Screenwriting : Project status update time! by Paul Zeidman

Paul Zeidman

Project status update time!

Hey writers! How's it going with your latest WIP? Or WsIP if you're multi-tasking.

Eric Christopherson

One of my action scripts just attracted its third production company. So I've reached the "charm" stage, right?

Craig D Griffiths

The Hostage recently had a director change. Which meant a crew change. Then one of the main actor left. So we are recasting at the moment. Production was pushed from Oct to Dec.

I spent that time writing summaries of the emotional beats that thread through the story as well as what each sequence and scene is meant to achieve. I did this at the request of a producer. They wanted it so once they have a scene, they can improv some more material. To make sure they have heaps of choices in the edit. Important as will lose the location.

Nick Baker

Two scenes away (and one is the big reveal) from finishing the first draft of my period piece mystery script. Plan is to have that wrapped up by the end of the weekend. Will put that away for a week or two and finish outlining then writing the proof of concept short (for a series) that has me pretty jazzed at the moment.

Anthony Moore

On page 70 of my big Action/Sci-Fi script. "Timesmith" - Everything we think we know about time travel is wrong!

Rosalind Winton

I'm just revising my screenplay The Postcard, which is based on the true story of my Great Grandparents. It's taken two years, three lots of industry feedback, a tonne of research and development, but it's getting there now and I hope to have it finished some time early next year. I have never felt so passionate about anything else I've done creatively, I've wanted to tell this story from when I was 11 years old, so it means a great deal, can't wait to finish it and get it out there :)

Rosalind Winton

Craig, Nick and Anthony, wow, you're all doing really well, I wish you all luck with your projects.

Asher Ben

I am working on second draft of my screenplay - The grey in the rainbow. It is a crime thriller . There were a few characters that come and go, suggestion was to add a character arc so that prominent actors could be cast.

I still love the original story though.. :(

Rosalind Winton

Hi Asher, I think you're overthinking it. Just write the story, the story YOU want to tell, don't worry so much about 'prominent actors'. When it comes to it, the right actor will be found for the part. As long as the development of the screenplay unfolds properly and you write so that an audience will be invested in the characters and the story when they're watching the film, that's what you've got to concentrate on. If you're happy with your original story, stick to it, do what you feel, then get some industry feedback and that will point you in the right direction, I've been working on my screenplay for two years, had three lots of industry feedback and each time, the advice has made me a better writer. Make sure the characters have depth and enjoy the process of writing it. It's an amazing process and it takes time and patience to get right.

Shawn Speake

Finished shooting DreamHouse Ave ... a comedy about actors who live with models... in post now

Steve Cleary

Ugh. I've been slogging along at my supernatural comedy feature since god-knows-when. But I'm committed to it and don't want to work on anything else. 1/3 through the vomit draft though. I expect many re-writes... Thanks for asking!

CJ Walley

While my first produced script has just wrapped up at AFM and the trailer is going down very well, I'm polishing up an action-thriller with my producers (which I turned around in three weeks) and just about to start work on a female led drama-thriller I want to have finished by Christmas. Looking at maybe shooting two films next year so keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed at all times.

I switched up some of my writing process, mainly removing the training wheels I've been forcing myself to use for the past five years. I'm writing with the kind of freedom and enthusiasm of a first time writer again but with some valuable experience behind me. Being on a shoot has helped with that as I have a better idea of maximising production value. I'm also fortunate in that my life situation is affording me a lot of time and energy to write.

Keep up the good fight, guys. Love every minute you can and put your enthusiasm on the page.

Shawn Speake

Keep us posted , CJ! If you ever would like an extra set of eyes, I’ll sign an NDA, or keep it to us. I have a few friends in Hollywood I help with looks and don’t say a word. Nobody wants to see u make more than I do. You’ve been my hero for years!

Dash Riprock

Just finished something brand-spankin' new. Reads purty durn good.

Earl Tom Devere

Just finished the first draft of a WIP titled THE MESSAGE about WW2 Hungary, Admiral Horthy, and judgement. Doing a, hopefully, final rewrite on THE PLATO'S ASCENSION BRIEF about a group of spelunkers who develop an innovative idea for education and struggle to make it a reality. I am a strong believer in multi-tasking. I finish one script, let it cool, while I work on another WIP. I usually have two to five WIP at all times.

Kristy Ellington

Finished the first draft of an original feature. Now it’s in “the drawer” for a few weeks while I write the first draft of an adaptation. After that: a pilot and a short. I’m learning so much on these last few scripts about MY process and I’m feeling really good. Hope everyone else is doing well. Keep writing, friends!

Axzavia James

Just finished the final draft on an origin story based on the 1986 classic "COBRA". The original film was directed by George P. Cosmatos, and written by Sylvester Stallone. The Jamesbros are now heading into editing three more scripts which include the titles "Punishers", "Ninja School" and "Catch the DEAD".

John Ellis

Ep 1 of our weberies, No Tomorrow, is done! Launch party on Dec 4!

Jim Boston

Paul, I just finished a combination outline/scene list for my next script: "Bleeding Gums," where a math teacher at an all-girls' high school here in present-day Omaha seeks to fill a void in her school's activities by forming its first jazz band. (Can't wait to get started on the screenplay itself!)

Noelene Khoo

Multi tasking. I just finished an early draft of one possible TV comedy- "Bowling ladies become assassins. Reviewed another draft about comedies and wrote a one pager for a third - written about my son a Eurasian with Aspergers who has trouble fitting into society. Before I go back to the Bowling ladies I will plot out episodes for Cupcake Charlie,. The council pilot I'm relatively happy with.

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