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So I got another rejection letter. This one said my script was "incredible" but it didn't make it to their final decision. How does that work? I really need an agent. But I'm finding the more I try, the more I find it's a catch get an agent you need to be recommended; to be recommended you need to be in the business. Good grief!

Kyle Climans

My sympathies.

C Harris Lynn

You can meet a lot of great people here that may refer you to an agent when, and if, necessary. :)

Sue Lange

You'll get a lot of rejections, even after you sell something. It's part of the writing life. Keep scratching.

Dan Guardino

Patrice. Spec screenplays seldom ever sell. They are your calling card. The person liked your screenplay so thank them for reading it and stick them in your contact list for your next screenplay.

Anthony Moore

I read this incredible article that may help explain things: The 5 types of No

Here is another that is very closely related:The lie most told in Hollywood

Dan MaxXx

How about writing a script that you and your friends can make yourselves?

Roll the dice with leverage like a produced movie of your own and see what that can do with your higher budget concepts?

It just seems to me that majority of working Writers & filmmakers started on their own, made small films with their own funding, learned craft, build their careers and eventually, a Hollywood mogul came knocking on their door .

And like DanG keeps saying, these are all spec scripts. Calling card auditions to get on somebody's payroll.

What other skills or leverage can you bring besides a paper script that serious people will risk $$$$ and their Time? Good Luck.

Chad Stroman

Welcome Patrice!

Doug Nelson

Patrice; did someone tell you it was gonna' be easy?

Patrick Lawrence Hackett

Never give up on your dreams lady :)

John Michael German

Dear Patrice Thomas:

Here is a little bit on James Patterson, obviously a major author:

"Before James Patterson became the Guinness World Record holder as the author with the most No. 1 New York Times best-sellers (67!), he was a struggling writer with a thick folder of rejection letters.".

Rejection comes with this industry and life at times; But remember, just because one area may not like it or accept it, doesn't mean somewhere else it won't - just like what happened with James Patterson.

All the best with all that you write.

God Bless.


John German

Seta Majkia

Keep your head up Patrice! It's going to happen when it happens. The more you work the more opportunity you have for it to happen.

Also, sometimes those rejections are because they're the wrong people. Some late night inspiration might point you to the RIGHT person! Hang in there!

Travis Sharp

Writing is is pain.

Patrice Thomas

Thanks to all for your strong words of encouragement. They me the world to me.

Seta Majkia

we have to support each other! Have a great night & looking forward to hearing your success!

Arial Burnz

Great articles, Anthony! Not much different than the publishing industry, which is where I came from. And many people are giving the same advice I received in that arena...Keep on writing!

Bill Costantini

Patrice: was it a producer that said your script was incredible but still declined on it? I'm assuming it was a producer, and not an agent or manager.

If your script is that "incredible"....then you should definitely submit it to one or more of the script-listing sites like InkTip, the Blacklist, and ScriptScout, and even go to a pitching event like FadeIn's Hollywood Pitch Festival in July (if you can). You just missed the big contest deadlines (PAGE and Nicholl). Always keep an eye on the other reputable contests and deadlines, too. As an aside....there is no better singular event for a writer to attend than the FadeIn Hollywood Pitch Festival.

Good Luck and Happy Writing, Paaaaaaa-trice from Boyyyyyy-seeee!

RIP BUTCH STEWART (January 13, 1953 - May 19, 2017)

Raymond J. Negron

Hey Patrice, just keep moving forward. It sounds lke you are doing something right. As a salesman I get many NO's, then I get Yes's, and these are huge. Awesome!

Mike W. Rogers

I may be wrong but it seems that Executives buy concepts and work the script out later. In every pitch I have seen, the last question they ask is, do you have a script written? Likes it an after thought. I am now concentrating on a solid pitch (selling the concept) and allowing the script hopefully be their guideline for the show. Since were new writers they probably wont let us write the show.

If someone could back me up on this that would be great!

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