Screenwriting : Netflix + Stage 32 Present: How to Write Comedy Scripts for Streaming Television - FREE Webinar by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Netflix + Stage 32 Present: How to Write Comedy Scripts for Streaming Television - FREE Webinar

In our ongoing education partnership with Netflix we are excited to bring you a free "How to Write Comedy Scripts for Streaming Television" webinar, be sure to sign up here:

Level up with Stage 32 Education
Level up with Stage 32 Education
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Daniel Stuelpnagel

Amanda Toney yes so excited, I just signed up for this today!

Writers! This FREE webinar in this series is COMING UP ON MONDAY !!

February 28, 10am PST absolutely amazing opportunity to learn us some comedy skills and probably have some laughs! (3-hour epic!)

Looking forward to it, thanks so much Amand...

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Fahd Aldajani فهد الدعجاني

thank you! Amanda Toney :) COMEDY its my favorite genre ..

I'm sure this webinar will be amazing :) .. cant wait! .. see you all on Monday !

Bryan Lake

Roseburg, Oregon

Jason Krane

Jason from NYC!

Ihsanul Huq

Hello from Austin, Texas

Frank Sopapunta

Los Angeles!

Justine Harcourt de Tourville

Heya! Justine from Antwerp, Belgium here!

Dan Calvisi

Hi from Los Angeles, CA!

Emma Crookes

Hello from Bath England

John Pitek


Brenda Kuciemba

Manhattan, NY

Violet Tcherkin

Miami, Florida USA

Michelle Barbera

Boston, Massachusetts

Hollie Michelle Harper

Hi, I'm in Brooklyn New York

ET Brown

New York!

Werner Artinger

Toronto here!

Glen Toussaint

Las Vegas

Richie Cannaday

Hey I'm in Roanoke, VA!

Dániel Veres

Hi, I'm from Hungary :D

Tonya D Holloway

Dallas, Tx

Felix Kruis

Munich, Germany

Jason Seelmann

Hello from Calgary, Canada!

Sheila Ajjie

tuning in from Nairobi, Kenya!

Muzala Yamfwa

Tuning in from Pickering, Ontario!

Bruna Capozzoli

London :)

Arthur Smith

Tuning in from Los Angeles

Ben Tallon

Salisbury, UK!

Eduardo McCausland

Greetings...from Barranquilla...Colombia

Lucija Mar

zagreb, croatia

Andrew Rajan

London UK..

Karen Somers

Karen Somers/ Director - Los Angeles, CA

Jessica O'Donnell

Hello, I'm tuning in from Boston.

Alex Bondesen

Toronto, Canada! Thanks for launching this series, looking forward to it!

Anna Tran

Tuning in from Los Angeles!

Walter Meyer

Hello from Portland, Oregon

Joshua Young

Hello from Toronto Canada!

Michele Traina

Can't wait I'm here right now listening to the webinar!

Milad Masumi

Hey my name is Milad and I am tuning in from Toronto. Canada

William Spencer

Loony Londoner, saying hi.

David Gray

Bloomington, Indiana...

Duff MacDonald

Toronto here!

Micharn Pollock

Hey! I'm tuning in from Cape Town, South Africa.

Janet Arneau

Charleston, SC

Mark Dispenza

Hi Amanda and RB from Louisiana!

Chanté Channel

Hey! Tuning in from Los Angeles!

Ami Brown

I'm in North Carolina! Hi Y'all!

Achickwitbeatz TheProducer

Hello from Kalamazoo, Michigan

Ahmad Farghaly

Hello, I'm Ahmad, an Egyptian screenwriter based in Edinburgh

Thomas Schrack

Washington DC here

Caledonia Hanson

Hello from my bed in east bay, CA! Let's get COMICAL

Sharon Yusop

Hey Amanda.. Im tuning in from Singapore.. its 2am here... haha..

