Screenwriting : Push in the right direction by Allen Blankenship

Allen Blankenship

Push in the right direction

Hi all I've been writing since I was 16-17 I have wrote over 180 scripts I'm looking to meat the right person to help push me in the right direction

Liam Lacy

That's a lot of scripts, Allen! Can I ask why have you never tried to have them produced earlier, or produced them yourself?

Allen Blankenship

At the time I didn't know how to go about getting'em made or setting up meetings at productions studios

William Martell

Send query letters to production companies and managers.

Melonie Zarko

Wow. 180! Good luck, I'm sure Stage32 will set you in the right directions.

Allen Blankenship

I hope so I wish I would have stage 32 earlier

Anthony Cawood

@Allen - check out some articles I penned for SimplyScripts, they might help...

Danny Manus

Choose your 3 best, most polished scripts. polish them again. get professional feedback if you haven't. then polish them again. Then enter them into some contests. Then write a kickass query letter. Then start submitting to reps & producers. And most importantly....Never EVER mention you have 177 others. I can't imagine a larger red flag to reps.

Richard Toscan

Danny Manus has nailed this for you (he usually does). Do what he says -- especially never mentioning that you've got another 177 scripts in your back pocket.

Allen Blankenship

I started has away to escape everyday problems that's how i ended up with 180 scripts

Jim Fisher

One very successful screenwriter (70+ scripts sold) told me to spend at least an hour every day marketing your work. Every day.

Anthony Cawood

Good advice!

Elisabeth Meier

Allen, check the jobs here on stage32 and websites like, ISA, Inktip etc. where producers and directors are looking for scripts.

Shane M Wheeler

I'd definitely polish and edit your best, get feedback from fellow writers (if it doesn't pass their muster, it likely won't pass coverage from pros), get a screenwriting program if you haven't yet, grab some screenwriting books if you haven't yet (already made that mistake in early writing), rewrite, get feedback again, and get coverage if you think you can afford it.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

That's a lot of scripts! Have you ever received any feedback on your work; and if so, what was the outcome? There are also competitions that offer you feedback and coverage.

Chanel Ashley

Allen, no offence, but I'm sceptical - I don't believe you have written 180 scripts, not quality script anyway - what are they, shorts? You have nothing uploaded here, so we cannot judge the quality - you need to improve your grammar for a start - so, you have acquired all your knowledge and skill via reading scripts on-line because they are free - let me repeat, rectify your grammar and your credibility may improve, but don't listen to me, you have been granted some excellent advice above, but curious to read some of your VAST repertoire.

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