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Rachel Lewis

S32 Bio links

Hi all, just a quick one. Jason always says to add your S32 bio link in your email and its so true. I contacted a management company today ( albeit a little early in the process for me) and they came back to me in an hour. Basically said they only responded because I'm on S32. They looked at my bio, gave me a bunch of great tips and said to check in with them from time to time. Thanks Jason great advice! Has anyone had a similar experience?

Craig D Griffiths

Good advice. Also important to use your real name here. Pointless putting a link to “master of the world” (poor example).

Julia Petrisor

thx for the tip! :)that is good advice.

Craig D Griffiths

Your Stage32 bio is ranked by Google which is good

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Rachel Lewis that's inspiring. I just updated my loglines. Time to get that bio updated. :) thanks for the tip.

Chaun Lee

Congratulations, Rachel! What a great tip to share! Keep us posted on how things go with the management company.

Alexandra Jimenez

That's really cool... I'm currently re-writing my husband's and my own bio to post in S32, still working on it, hope that in the next few days I can publish both.

Amy Gray

Those Industry Insiders on IG are a treasure trove of info. I'm trying to catch up a bit. TY Rachel <3 Stage32Scripts on IG YO!!!

Aray Brown

That is great advice ;) i heard Jason mention but never thought to do it til now

Barry John Terblanche

I include a link to my S32 profile to every screenwriting related email I send out. I also have the link attached to my bio on other forums I'm a member too. Whilst I will not have other forum links to them. I use ONLY my S32 link, as its the most comprehensive and well-presented profile (site) that allows those that follow me, a user-friendly "environment". Those of you that have a Linkedin account/profile know that there is not much you can put on it from a screenwriters point of view. My S32 link on my Linkedin profile has proven to be invaluable. My S32 link is ME! You wanna know who, what, why, about me...? Here's a link!

Rachel Lewis

Yes she commented on my 'short' bio and checked me on IMDB too. I need to beef mine up a bit! I only have one completed script so far so I knew I wouldn't be taken on but its good to start that relationship and I can go back when I have more to show for myself.

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