Phil Roberts


Siman Cohen

Hi everyone! my name is Siman Cohen an I`m from Israel :)

Pip Lilly

Los Angeles here

Julie Stern

Love you're doing this! Comedy is my thing. I'm in NYC

Kat Walker Shea

Hello! Tuning in from Los Angeles.

Jason Stratton

Hi! Tuning in from Los Angeles! Well, Glendale.

Scot Byrd

Tuning in from Austin Texas

Cara Rogers

Elkhart, Kansas! And hello new friend Renita Okon. Glad you were able to get in.

Bruce Bishop

Hey from Halifax, Canada

Dora Laszlo-Gulyas

Hello from Warsaw, Poland! Thank you for today's presentation. :)

Daniel Stuelpnagel

Shout-out from Baltimore aka Smalltimore USA !!

Pjay Gutierrez

TORONTO CANADAAAA! Ready to learn :)

Mazen Elgamal

I'm Mazen, tuning in from Cairo, Egypt

Jeremy Scott


Benjamin Deem

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA!

Peter Waluk

Queens, NY! WOOHOO!

Herman Johansen

New Mexico, USA

Melanie Arden

Hello from chilly and snowy Toronto. Totally stoked over this webinar!

John A. Duvall

John Allen Duvall, Bedlam Productions, Rohnert Park, CA, USA

Tarun Padmakumar

HIya! Loggin in from Toronto today! Looking forward to hearing Vijal Patel's talk!

Romell Foster-Owens

Tuning in from Studio City, California

Angelia Jackson

I'm tuning in from NYC today! Very exciting.

Anthony Peterson

Hey I'm from Canberra, Australia :)

Eugene McKinney

So excited!!! Watching from Chicago!

Tendai Escobar


Ken Pratt

HI! I'm La'Donya, my husband Ken and I are tuning in from The Bahamas!

Christoph Brandl

Hello everyone, Christoph from Berlin here

Todd Rowan

Hey! I'm in Nashville TN!!!

CK Steefel

Hello and thank you from Kent, WA

Ben Richards

From the UK . Though on a beach in Mexico

Joyce Cyr

Hailing from Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Cassandra Bautista

Marina Del Rey, CA

R— B—

Thanks for this very fun, very unique opportunity!

Wayne Jarman

Greetings to everyone from the East coast of Australia.

Phil Stewart

I'm in Great Yarmouth in the UK, looking to get into comedy and drama script development

Erik Schlittner

I'm logging in from Long Island, home of Alec Baldwin and Amy Fisher

Petrice Douglas

Hey y'all. Houston, Texas is in the house.

Darren Nash

Hi Everyone - greeting from Belfast, N.Ireland.

Brian Gross

Learning comedy here in Galveston, Texas!

Cara Stelmaschuk

Greetings from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada!

Tom Hackett

Hello from Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada

Abigail Kerr

Thank you for sharing, from Philippines here!

Gattlin Griffith

Super excited to be in class with you guys today! I'm tuning in from my ranch in Agua Dulce, CA.

Young Kim

Hi, it's 3 am here in Seoul, KOREA! Thank you for this great webinar again!

Cari Kabinoff

Hi All, watching from LA! Love these workshops- keep them coming! And congrats on the pitches RB!

Sheila Rinear

So excited to be here today. Thanks Amanda from Sheila in San Antonio, TX!!!

Letícia Bulhões Padilha

Hey! I am from Brazil, I am a comedy writer and I hope to learn and share today with everyone. :)

Jeani Vee

Tuning in from South Africa, Johannesburg! Thank you for making this awesome resource available!

Cynthia Hernandez

Hey, I'm from Arizona

Chaitanya Vyas


I am from Ahmedabad, India.

Christine Keleny

Here from the great US Midwest - Wisconsin.

Laurie Williams

I'm from Toronto

Michael T. Milanich

Burbank, CA

Rae Dawn

Tuning in from San Francisco :)

David Lawrence

Greetings from New Jersey. So excited to be here

Kimberly Howell

Kim here from Los Angeles, CA. SO excited about this! Thank you all!

