Screenwriting : Rules of the road by Jeremy Storey

Jeremy Storey

Rules of the road


Quick question about Dos and Donts with the screenwriter lounge.

I was once a member on stage 32 but eventually deleted my account, as i couldn't help but notice that a number of people in this community can be very unkind. Typical cyber asshats who love to use the cloak of anonymity to be bullies. Something i deeply loathe. .

EG, i once posted something incorrectly and there was holy hell to pay for supposedly posting in the wrong place. With some of them, you would have thought I'd pooped on their favorite blankie.

Anyways... Back on topic... If you have something of yours produced, and there was something like a trailer for it, would you refrain from posting anything at all, or if you did post it, what would be the best forum, should that kind of message be permissible. Last thing i want to do is pee in someone's cornflakes again!!!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi, Jeremy. If you wish to share a trailer or share/promote your work then those posts or videos are placed on your own profile page or in Your Stage, or if you are sharing some big news, a recent success, then those shares are placed in Stage 32 Success Stories. The Lounge craft and business forums are intended for topic discussion. If you have any confusion about where to post, read the descriptions at the top of each section to guide you. Hope that helps. I look forward to seeing your trailer. Best to you!

Doug Nelson

I concur fully with tour observations but there are a few 'good' folk in here too.

Jeremy Storey

Cool. That's all I needed to confirm. Thx.

Pierre Langenegger

That's the problem with most platforms, asshats run rife.

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