Screenwriting : Romantic comedy. by Rodney Simmons

Rodney Simmons

Romantic comedy.

Well first ill say hello everyone. So here's my question, I'm writing a romantic comedy for the first and I'm stuck. I'm having a dilemma where I don't know if I should write funny dialogue or let the actors handle that. I like movies 40 year old virgin and knocked up and I know those were mainly the actors improving. Does writing the funny dialogue make the timing of the comedy feel less real? Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.

Ren Kennedy

As an actress I count on the dialogue being comedic as well as the situations/character development to support the script. Comedic timing is something the actor will bring to the table but you should also have a very clear idea of the pace - if it's full on comedy then the pacing will be fast if it's more just funny real life then it'll be a little slower , if it's dramedy even slower and full on drama slower still so pacing is also incredibly important. Good luck with your script - also remember if it's romance the most important thing is the relationship between the lovers and simply falling in love is comedic in itself :)

Steven P Baer

First, concentrate on creating a good, well-structured story populated with fully developed characters. As your characters develop, their comedic potentials will also develop. Have a little faith in yourself. As you continue to write and develop your screenplay, the comedic epiphanies will come to you. A word of caution: One major mistake rookie screenwriters make is to write an entire scene around a single good line. Don’t.

Rodney Simmons

Thanks for the Great advice

Mark Souza

40 Year Old Virgin was cast with strong comedic talent. You can't count on that. You have to write the funny and maybe by chance, either through delivery or improv, the actors may make it even funnier. If the producer or director don't laugh when they read it, then it's DOA.

D Marcus

If you will be directing or producing then you can set up the situation, cast great improvisational talent and make the movie. If you are writing the script as a writing sample or to sell then you need to impress the reader with your wit and sparkling dialogue. No, writing the funny dialogue does not make the timing of the comedy feel less real - it makes the script stand out. Think "When Harry Met Sally" and "Love Actually".

Dana Lin

I agree with the others, the funny has to be in the script from beginning to end, otherwise, it won't get past the reader. Good luck!

William Martell

First, don't believe the actors when they say the improved the funny lines. Way back in 48 HOURS Eddie Murphy claimed he improved his funny lines... but I had a copy of the script and they were all written. Second, improv dialogue is like a first draft... and often seems that way. Read Denby's review of DRINKING BUDDIES - he points out how bland the improv dialogue is. Don't shoot the first draft - writing is rewriting. Write the dialogue and then work it until every word is the best word and is funny as heck.

Marvin Willson

Simple rule... If it ain't funny on the page, It'll probably die on the stage.

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