Screenwriting : [Question] Handling Scene headings when cutting between different parts of one location by George R. Powell

George R. Powell

[Question] Handling Scene headings when cutting between different parts of one location

This is actually a pretty basic question, and I theorize I've been doing things rather - for lack of a better word - inefficiently.

I'm currently writing a scene (for one of my own projects) that is essentially a heist-in-progress. Naturally, this involves cutting between different parts of the same location - following each of the thieve's actions as everything plays out.

At present, I'm using a new scene header each time we're in a different room, utilizing the "CONTINUOUS" tag on each one. All the while, I've had the funny feeling that I'm probably either doing this wrong, or there may be a much better way to more-efficiently handle this kind of cutting.

Imo Wimana Chadband

Hey George! haha don't beat yourself up man, it's all a learning process. One other method you can utilize is the "INTERCUT". For example:


The lights go out. A door blows open. The band of five storm the vicinity.


John Doe plants a bomb on the safe, flips a desk over, hides.

Jane Doe, shotgun in hand, instructs the hostages in the lobby.


No sound. No one dies.

Cocks the gun.

Jacky Jack sits on a teller counter, licks his lips, eyeing a raised skirt of a bombshell of a hostage.

Jilly Jill in the IT Room, opens a bag, pulls out a device, powers up -- the computer screen blinks in and out, goes black.

and so on George. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Dan Guardino

Like Imo said except establish both scenes first before you intercut.

George R. Powell

Awesome awesome! Thanks for the advice, everyone!

William Martell


Craig D Griffiths

I do this badly. I tend to do some big print (action lines) to hint and shots.

Dan Guardino

I agree with William if you aren't cutting back and forth between two different scenes. If a scene takes place in several location like you are going from a bar to the dining room and then into a restroom you would use scene sub-heading.

Karen Stark

This is what I would do. May or may not be right though.



Rebecca stands looking up the staircase


A TIGER standing at the top of the staircase staring down at her


Roger sits on the toilet headphones on


Rebecca dashing towards the kitchen as the TIGER leaps down the stairs after her


Rebecca hurtles through the kitchen as the tiger pursues her. Crashing through the kitchen and out through the back door, pulling the door closed just as the TIGER slams against it

The sound of the toilet flushing. The TIGER turns back into the room


Roger still with headphones on exits the bathroom onto the landing. He stares down.

ROGER POV - A large steaming TIGER TURD greets him

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