Screenwriting : Recommened Action/Thriller Screenplays to Read for Quality Models by Frank Blaney

Frank Blaney

Recommened Action/Thriller Screenplays to Read for Quality Models

So I have some Action/Thriller screenplays under my belt that I am proud of, but I always want to grow in my skill as a screenwriter. What are some of the better quality Action/Thriller screenplays you all would recommend I read (and how can I get a copy?).

(FYI--My screenplays are martial arts heavy, because I have many active years of experience as a student/teacher/women's self-defense instructor. I also prefer Asian Action films, because they tend to include artistic elements other cultures cinema do not include in the genre. Kitano is my favorite director and screenwriter, as well as Johnny To. The best general screenplays I have ever read to date are "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Network.")

So what Action/Thriller screenplays have inspired you to up your game?


Dan MaxXx

Shane Black's screenplays have fantastic action descriptions.

Study "Lethal Weapon" and read how Black describes the climatic fight with Riggs v Joshua.

There lots of great action screenwriters/screenplays. Chris Morgan's Fast n Furious 4 & Fast 5 are great reads.

If you're into cop worlds, David Ayer is an expert. Training Day, Street Kings, End of Watch, Bright.

Christopher Phillips

Tony Gilroy scripts come to mind...

Frank Blaney

Great! Thanks for the input.

C. D-Broughton

You could always just watch some films and write them in your head while they're playing. I used to do that, it worked for me.

C. D-Broughton

P.S: me and the OP sounded like good mates until he mentioned Slumdog...

Damn, I turned that off in about 5 minutes. Horrible.

Luckily, we're all allowed to be different or those Oscars would've gone elsewhere.

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