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I-Esha Henderson

Producing Credit

Is it possible for a writer to earn a producing credit for their script even if they option it?

Cory Wess

Though whether you "earn" a producing credit without actually doing any producer work is questionable, everything is negotiable.

Leonard Benedetto

it all depends on the contract you negotiated. a producing credit is not the norm for a writer, but one can get it if there is more work involved.

Tracee Beebe

Absolutely. I signed such a deal last year. It is every writers dream to retain some sort of control of the production of their baby!

Nkosi Guduza

Go fr production, especially if YOU KNOW, you must be involved. It's direction, just not generally on camera, by and past make SURE you know what ya, want ;) x

Christine Hinz

Just keep an eye on the money. My understanding is that a writer gets paid upon option/purchase and first day of filming, but a producer gets paid much, much further down the line.

Randall Roffe


Randall Roffe

Yep, the above is accurate. IF the writer arranges the budget, locations, casting assistance, AD work, and negotiates effectively, as I am now hopefully doing (see my Projects), it IS possible to get production credit. You will see such in film credits from time to time, but almost always ONLY if the writer is already also a known actor or something... Writers CAN get residuals, but it is rare

Randall Roffe

Cory, everything is negotiable with a guy who is eight feet tall? Gotta like ya

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