Christa Biyela

Evening everyone. Greetings from South Africa.

Robbie Tweedale

Tuning in from Hartlepool, UK!

Amanda Evelyn

Hi from Brazil!! Thanks for this opportunity.

Piravina Ragunathan

Hey, Piravina from Malaysia! It's 2.30am here, really trynna stay awake. just had my 2nd cup of coffee haha!

Aaron Braxton

Aaron Braxton - Los Angeles

Jade Shine

So excited to watch from Houston!

Kathi Carey

Hey Amanda, RB -- incense? Didn't know you were into the woo! Cool!

Francesca D'Amicis

hello, Francesca from Italy - thank you organizing this!

Cristina Pons

Hi from Madrid, Spain

Brian Farrey-Latz

Here from frickin' cold Minnesota.

Keshia Kola

Hi Amanda! Thanks for doing this. Coming from the mean streets of Beverly Hills, CA

Christoph Brandl

This is my 3rd Netflix seminar!

Jose Pablo Arnau

Joining from Mexico City

Paul Zalzal

Paul Zalzal from Toronto Canada

Winifred HMensa

Winifred from Accra, Ghana

Brandon Bennett

Hello All! This is Brandon from Los Angeles.

Kristel Whippy

Tuning in from Fiji.

Kristen Arute


Lucinda Newcomb

Ram's House!!!

Fuad Omar

Thanks for the intro Amanda! Looking forward to this!

Evelyn Von Warnitz

A warm hello to everyone from Gernsheim, GERMANY. Thank you for this great oportunity to join online! I am up with my next screenplay to write a Comedy Fantasy Feature.

Cristal McLaughlin


James D Howes

Thank you Amanda. I am logging in from Cincinnati, OH, USA James Howes

Samiat Pedro

I'm from London, North London. Londoners are very territorial! Looking forward to the webinar. Thanks

Katherine Middleton

Joining from London!

Max Lehman

Hi all! Santa Monica, CA You can me find me on IG @hebrewstrawberry Currently working with a producer to shop my comedy horror script I met via Stage 32. Can't wait for the extracurricular learning to come

Mike Goldberg

Thanks Amanda, Mike Goldberg from San Francisco, CA

Andrea Bugarin

So excited for the webinar! Greetins from Mexicali, Mexico!

Maria Claudia Lara-Zuccolo

hey y'all watching from Houston-TX ;)

Tatiana Gelfand

Hi everyone! - I'm here tuning in from Berkeley, CA. Excited to be here.

Gauri Prasad

Hi everyone, I'm Gauri - actress, and writer from Toronto, Canada!

JJ Howard

Hi I'm tuning in from St. Louis, MO

Tyler Citizen

Houston, Tx

Lisa Liz Long - (sag-aftra)

Yes! It's great to be here! I am currently in Longmont, CO.

Rebecca Adams

Hello I'm calling from London

Almendra Calle

Hello! I'm listening from Lima, Perú :)

Nathan Ray Clark

In LA. I like to laugh.

Joshua Young

Hello from Toronto Canada! 28 time finalist in comedy here.

Brandon Follick

Brooklyn, NY!

Emma Pyne

Hello from Long Beach CA!

Dakota Smith

An American girl living in Germany here :)

Luisa Rubinstein

Hi... Originally from Italy and living in LA County now. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! :)

Jim Millington

Port Hope

Ontario Canada

Megan Sousa

Thank you for putting this on. I am literally in the middle of writing a half hour pilot. Tuning in from Los Angeles, CA! Netflix credits (Acting), Beats, 2019 and They Cloned Tyrone, 2022. Excited!

Shay Cole

Hello! I’m tuned in from Clarksville, TN

Caroline Greville-Morris

Tiuning in from Dorset, UK on the coast!

