Anything Goes : One of my worst fears as a writer? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

One of my worst fears as a writer?

Anyway, people always complain about the lack of originality in Hollywood or writing in general but every time I try to be original people say I need to go to therapy and I'm crazy/ insane. Or Its a weird/ strange story. - isn't that ironic? Anyways I had a fear that if a company in Hollywood or if happy writers did accept my screenplay they'd rewrite it and turn it into a different story from the original and won't allow me to have anything to do with the rewrite/ I'll have little to no credit when it does get made. Or I'll be cheated and used or something. I'm I wrong for thinking this way?

Steve Cleary

It's a fickle industry as there are so many risks involved so derivative content is always a safe bet. I say cast your fears aside and write what you fantasize about paying money for to watch in a theater :-)

Ehl Ehyl

Originality? It is not difficult. But if it is an end in itself - a road to a dead end. It is difficult to be a person. It is difficult to maintain their identity. It is difficult to reflect it's all in the works.

Fiona Faith Ross

I often think it helps to remember that you are a source of originality. You come up with ideas, and if you keep repeating the trick, you can keep repeating the trick. Have confidence in your ability to be inventive and creative, and the more you try, the greater your chance of scoring a hit. Happy writing.

Dan MaxXx

Who are the people you speak to about your writing? Do they work in the Industry, have steady paychecks? Find a working Mentor. BTW, I do agree-- you are gonna get screwed over in Show Biz. That's the Life of a Writer. But look at the positive-- if you are getting screwed over and over, it means you are constantly working. :)

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