svetlana (IG: @svetlanatulasi)

Steven Delisi

hello from Chicago! … musician & aspiring screenwriter :)

Dinesh Holmes

Hi there, greetings from Sri Lanka! Tuning in even though it's almost 11pm, excited to meet everyone

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, everyone. I'm Maurice, a Community Thought Leader in the Screenwriting lounge. Looking forward to meeting you.

Staton Rabin

Hi, I'm a working screenwriter and a freelance script analyst. Also write YA novels for Simon & Schuster. Never stop learning.

Wendy Pfeifle

Excited to learn today! Hi from Los Angeles!

Joanna AY

Hello from Nottingham, UK. Great to see everyone :)

Lucie Page

Hey from Toronto!

Pritts Castor

Hi, everyone, from Manila, Philippines!

Evangelist Keoagile

Hello all. From Botswana, Africa

Ebony Franklin

Hi, im a film student from Manchester :)

Shanra Jean Kehl

Hi Everyone from sunny Santa Monica.

Dominika Gniewek

Hello everyone! I am so excited about this webinar!

Colette "ByFilms" Byfield

Welcome everyone! I’m sure this will be another great Netflix + Stage 32 session!

Carla Mejia

Hi - Carla Mejia from new york city!

Deke Acosta

Hi all from Puerto Rico!

P. James Norris

Anyone wanting to Link "up", I'm at I write teleplays, short stories, and novels.

Alexander Gerlach

Hi, I'm Alex from Berlin, Germany. I am so excited!

Ashley Owens

Hi! Everyone! Coming from NYC. Super excited to “meet” you all today.

Nicole F. Burney

Hello everyone from New Jersey.

Tricia Cerrone

Hey everyone! Pens at the ready!

Joni Rodgers

Peace and grooviness to all :)

Raphael Bittencourt

Hi all! Brazilian writer-director-producer based in LA here! Great to see you all!

Opute C. Joel

Hi everyone...

My name is Opute C. Joel. I am a filmmaker based in Nigeria. Good to connect with you guys

Lucas Zoppi

Hi everyone from Buenos Aires!

Summer Rona

Would love to connect @summerrona

Just moved from New York to Pacific Palisades, CA

Samuel Tracton

Hello everyone! Hello from Pennsylvania!

Gary Feld

hi all from Alexandria, Virginia

Sally Clements

Hi from Ireland! Loved Awkward!

Adamu Adamu

Good morning from San Diego!

Muhammad Saqib

Greetings everyone from Karachi, Pakistan

Isaac Dil

Hola! from South Africa

Zachary Fox

Good evening from London, UK!

Mayra Belén Leiva

Hello from Córdoba, Argentina

Naail Ishaq

Hello, from England. Is this webinar recorded and able to be viewed later?

Tim Wright

Greetings all from Dallas via Detroit

Karen "Kay" Ross

Greetings, y'all! I'm Kay, the Community Manager here at Stage 32, tuning in from Los Angeles - WELCOME! Be sure to hit that REFRESH button on your web browser to read the newest comments on this thread!

Amari Grant

Hey y'all I'm a screenwriter in Maryland. Let's connect on IG: cr8tivemari

Laura Van Der Zee

Hi everyone!

Sallona Ramesh

Hello everyone! Greetings from Germany :)

Jillian Del Rosario

Hello to everyone! I'm Jini from the Philippines :))

Robert A Douglas

Hello everyone. Thanks to Stage 32 for this learning opportunity.

Søren Jonia Nissen

Hello from Denmark :-)

David China Woolf

Hello from Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Carrie Hayes

Hello from the Garden State! So glad to be here.

Anastasia Pisklyukova

Hi everyone, I'm producer & line producer working in Berlin, also aspiring script writer, developing a coming of age tv series atm.

Jermaine Johnson

Hi, everyone! I am Jermaine from Jamaica.

Tanmay Tushar

This is my handle if anyone wants to connect! Filmmaker and Film student @tanmaybetheone - Instagram

Phiwa Sukumane

Hello from Pretoria , South Africa

Agnieszka Baczkowska-Maśluszczak

I just realized I hate drama. Yikes. :-D

Raksha Thakur

Hi! Comedian and writer! Thanks!

Fahd Aldajani فهد الدعجاني

Greetings from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! good to see you again!

Jason Dallas

Hi there! Jason from Burbank!

Oriana Theola Nair

Hey Everyone!!! I'm Oriana and I'm from South Africa

Alice Militaru

unfortunately it's late and I have to go, I will watch it after when available. Nite nite

Olga Kozhema

Really hope it will help me as I'm a bit stuck right now:)

Joy Mamey

Hey everybody - I'm a Lebanese, cancer surviving comedian and writer in LA! @joymamey

MoMo Matsunyane

Super excited! MoMo from Johannesburg.


Tamesha Edwards

Hello everyone! I am from California... Thank you, Stage 32 for this great experience...

Andrea Bandiková

Hello from Bratislava :)

Justin Narthuna

In which category does a gangster story fall in?

Karen "Kay" Ross

So true, @DanielleBoone - Leila was fantastic as she gave feedback to Stage 32 Writer's Room members' pitches! It's such a valuable monthly event, and she definitely elevated the experience!

Jillian Del Rosario

Never too late for a good webinar! It's currently 1:35 AM here now haha!

Jo Gomesh

Hello from Portugal :)

Justin Narthuna

In which genres does a gangster drama fall in?