Fabian Stratas

hi from Buenos Aires Argentina, happy to be here today

Ryan D. Canty

Watching the webinar from Pittsburgh, skipping work in the process :)

Nouf Alhamdan

Hi from KSA

Shanda Foster

Tuning in from Boston! Thank you so much for your time!

Sally VanDevanter

Looking forward to learning! Thank you! Westport CT

Pamela H Zachritz

Tuning in from the Berkshires (Western MA)

Ioanna Tsoleridou


Charlie Marbles

Tuning in from North London, UK... Thanks all - Im very up for this !! - Charlie

Aziz Mughrbi

Tuning in from Jeddah, SA

Shahryar Rizvi

Hello, on From Maryland

Samantha Babboni

Hello from Paris, France !

Osama Rai

Hi Everybody, Osama Rai, Producer and Director, Algeria.

Paula Höll

Tuning in from Düsseldorf, Germany!

Adam Loxley

Hello from London UK

Shelbi Evans

Hi all! Tuning in from Brooklyn!

DK Reinemer

Bellingham, Washington

George Gant

Greetings from Chicago!

Christine Bortolin

tuning in from Vancouver, Canada!

Aallyah Wright

Hi from DC!

Petra Vuka

Hi! I'm from Zagreb, Croatia!

Bahar Sedefoglu

Hi. I'm Bahar from Ankara, Turkey. I'm very excited. This is a great opportunity!

Tatiana Horavova

hello from Prague, Czech Republic

Karen "Kay" Ross

Welcome, everyone! I'm Kay, the Community Manager here at Stage 32, but I'm also a producer/writer/actor here in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Looking forward to seeing where everyone is tuning in from!

Anita V Bevelheimer

Thanks for this great opportunity for all of us! I'm in LA

Melissa Spearman

Hello from Alabama!

Todd Lituchy


Christine D’Silva

Christine from Ottawa, Canada.

Ozlem Williams

Hello from London!

Sandikazi Scwebu

Thank you Amanda, I'm from South Africa

Susan Lander

Hi Amanda! Coming in from South Florida, soon to be LA

Iga Krasuska

Warsaw, Poland!

Claude Montminy

Hello from Québec, Canada!

Yulia AK

Los Angeles

Cristina Resmini

Hi! Tuning in from Milan

Florencia Fraga

Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Irene Reis Leite

Hi everyone! I'm watching from Porto, Portugal -- the port wine place but actually from across the river from Porto in a city called Vila Nova de Gaia is the real place where all the cellars are :-)

Leslie Gold

Originally from NJ but now in London, England

Aideen McCarthy

Hi from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Matija Lukman

Hello from Zagreb, Croatia!

Niki L

From Calgary, Canada!!

Jason Leal

I'm in Houston TX and excited to be here!

Valentina Sandoval

Hi! I'm from Santiago, Chile

Jason Moyle

Hi, I watching from Cornwall, United Knigdom

Anthony Moran

Hello from Manchester, England

Shili Munyama

Hello, I'm from Namibia!

Cassius Lee

D.C. United States

Bill Nimz

Hello from sunny Sarasota Florida :)

Lolo Castany

Toledo, Spain :)

Joyce Malta Martins

Hello from Brasil!

Sarah Jane Martin

Howdy from Winnipeg Manitoba, the centre of the continent

Cem Bek

Hi! Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Evelyn Muñoz

Hello! I'm from Córdoba, Argentina

Nadejda Kolpacoff

Hi there! I'm from L.A but originally from Paris. Thank you for this presentation, excited to learn with you this morning!

Morgan Bargent

I'm from Toronto, Canada =D

Byron Abalos

Hello from Toronto, Canada. Looking forward to learning.

Mattias Goovaerts

Hello, tuning in from Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks for the class!

Renita Sherell

Hello, fellow writers! Tuning in from Santa Clara, California!!

