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Cas Swope


Have you ever sent something other than a query letter to a manager to stand out from the pile of queries that are sitting on their desk?

William Martell

The thing that you want to stand out is that mind blowing idea in your logline.

Dan MaxXx

When I was a reader for a prod company (pre-Internet boom), one script came via courier with a pair of Dodger tickets taped to the title page. I made sure that script/writer was treated with professionalism :)

Shane Stanley

A basket of goodies on their birthday with nothing but a card and a greeting. They'll call (if they're remotely human) and you can go from there. Guards down, full of appreciation. I mean who doesn't love chocolate-covered strawberries or edible undies? I mean arrangements.

Craig D Griffiths

I was in a band when I was much younger. Our drummer thought he was a genius and sent a demo tape to some in a locked cash box. Thinking they would work so hard to open it they would listen.

They sent back a picture of the box in the garbage.

Not know how that relates here. But I am lazy. I don’t send out much. I wait for them.

Christine Capone

I can picture sending a box of chocolates with my query/script attached to it and them ripping off the letter and throwing it in the trash but eating the chocolates. Sending something other than the query seems too kiss-a##y and desperate to me. You'd have to be awfully creative in my opinion.

Doug Nelson

To a Manager?...No.

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