Success Stories: NOV'25 Pitching to SYFY/NBC Universal! Keep fingers crossed please :)

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Pitching to SYFY/NBC Universal! Keep fingers crossed please :)

Can we ask everyone a favor please? We NEED people to cross every limb in their body while knocking on wood and throwing salt over whichever is the good luck shoulder (not the bad luck one, please!)! Our science fiction series will be pitched to SYFY in the next two weeks by the producer we’re working with! Doing some last minute rewrites to the pilot and reworking the bible for the pitch session as we speak :)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Ladies you don't need luck. Your talent and skills will prevail. However, I will say a prayer for you and ask my higher power to help.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Haha, thanks Steven! The person we're working with has connections inside SYFY so our pitch will go straight to the people making the decisions...that being said; luck is always in play as you know.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I believe you create your luck from applied talent to a set goal. That said I of course wish you God speed.

Erica Benedikty

Crossing figures!

Nicole Eilers

Good luck!

Rick Gates

How's this?

Cyrus Dana

Stay calm and flexible to be successful.

Kathleen Stevens

Hi Twins, Wow, fantastic and good luck with your Pitch, everything's crossed as you requested !!! Kathleen.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Thanks everyone! Haha, rick!

Terri Viani

Oh my gosh what a great opportunity! Sending mad good vibes your way!

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Many thanks!

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