Screenwriting : Pencil or Keyboard? by Robert Franklin

Pencil or Keyboard?

Hey Guys. I always write with a pencil for the first 10 or more drafts. Then I use a pen for the next few drafts. Then when I absolutely am ready to have it scanned by a professional ... I type!

I feel a far better connection with my creative energies when I use a pencil and pen. I love it!

Dan MaxXx

Back in the day, one of my neighbors was a PA on Ally McBeal. He would sometimes drive to David E Kelly's house and pick up scripts; Kelly hand-wrote all the episodes on yellow legal pads, never missed a deadline.

Jeff Langham

Dan, my hand hurts just thinking about that.

Robert Franklin

I watched some famous people on video say they write by hand always .... then give the work off to an aid to type out as they sat there next to them ... just incase they got more inspirational.

Anthony Cawood

Robert - so that's at least 10 drafts before you type anything? If they are fully rewritten each time then that's an awful lot of drafts before you can let anyone see it or give you any feedback.

Have you considered maybe typing up draft 4 or 5 and getting some notes?

Dan Guardino

Keyboard for me. I hate writing anything by hand. The only time I can think about my screenplay is when I am sitting in front of my computer typing. That is one of the reasons I never even use an outline when I write a screenplay. I don't suggest other people do it that way but it's how I do it.

Fiona Faith Ross

I lose the will to live if I have to write for too long by hand.

Robert Franklin

Anthony Cawood Yes, I get some notes and feedback. But mostly towards the end!

Dan Guardino

Fiona. Me too. I like screenwriting but not enough to write a screenplay by hand. But everyone has to find their own way to try and reach their goal whatever that might be.

Craig D Griffiths

I jump between the two. Sometimes start with Celtx cards or a notepad I carry with me.

Shanika Freeman

my brain is always going 100 miles an hour haha i can't type fast enough to keep up, so I have my pen and my notepad to sketch out some details and script.

Shanika Freeman

once I sketch those details, I go to the computer and write the full script

David E. Gates

If I've not got a notepad with me, or my netbook, I use my phone to write ideas into. For full writing, I always use a keyboard/laptop/PC etc. It's hard enough doing re-writes as it is, without having to write out the whole thing twice. :-)

Pierre Langenegger

I use a mixture. If my computer is not handy at the time then I have no problems writing scenes long-hand and transposing them later, and quite often my initial outlines are done with pen and paper.

Bo. R. R. Tolkien

keyboard and computer. The computer is directly connected to the etheric plane, where all ideas and imagination come from, where you can google anything while you write and where you can look at art, landscape and architecture for setting, and even ideas for plot twists, and you can listen to classical music while you entertain angels. You can use freehand, old authors used to do that, and they produced great classics, but in this information age and lightspeed technology, I prefer interacting with A.I. and the etheric. But you must sift through everything with a gleaning eye.

Robert Franklin

Lets keep on writing then!

Aray Brown

Keyboard for me too. I wouldn't want to write anything longhand again. I wrote my first script longhand and that was mostly because at the time the power was out. That was back in the 200's. Memories

A. S. Templeton

Every day: at least an hour first thing in AM with pen in Moleskine: dialog notes, plot points, scene fragments, sequence issues. Then fire up FadeIn Pro and enter, edit, revise within strict constraints of industry format. Why, you ask? More than 4 lines of action or dialog indicates need for trimming & tightening. More than 3/4 page of ping pong banter cries out for action. Point is to use the screenwriting app to give instant feedback in the creative process.

Natalie Farst

I use a very large sketch book so I can write thoughts all over the place as I am trying to brain storm. I love all the space and freedom it gives me. I always use a pencil for this. I can scribble erase, draw connections...............really let's me open up.

Myron DeBose

I use a Quill and jar of Ink. When out of ink then blood will do. Write your souls away, people.

Tony Huynh

Interesting topic... I personally use both! I always carry a notebook and a pencil on me so I can write down my ideas whenever I can! I feel connected to my story that way... But obviously when the time comes I get to my keyboard. I love using both, but for the early stages I tend to use the pencil!

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