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Julia Dibbern


Hiya community,

I am new and trying to find my way around here.

After several novels and non-fic books I am way into my first screenplay. I like the new and shiny toy very much, but I don't seriously believe that this one will have a chance to be bought. I still love it, and who knows? You have to start somewhere.

Just thought I'd give you all a quick hello. As time goes by, I hope it'll be okay to ask you a LOT of questions re editing, proof reading, contests etc. Any maybe even meet a few colleagues in person one day.

Martina Cook

Hi, Julia! Welcome to Stage 32. Lots of knowledge here and plenty of nice people willing to help. Best of luck with your first screenplay!

Julia Dibbern

Thank you, Martina. By the time, I'll have anything produced I'll be a seasoned pro here, I guess.

Michael Rogers

Hi Julia! Always looking for writer to talk to!

Julia Dibbern

Thank you, Michael!

Karim D. Ghantous

I have a lot of time on my hands ATM so I'd be happy to proof read a script or two. I'm not a writer but I know good stories when I see them.

Ron Newcomb

They have some great training here Julia...I've taken several of their workshops - they should help.

Chad Stroman


James Drago

Nice to meet you Julia. Invite sent.

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome aboard. Check out some of the screenwriting threads, a lot of the basic questions have been asked and answered there.

Gary Smiley

Hi Julia, I check out the loglines others have written. Have you posted it yet?

Kerry Morgan

Hey Julia, nice to meet you!

Gilberto Villahermosa

Good Luck, Julia! The transition from non-fiction to screenwriting is truly challenging!

Julia Dibbern

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, everybody! This is a wonderful community.

Julia Dibbern

Gilberto, actually the main challenge for me is this whole breaking-in thing. I am pretty good at storytelling - even I I say so myself - and I am confident that one day one of my scripts will be good enough to make it to the screen, thus marking the beginning of my personal happily ever after. It seems a lot more difficult to actually get into the biz than writing a decent script.

Julia Dibbern

Haven't yet, Gary. Working on that. :-)

Gary Smiley

Very good. Nice to meet you. It's as you say in a post above -- it's all about connections.

David Black

Welcome aboard Julia

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Julia!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community Julia!

Shawn Speake

I would turn one of those novels into a screenplay. You've created the story world, character profiles, and done the research. The clay is already there. Just a matter of conversion.... I'm always here to answer questions. I would also have a S32 meet up. I've been on movies, tv series, and music vids because of SS32 connections that came about from my meet ups. Here I am on set with another S32er on PRISON BREAK - THE SEDUCTION OF JOYCE MITCHELL.

Julia Dibbern

Thank you, Shawn Speake . That's actually what I am doing. I am turning my favorite novel into a screenplay. Have to make some major alterations, age the characters and change their living conditions and all, but it's a lot of fun.

Thank you as well for the kind offer to come to you with questions. I might well take you up on that.

Shawn Speake

Let's get it started! In my studies, I've found 'THE STORY SOLUTION' by Eric Edson to be invaluable. This book breaks NOVELS into sequences for MOVIES. Some say screenwriting is scene writing. I say that's old school now. Screenwriting is sequence writing. If u don't find the book to be what you're looking for, I'll pay for it - very serious. I believe in Hero Goal Sequences. Any questions?

Shawn Speake

... and the front cover....

Shawn Speake

The 21 Hero Goal Sequences for a current project, MAD MOUNTAIN MASSACRE. I'm a big fans of cards on the board. I'm also a big fan of watching all movies with captions and time on. To be cont.

Julia Dibbern

Looks like a great book, Shawn Speake! Thank you. (I'll buy and and simply don't tell you if it doesn't work for me :-P )

I also love Lisa Cron's Wired For Story, but this one seems to be even more of what I need right now.

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