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Phil Parker

Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards

My WWII action/ adventure 'The Third Bomb' has won 1st PLACE and a cash prize at the Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards. Happy Dance!!!! That money is going STRAIGHT into the fund that will support the writing of my next script :-D

Ohio Independent Film Festival
Ohio Independent Film Festival
Therese and her team are highly organized, friendly and efficient. I am honored to have been a part... of their "One Night Only" event this year and give them my highest recommendation, without reservation.
Elisabeth Meier

Cool! Congratulations! :)

Phil Parker

Thanks, Elisabeth!!

Anthony Cawood

Awesome Phillip, well done!

Owen Mowatt

Nice going, Phillip!

Sanjeev Gupta

great , congrats ... :)

Phil Parker

@Anthony - thank,s A.C.!

Brian Walsh

Congratulations Phillip! That's amazing!

Stephen Barber

Great Job Phillip

Mike Romoth

Great news. Good luck. Keep feeding the fuel into the fire.

Shawn Speake


Lynn Wilkinson

Congratulations, wonderful new. Let's all take heart!

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Well done. Hey, da Third Bomb must be good! It keeps winning. Congrats my friend.

Fiona Faith Ross

Congratulations! Fantastic! Well done you!

Donell Jones

Congrats Phil

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congrats Phil. Fantastic news... 1st prize... that's HUGE.

Phil Parker

Thank you so much to all of you! Your kindness is heartwarming and encouraging :-) The Stage 32 community is the best!

Jeffrey Van Davis

Hi Mike, congratulations on your award at Worldfest Houston. I've been following your career from a distance. You are usually in the finalist catagory for your WWII script- which is a great premise for a screenplay by the way. I know about you because you are always a finalist in the script contest I enter. I too won a Silver Remi award at Worldfest. Also a good friend is Phillip Hardy whom I realize you know as well. Good luck on all your writing adventures. By the way today is Phil Hardy's birthday.

Phil Parker

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for all your kind words and congrats to you, too for your win at Houston! I hope to see you in many more finals in the future. And thanks for the heads up re PH :)

Jeffrey Van Davis

I was in Sydney two years ago showing my documentary about Heidegger. I also have friends and relatives in Byron Bay, Tintenbar, New South Wales, and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Really enjoyed my stay in Australia. Was there for two months. Started writing a crime story that takes place on an estate hidden in the rain forest filled with Kukaburas screaming at 5 o'clock in the morning, brown snakes, funnel spiders, crocodiles, and sharks in Byron Bay. While I was there, a man was attacked and killed by a shark in Byron Bay in the exact location I had been swimming a couple of days before. An athelete running laps at a local park was bitten by a brown snake, didn't realize it and continued running laps thus pumping the poison to all parts of his body - he died. A man north of Brisbane was killed by a croc. etc. etc. You get the idea. The bad guy in my story uses everybody, is a true psychopath, but in the end (although he escapes human justice) is clearly taken out by unmerciful and indifferent mother nature. Never finished it. My wife wants to go back to Australia over Christmas. I may go with her. If I do, I will be certainly be in Sydney. Be glad to drink a Fosters with you.

Phil Parker

You have a fascinating bio. By all means, I'd love to knock back a beer with you mate. No Fosters, though. Aussies don't drink that funnily enough. There are better brews to be had :)

Tommy Beirne

Sweet!!! Congratulations bro!!! Makes it all worth while!!! Stay the course!

Virginia Shine

Congrats Phillip from Ohio

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Congrats again to Phillip and my good friend Jeffrey. Good to see you checking in at S32. Hope that happens more often. And it's nice to be appreciated by Texas. Houston's a great town.

Melonie Zarko

Awesome! Many congrats to you. How exciting.

Madeleine Vessel

How wonderful! Congratulations!!!!

Jeffrey Van Davis

Phil Parker, just saw that I wrote you using the name Mike. Have no idea where that came from. I did have some micro brew at a small town near Byron Bay. Can't remember the name or the name of the beer. But it was just as good as some of the finest beer I've had in Germany. It was near a yellow warning sign with the black outline of a kangaroo. That's a big help isn't it...

Suzanne Lutas

Kudos Phillip for that well-deserved first place and your recent request ! And I can't wait to know more about your next script !

Sandra Linz

Congrats!! Now I want to be in the film lol, Wonderful!

Phil Parker

Many thanks Suzanne and Sandra! I'm starting some serious work on my next two scripts very soon. I'll definitely be hoping to get some feedback from the wonderful Stage 32 community and lovely people like yourselves :)

Chanel Ashley

You seem to be on your way, Phillip, hope so, I enjoyed reading your "lousy" 5 pages, lol - carn, make it 10 pages! Best wishes, well deserved.

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