Screenwriting : POV from an unknown/mystery character by Diana Murdock

Diana Murdock

POV from an unknown/mystery character

I have a scene where a character is watching the set up of a party he plans on crashing, but I do not want his identity to be revealed. What is the best way of accomplishing that? Also, in a scene a few pages later, this same character is getting dressed for the event (adjusting his cuffs/tie, etc), but again, his identity is not revealed. How can I set that up? Thanks in advance for your expertise! And Happy Holidays!

Louis Sihler

He could wear one of those really expensive rubber masks.

Dan Guardino

Is his identity known later on?

Diana Murdock

JP - So I would just describe what the character is seeing. Perhaps after stating something like "a figure stands hidden behind the tree. The people move in and out of the house. Lexa (a character in the story) moves past the windows, checking security." Something like that? Dan - Actually the character is identified earlier on, and he sneaks into the party later and we have a scene with him at the party.

Dan Guardino

In that case you should say who the character is. For example: JOE'S P.O.V. then write what he or she sees. People that read screenplays read them from and audience perspective so there is no reason to keep information from them.

Diana Murdock

Thanks to both of you, John and Dan, for your guidance. This sends me in the right direction. I appreciate you. Happy Holidays!

Dan Guardino

Diana. You are welcome and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Mark Ratering

Person in the shadows.

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