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Sam Borowski

Oscar-Nominated Best Original Screenplays

So, with the announcement of the Oscar Nominations coming on this Super Tuesday, I was very happy to see Nick Vallelonga (along with Brian Hayes Currie and Peter Farrelly) Nominated for Best Original Screenplay for Green Book, the true story about his father Tony's experience driving classical pianist Dr. Don Shirley on a concert tour in the Deep South in the sixties. I have several mutual friends with Nick and was good to see him singled out. To me, this was one of the best films in recent memory to deal with racism, friendship and other serious issues. Moreover, it did it in such a way that it was a commercial movie that was open to the masses. That subject matter and type of release don't often coincide. To me, THAT is how you change people's views and thinking. For that alone, I hope it wins this category. Stiff competition, though, not the least of which comes from Paul Schrader's original script, First Reformed. Remarkably, THIS is the first Nomination for Schrader, despite having written movies such as Taxi Driver, Affliction and Raging Bull. Long overdue, to be sure, and THAT could make him a sentimental favorite. With Roma, Vice and The Favourite rounding out this category, goes without saying this will be one well-earned trophy for whoever takes it home. ;) GOD BLESS all and STAY FRESH! And, keep those Oscar Dreams Alive! Thoughts?

Tony S.

Seen all Original Screenplay nominated films except "The Favourite." "Green Book" is fantastic. "First Reformed" is very good. Next, a serviceable script about a not very appealing subject in "Vice." Last, the just okay, slice-of-life "Roma."

In their Oscar precursor awards, the WGA did not nominate "First Reformed" or "The Favourite" (instead, inexplicably, "Eighth Grade" and "A Quiet Place"). Therefore, my money is on "Green Book" for both WGA and Oscar

Bill Costantini

Five great scripts and five great films, and many others unfortunately didn't make the final cut. It's a good mix of film types/genres in the five selected, all things considered.

If I was voting, I'd let personal politics rule my final decision. I'd imagine a lot of the voters - if not all the voters - do the same, too. Best wishes to all the nominees.

And best wishes and miglio fortune to you Sam - you're a great filmmaker and battler. Keep up the good fight, Sam!

Sam Borowski

Tony S, I'd love to see Green Book take it home, which was very easily one of my three favorite movies of the year - and arguably my favorite. Thought it was excellent, myself.

Sam Borowski

Much Thanks for your kind comments, Bill! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH! <3

Danny Manus

Nick was almost the reason they didn't get nominated...

John Iannucci

i saw the “Ballad of Buster Scrooge’s” it’s up for best adaption screenplay - I really didn’t like it at all. First episode - the singing cowboy way good, but after that I thought it was slow and aimless. Of course it’s only my opinion and they are the Coen Brothers.

Tony S.

In complete agreement. A Coen misfire. Their track record of late has not been as stellar as their beginnings. "Hail, Caesar!" was pretty bad.

Dan MaxXx

Disappointed "The Rider" didn't make the list.

Kathaleen M. Brewer

I did not like the "Ballad of Buster Scrooge" at all either. I had hoped "The Rider" would have made it.

Bill Costantini

This year's contest is pretty wide open.

I propose that when Stage32 does the "Pick the Oscar Winners" this year...that if someone gets ALL the picks right (which has never happened)...that RB should let that person be "Honorary Stage32 CEO for a Week or Until RB Says What Have You Done To My Office and Get Those Pot-Bellied Pigs Out of Here Now!!!"

No check writing/spending powers, of course, but everything else is in play.

If five posters "like" this comment....I bet RB may consider it, with emphasis on the "may" part.

Tony S.

Why not a prize? A choice of a Script Service or Education of your choosing.

Sam Borowski

This would be the year for them to offer a prize, as I think it goes without saying that it would be EXTRMELY DIFFICULT to get them ALL RIGHT! There's so many categories that can go so many ways. I'm actually very excited for the show on February 24th! ;)

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