Screenwriting : Re–write Partner Needed For Musical Film Based On Music By The Beatles by Hitomi Kanezaki

Hitomi Kanezaki

Re–write Partner Needed For Musical Film Based On Music By The Beatles

I wrote a musical film script that based on the Beatles songs. The Black List gave me the following evaluation: 'Despite all of the problems, there’s an inherent charm that can be felt in the affection towards the band.'

I need a partner because I'm not a native English speaker. I'm Japanese, so, any native English speakers who have experience with the written word would be appreciated.

The script might have to be changed drastically. I am open to collaboration & criticism. I don't think my first ideas are always best. If you feel confident editing stories, please do reach out. Like the Beatles, I'm searching for my George Martin to make stories better! Feel free to contact me.

Well, of course, I don't get any permission to use the Beatles' songs! It's incredibility expensive and I'm nobody. I don't know how 'ACROSS THE UNIVERSE'(2007) were allowed to use their songs. But I saw two 'Mamma Mia!2' on the Black List and I don't think those writers got the rights to use the music. And my script was downloaded from one of the industry members while putting it on the site for a month. Anyway, thank you for your reading.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Type: Feature

DEFERRED PAY: [60:40, Me: You (If we sell)]

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Hitomi. Here is another thread post that may be helpful to you, it's about getting the rights later: :)

And just for example... Elyse Hollander wrote "Blond Ambition," a spec script written about Madonna's early years. It was written as a portrait of an artist without obtaining any rights. And it sold to Universal. So while that tactic is risky, it certainly can work. ;)

Perhaps also post on the Jobs board: :) That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. Best to you, and I hope that helps! :)

Eric Christopherson

Hi, Hitomi, I am a Beatles fanatic who happens to be married to a Japanese woman. Good luck with your project. I've been to Kyoto, by the way, and really enjoyed it, and I look forward to taking my kids there in another few years when they're old enough to appreciate the history and architecture.

Dan Guardino

Hitomi. It is up to the producer to obtain rights to the songs, not the screenwriter. I wrote a script based on Michael Z Gordon's life. Think "American Graffiti" meets 'That Thing You Do!. Michael formed two groups called "The Marketts" and "The Routers" and one of his groups... can't remember which one, opened for the Beatles. Anyway since I am friends with Michael and have his ear I wouldn't mind looking at your screenplay. You can PM me your email.


Hitomi Kanezaki

One developed man had been kept sending me constantly yesterday, like;


I am sorry that you cannot take the advice of someone like myself who has been in the film business 18 years and a lyricist/composer for over 50. Some humans must learn everything the hard way.

Perhaps you should read my resume'. I have been in contact with Spielberg, James Cameron, Jackie Chan and many others. Maybe you cannot read very well. I have two films about to begin and several more with actors/producers. The fact that I have over 60 means I contact people (like you I thought) to share them, but see that I am mistaken. You have no experience in the film or music business. I see that I cannot help you at all. If you do not listen you do not learn.


Hitomi Kanezaki

... and so on. Like, FOREVER. But in a first place, he sent me;


Let's produce an action/martial arts film instead.

I have about 20 scripts ready to go. All we need is money, actors and film crew.

I own the rights to all of my music.Let's produce an action/martial arts film instead.


Hitomi Kanezaki

Oh, I still don't know how to use this site well. I'd like to say to Mr.Claude Gagne; 'Premise... I just love their songs... While listening to their songs, the story HAPPENED in my mind suddenly...'

Elisabeth Meier

Would say forget this stranger, but you can trust the people here who already commented and gave you fantastic advice. Even I'm grateful as I learned something new by these comments and - Gosh! - I really would try Sony. I mean just think about the facts. They own the rights, they produce films. You are a Japanese, living in Japan. Sony is a Japanese company with it's HQ in Japan and you could do all the negotiations in your own language and with the help of other Japanese like a lawyer etc.

That can't be an accident! Go for it! Best of luck and don't forget to report us what happened! :))

Dan Guardino


A legitimate person in the business wouldn't be doing that. I sent you my email address if you want to send me the script.

Chris Blair

Cool. Would this be in a similar style to Across the Universe?

W Keith Sewell

I like what Elisabeth Meier said, but it ain't easy 'getting to Sony'. You need someone to take you to Sony. Check you friends, associates, Stage32, linkedin, for someone who works or knows someone who works at Sony Music, Intl, or Group. Also Producers who love the Beatles and have a history with Sony Corp. Good Luck!! My first script was a musical accompanied by pre-published music. It's a hard sell but the quality of the story can sell it.

Dan Guardino

Sony wouldn't read an unsolicited screenplay but they would sell the rights to use the Beatles songs in a movie. She would have to get a producer that wants to produce it and they would secure the rights to the songs.

Dan MaxXx

gotta get agents, legit Producers and $$$ financiers on your team.

is there an independent american or overseas movie with original Beatles songs, not cover bands ?

Roberto Dragonne

I'm not a native english speaker but I've written all my scripts in this language. Also I really love The Beatles. I'd love to know more about this project.

Hitomi Kanezaki

Thank you very much, all. I could find an ideal re-writer who is a dreamer same as me. Thank you for your comments. I very very appreciate it!

