Screenwriting : Never Stop Writing by David Levy

David Levy

Never Stop Writing

I know many of us get down at times. Turn those negative thoughts into positive actions and keep writing! Never give up and never lose hope!

Jack Middleton

Thanks. Came at a good time. I woke up in one of my down moods - thought it's too much for me

David Levy

I wake up like that everyday. Some nights I find it hard to sleep, always on my mind as well keeping me awake. Then I push those thoughts aside and keep moving forward. Realize I am better than my own negative thoughts. As long as you are stronger than the vaccuum of fear you believe holds you back, you will be stronger than what pulls you down. Keep believing in yourself and others will believe as well!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Amen! & Amen!

Aray Brown

Thanks for the encouragement David! Needed it

Bill Costantini

Keeping the faith while restoring the hope....or keeping the hope while restoring the faith....whichever one you prefer, or both....are probably the greatest battles every artist since the beginning of time has endured. Good luck, David and all!

Elisabeth Meier

My favorite words to this come from Clint Eastwood: "Keep pushing." Actually these two words say it all. Don't give up, go on, don't loose your goal, believe in yourself and relax. No matter what, simply keep pushing. I repeat what Bill said: Good luck, David and all!

Jody Ellis

Thank you, I needed this today too. Last few weeks I've been feeling like nothing is ever going to break for me. I've had visions of myself, older and fatter and sadder, still in this dead-end day job, still pecking away at night by the light of a lonely laptop....sigh. Yeah yeah, I know I'm very dramatic. :-p

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