Screenwriting : Reading Screenplays - What is the latest screenplay you've read? by Dustin Richardson

Dustin Richardson

Reading Screenplays - What is the latest screenplay you've read?

Reading screenplays from films you love or find interesting is always fun and educational. What is the latest screenplay you've read, and why did you choose that one? Let me know!

Before the Oscars, I looked at some of the nominated scripts and read Barbie. I especially wanted to know how Greta and Noah handled the multiple Barbies and Kens without getting too confusing in Barbie Land. I also enjoyed reading Nolan's first-person Oppenheimer. That was such a bold choice!

Evelyn Von Warnitz

POOR THINGS. Some fresh and new word vibrations.

Maurice Vaughan

The last script I read was an unproduced short, Dustin Richardson! Incredible script! I read it as a favor for the writer reading my script and because of the concept. I've mainly been reading unproduced scripts. I have a file of produced scripts to read.

Christopher Phillips

THE KILLER by Andrew Kevin Walker

DT Houston

Just read (again) 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and DONNIE DARKO. A couple others I'll be getting to after I finish an assignment I'm doing... SECRETARY and BLOOD SIMPLE. So many great scripts... so little time! I read across genres. Different voices. Different talents. All inspiring...

Dustin Richardson

Nice, DT Houston. DONNIE DARKO is freaking awesome!

Craig D Griffiths

I haven’t read anything new in a while. I keep the Nolan trilogy beside my bed. I flicked through that the other night. I will read Oppenheimer.

Michael Elliott

I read "Anatomy of a Fall" Actually wondered how it could be an Academy nominee. Sat down to watch it last night. So boring, I stopped watching. It's bogged down by all this European style introspection. A mystery? It's a mystery to me why it got made. Before that I read the script "Fair Play". A couple of months ago Netflix was all abuzz with it's premier because it was written and directed by some feminist hot shot. (DEI? You know it stand's for "Didn't Earn It"). Tried watching it. Horrible. It's comps should be, "Deep Throat" meets "Wall Street". It's a semi-pornographic, meandering, pointless waste that pretends to be about female empowerment when it's really about a cadre of really horrible people fucking each other and then fucking each other over.

Sam Sokolow

An old friend just sent me the production draft from SLAP SHOT as a present - I laughed my head off reading it. Brilliant and renegade.

Michael David

@Michael Elliott - Right????

Michael Elliott

I'm not on X or Instagram.

Rachel Troche

May December was a great read, same with American Fiction. Past Lives you could feel the emotion on the page.

Dan Guardino

I can't even remember the last screenplay I read.

Dustin Richardson

Rachel Troche, American Fiction was amazing! I just watched it last weekend.

Pat Alexander

Read The White Lotus pilot recently and that was a really fun time

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