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Zowie King

New Here

Can someone tell me how to get my script in the hands of the right person?

Craig D Griffiths

Hey Zowie, that is the single biggest struggle for most writers. They is no well worn path. I would host your script in it may find an audience over there.

Dan MaxXx

Not one size fits all but this guy details his path

William Martell

You don't need to get a great script into the hands of the right person, my whole career came from getting scripts into the hands of the wrong person.

In one of my Film Courage clips I talk about the time that I have a script to a fellow writer for her to read and give me notes on. She left it on her coffee table and her roommate, in a garage band, took it to read at practice. He loved it and all of his band mates read it. That script was passed around every unsigned band in Los Angeles until I got a call months and months later from the manager of some band asking if they could pitch it to a big production company that made some Schwarzenegger films. Sure. And how did you get the script?

So you just need to get your script out there, and then it is up to the script. It's always going to be up to the script.

I have also gotten plenty of reads from query letters, attending events, etc.

The hard part is having the amazing idea that makes them respond to the query or pitch, having the script that is better than expected, and having the knowledge of places to target that are looking for scripts like yours and actually make movies.

John Ellis

Write, write, write. Network, network, network.

Jason Mirch

Hey Zowie King! Great to have you here! As Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services says, feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you are working on. I work with hundreds of writers on the site to connect them with the right executives who can help move their projects and their careers forward. Please email me directly to - I look forward to hearing from you!

Jim Boston

Zowie, you're more than welcome to click "Profile" and load your script onto Stage 32. Script Revolution's another great Website where you can upload your screenplay.

All the VERY BEST to you, Zowie...welcome to Stage 32!

Craig D Griffiths

I am a fan of Script Revolution.

Kelly Brotman

I have a question as well, how many pages does it require to write a spec script for Family Guy?

Cas Swope

Where are the best places to network for screenwriters?

Craig D Griffiths

Cas, here isn’t bad. Reddit perhaps. Face to Face, try

William Martell

I think I have 14 places to network in the Breaking In Blue Book, and probably 13 of them are not going to work with COVID-19 out there. Film Festivals, volunteer to location scout for local film commission, crew on a local film, and a bunch of others are ways to meet producers and directors F2F... and that may not work now.

But online has great possibilities - I know a bunch of people way above my pay grade that way. You can also do film journalism - interview directors and producers and writers.

I have been one of a million people who stood in lines around the world to have a big best-selling writer autograph his latest book, but online I have become someone who he "knows" and "recognizes".

Doug Nelson

Cas - "best places to network for screenwriters?". Hollywood, Atlanta ain't bad, Vancouver is okay and 'most places anywhere else.

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