Bainun Waheeda Burhanudin

Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Steve Theroux

Greetings from Bradenton, FL, USA

Muzala Yamfwa

Pickering, Ontario!

Sofia Alexander

Hello from Vegas!

Agray Upreti

Hello from Toronto

Emre Demirel

Emre from Izmir, Turkey

Richie Cannaday

Hey, I'm in Roanoke, VA

Tameka Mullins

Hi all! Joining from NYC!

Ivy Kirera

Tuning in From Nairobi Kenya

Veronica Angeles-Franco Aka Veronica Thompson

Veronica form Mexico City

Reid Spencer Gilbard

Hello from West Hollywood!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi from Los Angeles, CA

Travis Williams

Hello from Canada!

Kynan Fritschel

Hi from just outside of Denver, Colorado!

Anna Nicoletto

Hi from Padua, Italy!

Tevin Everett

The beautiful LA!

Damon Royster

Here in L.A. (but freshly moved here from Chicago!)

Marina Cardozo

Hello from Cologne, Germany.

Larry Collins

Hello everyone from Dallas, TX. Cowboy hats optional. Boots required.

Patrick Malone

Hi Amanda, from Toronto.

Kristen Scatton

Hello from North Hollywood, CA!

Ricardo Izaguirre

venezuelan in chile

Lauren C. Brits

Hi Everyone! I'm Lauren (South African), recently moved to Manchester, the UK from Stockholm, Sweden.

Lexi Healy

from San Francisco!

Cari Kabinoff

Hello from LA - congrats on the pitches RB! love these workshops - thank you!

Kofi Addei

Kofi Addei tuning in from London, England!

Winifred HMensa

Hey, Winifred from Accra, Ghana

Ana Krishnan

Hi! Ana from New Jersey here! Listening in between teaching classes!

Nick Taylor Buck

Hi from Sheffield, UK

Sean Torrington

Hey! Im from Los Angeles.

Erin Marquez

Los Angeles

Monique Aldred

Hello from Seattle!

Tin Lorica

Hello from Montreal!

Kristel Whippy

Bula from Fiji.

Kristopher Boykin

hello, from NEW YORK

Omar Sidberry

Brooklyn NY (deadass)

Amari Morrison

Tuning in from Atlanta, GA! Excited.

Vanessa Villarreal

Hello from Austin, Texas!

Ron Doyle

Joining from Denver, Colorado

Guido Sánchez

Greetings from Ecuador! Nice to be here!

Casey Williams

Tuning in live from Calgary, Canada!

Gian Shines

Hello from NY

John Christian

Hi Everyone! - from Houston, TX

Jessica O'Hara-Baker

Comin in from Copenhagen by way of NYC!

Dinesh Holmes

Hi from Sri Lanka!

Emma Cordano

Hi from London :)

Jack Utrata

Hello from NYC

Micole Williams

Thanks @Amanda! I'm tuning in from LA. Excited to hear more!

Joey Bagtas

Los Angeles! :D

David Joyner

hi everyone from Maryland

Fahd Aldajani فهد الدعجاني

Hello :) from Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (: - مرحبا من الرياض - المملكة العربية السعودية :)

Susan Lander

South Florida!

Kath Kirkland

Evening from England

Faduma Warsame

Watching from Ottawa, Canada. Thanks for the webinar!

Sarah Bro

Hello from Braunschweig in Germany

Andre Campbell

Hey! I'm in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

William Lipski

Las Vegas

Monique C. Baisden

Hi! I’m Monique and I’m tuning in from Atlanta, Ga.

Maura Kelley

Maura Kelley NYC

Brigitte C

Hey from London UK.

Sylvie Soul

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amani J Seay

Hey From Dallas, TX

Tanner Kazio

Hey, it’s Tanner from New Egypt, New Jersey! Great to meet you all!

Liliana García Domínguez

Hi! In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pablo Minces

Hola from Miami :)

Sebastian Chumbes

Hi! So exicted to watch this webinar. Greetings from Peru.

