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Peter Roberts

Question: Website

If you are a screenwriter with a website; what do you see as the purpose of your website?

Doug Nelson

I see no purpose in it whatsoever - so I don't have/need/want one.

Craig D Griffiths is a reputation building exercise. It has writing tips and articles (so fellow writers and producers can see what I do and how I do it). It has production diary updates for scripts I have sold and for ones in production. It has youtube videos.

It is also ranked in google, which is the important things. When people search Craig D Griffiths they get pages of me. Even if they don’t read any of it. The volume carries some weight.

Chris Todd

I don't have a screenwriting website, but I have a site where I write humor. So it's a blog/showcase of my style. Really just an avenue to get ideas out that I enjoy but don't fit other formats.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Craig D Griffiths Quick observation - you may want to add an SSL cert to your website and make it a HTTPS . . .

Craig D Griffiths

Eoin O'Sullivan I could get a certificate. But nothing worth encryption goes to or from my site. I heard google does look more kindly on encrypted content. But just one more thing to maintain.

Thanks for visiting the site.

John Ellis

I have a personal/professional website where I blog (occasionally) about my experiences in the business and with the craft of screenwriting. It's not much, but it keeps the people who tell me "I have to have a website" off my back. It's free, or I wouldn't bother. Websites really don't do anything for writers unless you spend a lot of time posting new content continually.

Aray Brown

I have a blog. That’s about it

Rohit Kumar

I was an engineer and cofounder before getting into filmmaking. Let me speak the truth. There are only two reasons one needs a website for.

1. They have a well known product a service or already made a name with above two and got crowd following

2. They want to make business out of a website offering above because they are strong in "Socialising" skills like social networking.

If you dont have any of these two you will run for years to establish any form of recurring money from anything you try to run a website and most chance is that you are wasting the time. So see in that view and decide why one wants a website

Peter Roberts

Thank you everyone for responding. There is a clear mixture of opinion with some considering it a definite no. However, I am interested to note some use a website to showcase work and/or maintain a connection with people. Evidently not a tool for selling but may still be worthwhile maintaining a simple site. Will have a look at some of yours when time permits (always busy with other demands which is why unable to pop-in often). Thank you again for taking the time to share.

Kiril Maksimoski

No. If basically unknown, web site wont do you much...better be active on social myself a couple of likes from people like Greg McLean via TL just posting whatever stuff...

Craig D Griffiths

Kiril Maksimoski I agree, social media as a communication channel, posting things from my site. If I was to build a reputation solely on a social platform, I would be building an asset on someone else’s land.

A social platform can disappear and I retain the original content, ready to post on the next big SM platform.

John Ellis

John Zaozirny, manager and head of Bellevue Productions, in a thread on Twitter, answers an emphatic NO. None of his clients have websites, or much in the way of social media accounts. None of the execs he works with have any real presence - he does say that execs will Google writers to see who they are. And if that writer is caustic online, the chances of getting hired go WAY DOWN.

There is some value for a director/DP to have a website, he says, as a showcase, but again be careful what you put out online. The attention span of negative things is VERY long!

Alan M. Cossettini

Great website Chris Todd !

Cynthia Garbutt

I have my bio, cv, list of projects (in categories, Film., TV, PLAYS, freelance writing, etc). That way viewers can read about my background as much or little as they like. I invite literary managers and production execs to have a look at it. I've gained a network of 20 of them, thus far in the UK and US.

Tasha Lewis

Resources for most demographics.

Peter Roberts

My compliments for your website Cynthia. Very thorough and informative. The only issue I had was with the font size: found it slightly too small but that may just be my eyes.

Cynthia Garbutt

Thank you for your kind words and feedback. I will tend to it, for easier readability.

Michael W. Hogan

There is no "one size fits all" answer to the question. It likely depends on the individual writer's personal goals and objectives. If you're a paid writer for TV, for example, there may be little value to a personal website. However, if you're a spec screenwriter--like me--you want and need to get as much exposure and to build as much awareness for your work as you can. That certainly includes the normal social media presence, but a website allows you to provide detail about yourself, your scripts and produced films, and any accolades, good coverage or other success stories you want your target audiences to know about. Here's an example:

Tasha Lewis

Stage 32 allows us to showcase our profile and work to the world for various opportunities (funding, work, networking). It is a one stop place to get the deal or representation we need in s supportive community. In these trying times, we all need a place that feels like home.

Vital Butinar

I think the purpose of a website for anyone doing anything is the ability to showcase your work in the way you would like to do.

For example my girlfriend and I started shooting our dance videos (we're both dancers) a couple of years ago and then out of nowhere people started to ask if we'd shoot their videos. Soon after that we started doing music videos and in the mean time shot a couple of narrative shorts.

Well we figured if we wanted to work even more in the filmmaking field we needed a place to put the things that we've created so we put together our website.

Nothing fancy, no interactive stuff. Just some text, a couple of photos and some videos of what we've done and I think that's enough. Sort of an online business card or something.

Before the website we had a facebook profile and that was it but at some point maybe it just doesn't cut it anymore.

Our case was unique because we literally had no cost accept for buying the domain and hosting it because I used to do webdesign and put the website together myself.

Erick Freitas

It really depends on the person and what you're goals are. Social media can help cover a lot of your exposure needs.

David E. Gates

To promote my work, give people a place to contact me, to blog....

Craig D Griffiths

Michael W. Hogan it is a slim chance, since directors seem to absorb all available light. But a website may also build a fan base. Not saying for sure. But written by Michael W Hogan may bring an audience amd therefore more coins to your pockets.

Derek Reid

I dropped mine (well, when it expires anyway) for a $5/ monthly Script Revolution membership. Couldn't really justify $ for both right now... and SR has its own ecosystem - as well as CJ being a bro!

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