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Coreetta S Buchan

Psychological Thriller

Hey guys How many of you awesome people have seen this movie "Gaslight"? I wasn't just blown away by how it was written, but by the way it was directed and performed by actors. This is about an insidious method of mind control by a narcissistic husband to convince his wife that she was " mentally ill  " by planting repeated incidents and suggestions then denying to his wife that they actually happened.  

I've never seen another film theme like this and it is damn creepy. The husband is masterful with his deception on such a high level. This could even be more devastating if it had a group of people involved in destroying her pysche. The husband was a badass antagonist that really made "Jokers" Character irrelevant. Lol! If you want to see sick and twisted manipulation. This is it!! Has anyone else thought about incorporating themes like this in their scripts?  Any share my love for this type of film? 

By the way. I never wrote the post you are reading. ; ~ )

Jerry Robbins

It's a great movie. Angela Lansbury's first film and first Academy Award nom!

David Timber

That's where the term Gaslighting comes from; to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. The 1938 play and the 1944 film, adaption, "Gaslight".

Coreetta S Buchan

@jerryrobins Yes it is!! The academy award was definitely well deserved. Ingrid Bergan ABSOLUTELY killed but I believe only she got an award but not Charles Boyer who played the husband. He was a savage!

Coreetta S Buchan

@DavidTimber. I'm well aware of that.....

Debbie Croysdale

Hi @Coreetta I been a fan of this film since childhood and others like it. I incorporate psychological mind play in most of my scripts because I think the "Brain" is the most powerful weapon in the world, yes there are big guns but any idiot can pull the trigger. Wars have been started by mere words said right place right time or wrong place wrong time. @David Hey! did not know there was a term "gaslighting" that meant psychological manipulation. With the invention of internet these bullies now have another string to their bow. I actually know people in film industry who get private detectives to dig into peoples lives then say "key words" at big social events or leave them little notes to find in some personal place in order to point score. I detest this form of cowardice particularly when aimed at vulnerable characters and perpetrator is highlighting their only weakness for some personal cheap shot attack. Luckily most psychological bullies usually end up shooting themselves in the foot because their victims have a higher intellect that their enemy does not yet appreciate. @Coreetta I got lots of these type of films on a memory stick somewhere else so will be in touch later on. @All Stay Safe!

Coreetta S Buchan

@Debbie you sound like my type of writing accomplice!! I've seen too much of this behaviour myself in particular industries and the problem is once you let one incident slip and not confront it, you end up becoming a puppet to the person or " bigshot " behind it. The after effects just continue and take so long to recover from. The only defense against gaslghting is recording conversations and taking pictures and buildingup the evidence. If the Gaslighter can isolate you from everyone close to you he remains in control of you. Accountability is shutdown and the suffering is unbearable. Man, what you wrote is spot on Debbie! Thank you.

Nick Assunto

I felt THE INVISIBLE MAN was a great and terrifying update on this.

Julia Petrisor

this is a great film - and just FYI, pay attention to just how much this happens in the world. You'd be amazed. Last summer three - yes, three - of my close friends had all been in relationships where their partners gaslighted them pretty majorly. But yeah, this film is definitely a goody

Debbie Croysdale

@Coreetta Most so called big shots are in the big fish small pond brigade or some malevolent individual hiding behind a partner who is protective towards them so covers their tracks. You are right these “Psychic Vampires” can leave an emotionally painful trail but us artists need to fight evil with craft, gather evidences and also find other victims. A lot of the time they are jealous but too cowardly to be up front and point score by sucking up vital energy from victim. In time they slip up and never deserved our recognition in the first place. Stay Safe!

Cameron Leigh James

Yes, great film. Psychological thriller is my favorite genre. I agree with Nick Assunto on the remake of the Invisible Man w/Elizabeth Moss. Two others use gaslighting to great effect, Unsane (Clare Foy) and Girl on the Train. Certainly a fair amount of gaslighting playing out IRL these days. A friend of mine whose husband, a prominent lawyer (Casey Anthony's atty), did it to her and in a short amount of time she very nearly went off the deep end. It was frightening to witness. Fortunately, things did't turn out so well for him.

Dea Divi

I will check this out.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Gaslight is based on the true story and trial of George H Simmons, who was the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association. He tried to convince his wife she was going insane and have her committed. The subsequent trial was a public scandal at the time, resulting in his resignation. I read a lot about it researching his successor, Morris Fishbien, for a script I wrote.

Coreetta S Buchan

@Eoiin Wow seriously? Geez I learn something new every day! It goes to show hitting deep psychological nerves can can cause outrage. This film is a gem!!

Coreetta S Buchan

@juliapetrisor. I am so sorry about your friends getting caught up in that, but I bet they were blessed to have you there whilst they went through it. There is nothing worse!! Yes I agree, you have to spend alot of time reprogramming yourself. Narcissism is a vortex and the reality of this going on in real life is alarming for sure!!

Coreetta S Buchan

@debbieCroysdale You aren't kidding!! Recovery I believe is impossible if you don't take back who the hell you were before you met those people. I love how fierce you are with your content writing. It's so engaging!!

Coreetta S Buchan

@Nickassunto I've never seen that yet, but I will this week!!

Coreetta S Buchan

@CameronLeighjames Wow, I'm also sorry about your friend. Lawyers are the WORST for this. I remember getting into a debate with one when I was prosecuting someone and he used so much suggestions but how I responded made the judge warn him for over implicating and he had to stop. I had to listen to his sh# t for 30 minutes. I never backed down. I kept eye contact. I never agreed with him. I said " Can you explain that again in a non biased way"?. That is not the events that took place, or that was not what the witnesses saw OR are you asking me to lie? There was so much twisting what I said. Etc. I won the case though. I can't imagine what your friend went though living with it!!! It is soul sinking. I'm so glad your friends ex fell in his own urine swamp lol!! Sorry about the description. It's just they are that toxic!!

Debbie Croysdale

@Coreetta Many thanks for reminding me of the fact “we need to remember who the hell we were/still are before we met these people.” I have learnt to lead a stronger life viewing these encounters as an inoculation for a nasty disease, hurts for a time but gives longevity to a higher level of existence. @Cameron Yep lawyers are paid to defend ANYBODY, trust them with bargepole not. They can “Suggest” anything they want to weaken someone in the dock however at the end of the day the Truth always will out, maybe in mysterious ways but it comes.

Coreetta S Buchan

@debbie thanks so much for your additional insight and support.

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