Screenwriting : New TV Project Now in the Wind! by Terri Viani

Terri Viani

New TV Project Now in the Wind!

That scary moment when you hit "send" on your script! =D Just put it out to my team - I have cast and crew I work with regularly - and hoping they love it. This script is a bit of a departure for me, so it's anyone's guess what they will think. Anyway, we're hoping to be on set by March. FINGERS CROSSED!

Liz Rivera

Good luck, Terri!

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Good luck and I hope they love it.

Dan Guardino

Terri. I know that feeling and hope things go the well. Good luck!!!!

David Levy

Best of luck!

Rosalind Winton

Brilliant, that's great news, please keep us informed how it all goes :)

Terri Viani

Thanks guys! No matter how often I do it this part is so nerve-wracking. Having people read your stuff is like standing naked in Times Square with a giant movie of all your hopes and dreams and mistakes and fears playing behind you, and then inviting people to come on up and comment. =)

Cecil E. Davis Jr.

Yes, it is. Good Luck!

Serenity Edward

Best of luck, Terri!

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Terri: Naked in Time Square... hmm... I look at it more like have a tooth pulled without novocaine... or at the risk of conjuring unpleasant imagery, hemorrhoid surgery without anesthesia.

Terri Viani

Hah Phillip that IS quite an image lol

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