Screenwriting : Online Screenwriting groups? by Dylan Dawson

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Dylan Dawson

Online Screenwriting groups?

Hi everyone! I'm Dylan, I've lived in Alberta my whole life ( it's like the texas), needless to say it's not the most encouraging place in the world for a young screenwriter. It seems impossible to find fellow writers locally. I was wondering where I could find a group of writers online to exchange content with?

I truly appreciate the feedback my consultant gives me, but I feel my work could be more refined before submission.

I was hoping to find a writer's group online that would have me but I don't really know where to start.

Matthew Barker

Hi Dylan! I am finding Stage32 is bringing me into contact with a lot of people willing to share and learn.

Dylan Dawson

Awsome excited to meet new people with the same passion as me Matthew, let me know if you ever need someone to trade content with! Happy to read anything you may have.

Angie Walls

Hi Dylan! I know what you mean. I used to use to join local screenwriting groups, but they dissolved quickly, or weren't a place for exchanging writing. There are some sites online that are set up so you could post your work, and other writers can review/give feedback (a points system) ... some can be a little sketchy, but of them, I would suggest Black List. It's brief feedback, but it's likely to offer a variety of notes if that's what you're looking for. Yes to Stage 32. I think you kind of have to find your tribe; that's the way it was for me. I did it by applying to workshops and attending conferences in other cities, making connections that way ... we stayed in touch, and still exchange work to this day.

Dylan Dawson

Thanks Angie! I see that your very active on the site with helping others! I appreciate the advice! And I'm happy to say I've actually already started tradeing content with other writers thanks to this site. What you've said was very enlightening, thankyou!!

Angie Walls

I'm glad (and thank you for saying so)! I am a writer also struggling to keep motivated and moving ahead myself. So feel free to message me anytime, I'm always open to sharing feedback.

Imo Wimana Chadband

Well Dylan, you're already in a great place here on stage 32 :) I can relate to what you're saying about not getting the support from where you live. No biggie! I turned to online to pursue this journey and I've come in contact with great creatives here. Honestly, stage 32 is the major drive for my writing. I've seen a lot of growth and I'm still learning thanks to the good folks here.

Be present, interact, and connect. Bunch of creatives here, bro!

Wishing the best!

Dylan Dawson

I feel you Imo Wimana Chadband, I'm starting to realize what your saying and I've only been on the site a few days. I have literally already read and helped out a few people with their work. I love giving feedback and hopfully getting some back in return. Thanks! If you need a reader on your side, go ahead and send it!

David M Troop

I am part of a writers web page called You can read profession and non-pro scripts, submit your own scripts for free feedback, and become part of the discussion board. All for free. Check it out.

Dylan Dawson

Thanks David M Troop! I'll be sure te check it out!

J. Kenner

I’d love to find a tribe to exchange with. Had an in person group ages ago, but folks moved, gave up, succeeded and got too busy. Feel free to DM me!

Dylan Dawson

Hey Julie! I'm starting to gather that this this is common occurrence ( writers are flakey?! No way! Lol ), well I would be happy to help you out! I take other people's work very seriously, and I'm quick giving feedback.

The second half of the screenplay I'm working relys heavily on some strong female roles that need to be perfect. I would love it if someone of your caliber gave it a look. Although right now I'm only looking for feedback on my first act.

J. Kenner

Hey Dylan. Just DM’d you!

Imo Wimana Chadband

Awesome bro! Sounds great. You've got the right mindset and vibe. I'll keep you in mind if ever I need a read. And know that this goes for you as well, if ever you need feedback, just send me a message.

Tramaine Chamberliss

Dylan Dawson I'm in the same boat want to find group but I stay in rural area in Waverly Virginia. No one too read my stuff honestly I don't even know if I'm good lol

Aray Brown

DM me, I’m always willing to help out fellow creatives ;)

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