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Lauren Lindsey

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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my post! My name is Lauren and I am a SAG-AFTRA actress, singer, comedienne, writer, linguist and budding filmmaker. I recently started producing and writing my own scripts. My sketch work is on Funny or Die and I am looking to write some feature length scripts and get some feedback. My question is about pitching and whether or not when you pitch if you should talk about successful, current movies which are similar to your screenplay. Does this help or hurt your project? I am also interested in if anyone is willing to listen to my pitches so I can get some feedback. I apologize if I come off as being ignorant, I am new to this. I did take a screenwriting class at The New School where I graduated from but I have not pitched before and I am simply looking for any guidance that is offered. Thanks again and please add me to your network as I am always looking to collaborate! - Lauren

Leah Waller

Sometimes using other movies can harm your pitch because what you think is similar, may not be the first thing that pops into the listeners mind. You may pitch a movie that is similar in tone as yours and the first thing your listener thinks of is the plot, not the tone. If you can, be specific. I have one script that when I pitch, I say it's similar to the movie Anonymous in that is explores possibilities of authorship - who really wrote the famous work. (I am aware that was bit vague, but this is a public forum!) I generally stay away from the "similar" to and so far it's worked out really well. If you want to work on pitches together PM me.

Elizabeth Morrison

That seems like great advice, Steven. Thank you for sharing!

William Dickerson

I've heard differing opinions on the subject. However, one thing is certain: if you do pitch a comparison to other films, make sure those films have made LOTS of money!

Lauren Lindsey

Thank you guys all for this great advice, I sincerely appreciate your time and help. Please add me to your network!

Lauren Lindsey

Steven oddly enough have made most of my money performing improv. I recently auditioned and was accepted to The Groundlings in LA where I am hoping to go study. I figured pitching would be like that, but I have never pitched to anyone before so when I do I don't want to make a complete ass of myself!

Laurie Ashbourne

Here's how I approach the x meets y comparison. I do avoid it for the most part for the reasons mentioned above, sure, but also because you want your story to speak for itself. That said, it's an easy question for the listener to ask so I do what I call, 'if pressed to compare...' and have an x meets y with a little z tossed in you come close [title of my script]. This also works as a way to sum up a written pitch.

Laurie Ashbourne

Definitely reach out to Joey!

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