Angelia Jackson

Hello All! NYC.

Emily Escott

Norwich, UK :))

Brianna Devons

Los Angeles!

Agnieszka Baczkowska-Maśluszczak

Hello from Poland! :-)

Rachael Jane Owens

Hello from Los Angeles!

Luchia Ashe

Atlanta, GA

Benjamin Salmon

Hello from London, England!

Kristen Hurt

North Hollywood, CA

Taranjit Bhogal

Toronto, Ontario

Petrice Douglas

Hey y'all. Houston, Texas in the house.

Uju Nwagu

Uju, joining from Lagos, Nigeria

Nnate Carter

Hey everyone! From Baltimore MD!

Johnny Lombard

The Windy City!

James Casteel


Quinten Friederichs

hello from Antwerp, Belgium

Aaron Reyes

Tuning in from Austin Texas

Ben Chan

Calgary, AB

Sharon Yusop

Hey everyone.. Im in Singapore.. its 2am here.. haha..

Ruby Hossain

Hi from North Rhine Westphalia, Germany!

Mark Martinez

Los Angeles, CA

Kate Walmsley

Hello! Tuning in from Glasgow, Scotland

Karla Espino

tuning in from East Hollywood, Los Angeles :)

Russell Hairston

Los Angeles, CA

Romain Girard

Paris here :)

Iann Yanes

Santiago de Chile

Phill Haddow

Bristol, UK

Shanda Foster

This is amazing!

Filippo Manco

Hi from Rome, Italy

Julian Ritchie


Michał Kasprzyk

Hello! Tuning in from Wrocław, Poland :)

Lucas Gutierrez

From São Paulo, Brazil here!

Jada Poon

Greetings from Toronto Canada!

Wendy Sánchez González

Hello from Colombia.

Chris Chatmon

houston texas

Matteo D'Argenio

Rome, Italy

Fatima Shah

Hi all! I'm here from Troy, NY

Herb Lazar

Manalapan, NJ - the height of civilization!

Melanie Berthelo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mary Kay Holmes

Hello from LA, CA!

Jerry Ramirez

Mexico City

Ben Maloney

Sunny Burbank, CA

Kory Hart

Hey Wussup? Kory from Trinidad and Tobago here

Banu Pakir

Istanbul, Turkey

Andrew Williams

Hello from Alberta!

Gary Ford

Hello from Virginia!

Elan Gamaker

South London!

Javier Ignacio Figuera Gago

Hey everyone from Mexico City

Ann Dretta

Atlanta, GA

Billy Holton

Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie Keller

In case we have to leave early, where will we be able to find this recording later?

Sabina Ene

Stafford, UK

Francisco Figueiras

Hey everyone, Joining from Oeiras, Portugal.

Tina Cheng

Hello from the Bronx!

Daniela Ochoa

Hi! Daniela from Mexico

Daniel Flores

Atlanta, Georgia!

Leigh Maple

Hello from Detroit, Michigan!

Liesl Oberholster

Hi from East London, South Africa!

Mindy Strouse

Hi! Mindy - I'm LA & Disneyland adjacent (Anaheim/Anacrime)

Marcin Klinkosz

Hi everyone, joining from Poland

Keith Dury

Hey, I'm new here and tuning in from New Brunswick Canada!

Peaty James

Miami, Florida

Renita Sherell

Hey, Cara from Kansas!

Sidharth Raj


Dave Chan

Brooklyn, NY

Auralia Novak

Learning from Calgary, Canada. ^-^

Abril Gasparri Caragliano

hey!! Abril from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Nick Schouten

Hello from Riverside, California

Franco Terraza Bustos

Hi! Tunning in from La Plata, Buenos Aires :)

Lauren Piskothy

Hi everyone! I’m from Tampa, FL but currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Carlos Albornoz

Hello from TORONTO!

