Screenwriting : Outlining Your TV Pilot by Kristin Holloway

Kristin Holloway

Outlining Your TV Pilot

Hi Everyone,

I have an exciting lab coming up called: Outlining Your TV Pilot with Liz Dickler.

It begins this Sunday 4/24/22 at 9am PT.

World-class Stage 32 Educator Liz Dickler is here to show you how to write a killer outline. Liz is an industry veteran who was the former VP of Lionsgate Television and A&E Studios, as well as an executive at ABC Studios. She’s worked on hit shows such as the Emmy-winning ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, CRIMINAL MINDS and more.

This will be a series of 3 labs and this is PART 1.

You can find it here:

Let me know where you are tuning in from today!

Dathan Paterno

Hello everyone. I was thrilled with yesterday's introduction. It was genuinely exciting to meet other writers and hear about their stories. Frankly, I was impressed with all of them. Yes, all of them. Liz did a fantastic job keeping us all engaged and balancing general advice with specific engagement from every participant. Already working hard on my logline. I can tell how beneficial it will be to solidify a great one. If everyone else is up for it, I want to see how everyone's loglines are coming along! Hope everyone has a great week.

Cheryl Eagan-Donovan

Hello from Controversy Films - I'm an independent film writer/director/producer and script consultant

John Cooney

Hi all - I really enjoyed the first session of our class. It was a pleasure to meet everyone, and I look forward to meeting those who were unable to attend. Regarding loglines, one helpful tip I read was to write down ten, twenty, or thirty variations of the logline, then try to combine elements of those efforts to create an optimal version. Easier said than done, of course....

Sandra Hodge-Hampton

Hi everyone! I am super happy to be apart of this current outlining class with Liz. You all have some really interesting stories to tell, and I know I'll get awesome feedback that will help my quest to hone my writing skills. Dove into the logline assignment and drowned...LOL! No, but John is right definitely easier said than done. See you all Sunday!

John Cooney

This is a link to an article in The Atlantic; it made me think of Katie's series idea.:

Not Applicable

Thank you, John, very much, for posting this. Mattie Kahn's article was beautiful and arresting. Yes, this is the story.

Sarah Teres

Hi! This is the "lounge", yes? Cool. I wasn't sure. Here is my email, I am totally open to keeping in touch out of class as well:

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