Introduce Yourself : Reinventing my life! by Renee Galloway Golden

Renee Galloway Golden

Reinventing my life!

I'm so honored to say Hello to an incredible large, talented group of people within the industry! Thank you Stage32 Founder Rich Botto and his team for providing this unique platform for all of us! I am a published writer, haven written hundreds of weekly articles and freelance pieces for a SW, Florida newspaper. Now, after 23 years of raising my children and being a wife it's time for me to complete my screenplay. It has been my lifelong dream. I truly look forward to learning from each of you and hoping I will attend in person many of the Stage 32 live events in the near future!

Martina Cook

Hi Renee, and welcome to the Stage! :)

Chad Stroman


Roxanne Paukner

Welcome, Renee. :)

Jeff Johnson

Hello Renee, welcome to the group!

Renee Galloway Golden

Thank you all for your welcomed comments!

Kathleen Burke Monju

Welcome Rene

Shaun O'Banion

Hello, Renee! Glad to hear you're going full-on into your passion. Welcome to the community!

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