Tshepiso Kgori

Pretoria, South Africa

Fran Tran

Tuning in from the other London (in Canada).

Felix Von Poser

Munich, Germany

Joseph Piddington

Hi All, looking forward to this very much! Watching from Bristol, UK :)

Stacey Malone

Stacey from Cleveland Ohio

Lyudmila Frolova

Hello from Spb!

Marcus Chan

hey ya'll, tuning in from Singapore where it's a sunny 2am

Natina Berry

New Jersey

Chris Sibert

Ponte Vedra Beach, FLorida

Alise Ambaine

Tuning in from France, myself being Latvian. Love these webinars.

Kimo Koshi

I'm (also) logging in from Anaheim, CA.

Danielle Simon

Hello hello, tuning in from NYC. Ready to learn some structure to help put together my own projects!

Steven Colquitt

Los Angeles,CA

Meysoun Khan

coming to u live from ✨Glasgow✨

George Bohlender

Tuning in from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Farid Hobeiche

Hello from Beirut, Lebanon

Arthur Oloo

Nairobi, Kenya here

Diana Ceres

Hi. Listening in from Topeka, KS!

Ingrid Revilla

Greetings from Puebla, Mexico.

Christien Dimas

East Harlem, New York

Julia Perez

Los Angeles, California

Lucinda Newcomb

Mmm I've never seen Blackish but that might be a good model for my series-- some success but difficulty assimilating due to ableism left and right and center in response to invisible disabilities.

Carolina Amarilla Jerez

Greetings from Argentina! ;)

Bernie Wouters

Helloooo from Belgium

Martin Burke

San Jose, CA. Instagram - @mahtyb1965; YouTube - , IMDB - ; WebSite -

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Jan Velco Soolman

Hello from Boston!

Frank Caeti

Frank from Los Angeles. I won't be able to stay for the entire webinar, will it be available on demand?

Janelle Weekes

Hi! POS, Trinidad and Tobago here!!

Doc Deuce

Another in Austin, TX

James Mane

Aloha from Aiea, Hawaii

Ana Valeria Martinez Vega

Hi, from La Paz, Bolivia

John Chamelion

Hello from the West Coast of Canada!

Nate Friedman

Hello from Toronto, ON!

Yasa Malakpa

Hello from Brooklyn NY

Samira Finley

Good Morning! Samira from Los Angeles.

Fuad Omar

London, UK here!

Victor DiGiovanni

Greetings from Lake Charles, Louisiana! Happy Mardi Gras!

Maya Ricol

Hi from Vancouver!

David Tran

Greetings from Orange County, CA xo

Marcela Alvarado

Hi! I'm from Guatemala City

Anna Tran

For those of you who love Abbott Elementary, there's a free event with its-co showrunner to break down the pilot tomorrow

Kagiso Keebine

Hello, I'm tuning in from South Africa!

Cornelia Ravenal

New York and Stockholm

Sophia Samuels

Hello, I'm from Canada

Agnes Arriaza

Hello from Guatemala!

Ross Mc Carthy

Dublin, Ireland

Jana Sprau

Hi from Germany!

Patrick Gillespie

Donegal, Ireland!

Joey Bagtas

Loving this webinar!! Such good gems already in the first 20 mins

Kerry Pozniak

watching from Los Angeles

Ece Yorenc

Istanbul , Turkey

Lucy McMullan

Belfast, Northern Ireland!

Chris Ryves

Awesome I found the lounge. I'm here from PA

Laura Villa

Hi there, from Mexico City!

Paul H Nzala

From Lusaka, Zambia

Mariano Jose Tamayo

Manila Philippines, at an ungodly two in the morning! Happy to be listening in!

Kim Ortiz

Hi from Nashville! Thanks for putting this webinar together!

Fidel Titi

hey! Fidel here in Cape Town, South Africa

Shirin Rashidian

Thanks Amanda Toney , listening from paris France !