Hitomi Kanezaki

Hello Chris,

I hadn't watched 'Across the Universe' till I sent it to the Black List. I didn't want to be influenced by it, so. Mine is more comical. I haven't watched even 'La La Land' because of the same reason. I didn't want to be influenced by it. Now I can watch it finally because I like Ryan Gosling.

Hitomi Kanezaki

Hello W Keith,

Thank you for your comment. I will try anything as possible as I can. I even think I should tlanslate it into Japanese after my partner rewriting. If so, Japanese people can read it in Japanese.

Hitomi Kanezaki

Hello Dan MaxXx,

There is a film 'Norwegian Wood' that based on Haruki Murakami's novel. In the film, the audience can listen to the original 'Norwegian Wood'! For that, the production had to pay a lot though, if the Japanese production could do that, why will other countries' productions not be able to do it? (I've not watched the film yet and won't. In a first few minutes, I stopped watching it. It was far away from the original Haruki's novel. I hate the film.)

Hitomi Kanezaki

Hello Roberto Dragonne,

Thank you very much for getting interested in my work! I'm sorry, before reading your comment, I decided to pick someone else. I saw your comment just now... So sorry.

Hitomi Kanezaki

I just guess the owners of the rights - I think Paul McCartney bought back only a few months ago - want to earn money after all. Did you know that they have even a circus show? Please watch the video; allow using their original songs!

Hitomi Kanezaki

Hello Eric,

It's rare that I find a person like you. Yoko has been being called 'ugly'. When I read about the Beatles on the internet, I have to come across that many people still keep saying 'She is ugly!' It hurts me a lot. She is not ugly and a genuine artist and very intelligent.

Below is from an interview published in January 1981, “Playboy”.


PLAYBOY: "How do you feel about all the negative press that's been directed through the years at Yoko, your 'dragon lady,' as you put it?"

LENNON: "We are both sensitive people and we were hurt a lot by it. I mean, we couldn't understand it. When you're in love, when somebody says something like, 'How can you be with that woman?' you say, 'What do you mean? I am with this goddess of love, the fulfillment of my whole life. Why are you saying this? Why do you want to throw a rock at her or punish me for being in love with her?' Our love helped us survive it, but some of it was pretty violent. There were a few times when we nearly went under, but we managed to survive and here we are." (looks upward) "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

PLAYBOY: "But what about the charge that John Lennon is under Yoko's spell, under her control?"

LENNON: "Well, that's rubbish, you know. Nobody controls me. I'm uncontrollable. The only one who controls me is me, and that's just barely possible."

PLAYBOY: "Still, many people believe it."

LENNON: "Listen, if somebody's gonna impress me, whether it be a Maharishi or a Yoko Ono, there comes a point when the emperor has no clothes. There comes a point when I will see. So for all you folks out there who think that I'm having the wool pulled over my eyes, well, that's an insult to me. Not that you think less of Yoko, because that's your problem. What I think of her is what counts! Because... fuck you, brother and sister... you don't know what's happening. I'm not here for you. I'm here for me and her and the baby!"

ONO: "Of course, it's a total insult to me..."

LENNON: "Well, you're always insulted, my dear wife. It's natural..."

ONO: "Why should I bother to control anybody?"

LENNON: "She doesn't need me."

ONO: "I have my own life, you know."

LENNON: "She doesn't need a Beatle. Who needs a Beatle?"


Hitomi Kanezaki

Haha. I’ve never heard it. Such a funny rumor. Her family is very very affluent. Her grandfather's name was even on a Japanese history textbook when I was a high school student. I guess she did never eat another one's sandwich. If you read/heard their interviews, you'll know the reason the Beatles broke up is not of her at all. Gorge loved her. You can see they eat together in "Imagine", John's documentary film. This is Olivia Harrison's comment; "George loved Ringo. And Paul, John, and Yoko. George gave them much love." I translated her comment from a Japanese article, so I don't know how she exactly commented, but Gorge loved her and again, the reason they broke up is mostly about the business/money, not Yoko.

Hitomi Kanezaki

That's why I have to say"'People are bullying Yoko." Without knowing about them, they say easily "I hate Yoko!" I define it's a 'bullying'. As a Japanese, I had thought "I have to know about her, because she is the most famous Japanese. Why do people hate her so much?" almost a decade ago. Then I read books about her, John and the Beatles. The reason they broke up is not because of her definiently. Well, Paul didn't like her at that time ouviously, but when John and Yoko were sepalated, he visited Yoko's house with Linda. The couple were worried about John and Yoko's 'Lost Weekend'.

Hitomi Kanezaki

They grew up, they had to be themselves each, not as a Beatle. They weren't boys anymore. They became to have different worlds at that time and couldn't work together. Especially Gorge couldn't stand it, because the others - John and Paul - didn't make a point of his works so much. Yoko didn't matter of it.

Hitomi Kanezaki

Anyway, there are many Japanese who hate Yoko. Many people love hating things and people without any specific reasons.

"I still believe in 'All You Need Is Love', I still believe in the fact that love is what we all need." by John Lennon.

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