Helen Burt

Producer from Manchester UK

Victoria Ene

Victoria from London, UK

Damon Royster

Abbott Elementary and American Auto are great workplace comedies happening now.

Corey Lightner

From VA, residing in ATL!

Patricia Teixeira Soares Ogando Dos Santos

Hi! Brazilian screenwriter from Brazil!

Chris Ryves

You could argue Barry fits into family with both Fuges and Winkler's character, name is slipping, being father-like figures to Barry.

Ugochukwu Israel

Ugochukwu from Lagos, Nigeria

Ro (Rodrigo) Fonseca

Hola desde Cuidad de Mexico...!

Anwar Suleman

Anwar Suleman from Johannesburg South Africa

Duane Turner

I'm from Toronto, Ontario. Thanks for putting this together!

Harry Mars

Hi from New York City!

Clara Wong

Hi from San Francisco Bay Area! I love Barry. What are your thoughts about Succession being a comedy? Because I find that show an absolute Hoot.

Aaron Reyes

How I met your mother (dating + friends)

Richard "RB" Botto

Fantastic to have you all here. To the new Stage 32 members, welcome to the community! To those who have been with us for the last 10 years+, awesome to see you all.

Arieh Alexander

Hi All! I'm located in Chicago.

Lucinda Newcomb

"And Just Like That" and "The Sex Lives of College Girls" are also Dating Comedies?

Monique Rangel

Hi, I'm from Brazil!

Lucinda Newcomb

I LOVED the I Love Lucy show. Loved loved loved it.

Rory McNeill

Hello from Warwick, UK!

Tomescu Andreea

HI!! I'm from Romania

Charles Fatuki


Ashley Denise Robinson

Kevin Can F Himself is the exception!

Carolina Alckmin

Brasil <3

Joshua Young

It's not about the cameras

Steve Barnes

Hi all- writer residing in Los Angeles

Nola Jordan

Hi, Im from Chicago

Maria Singh

Hi, I'm tuning in from Trinidad :)

Neil Wade

Tuning in from Tulsa, Oklahoma! This is great.

Cristal McLaughlin

Brooklyn 99

Christopher Butler

Hello from Toronto, Canada

Hannington Odido

Hey there, from kenya

Joshua Young

He really shouldn't say it's the number of cameras 'cause it's not -

Muzala Yamfwa

Entourage (work + friends + dating)

Abdullah Bamajboor

Hello, form Saudi Arabia

Steven Wishnoff

LA here

Ryan Clarke

Tuning in from Jamaica!

Lenormand Marion

Hi! I'm from France! :) Thank you for this webinar!

Christopher Butler

Single cam seems better.... IMHO.

Noni Salma

Hello from NYC

Mark Christopher Pastoral Agnes

Hi I'm from Philippines

Petrice Douglas

I'm already clearing some questions that I had in my head when writing. Thank you Vijal.

Ahmed Frarema

Hi, I’m from Paris, France. Thanks for this webinar


New Hampshire!

Gilbert Moyo

Hi, I'm Gilbert Moyo from Malawi, Africa. It is the country where Madonna adopted two of her kids. I'm glad to be here and learn.

Noni Salma

Thanks for this webinar.

Case Gardner

how does a single cam get all the angles? does it have to be a separate take every time?

Shakes Motsilili

Johannesburg, SA


anyone here from Brooklyn NY?

Michalen Padayachee

South Africa

Sheila Ajjie

Insecure and Sex and The City is the type of show I want to do

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So happy to be here. Hi from Caesarea, Israel (but a New Yorker always).

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Zooming in from Toronto :).

Erica Young

Can we watch this webinar later for free or will there be a fee associated with it?

Michalen Padayachee

It says a lot about the quality of writing when the comedy transcends decades. I still laugh at Malcolm in the Middle and Everyone loves Raymond because the characters are so relatable.

Abigail Kerr