Success Stories: NOV'6 STAGE32 works if you work it!

Shawn Speake

STAGE32 works if you work it!

What's good, creatives! I'm excited to let you guys know that the movie I'm working on with DAVE McCREA, also on S32, is almost ready for release! I'm very proud to be a part of HITS. The trailer link is posted under DAVE'S COMMENT...

Debbie Croysdale

Looking forward!

Samuel Estes


Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Shawn. Hard work pays.

Elisabeth Meier

Cool. Exciting time when it's so close to be released. Am looking forward to watch the trailer. :)

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

We can't wait to see it!

Shawn Speake

Thanks for the love, ladies and gentlemen! :) Just got off the phone with Dave. We'll be posting a pre-final version for your thoughts very soon!

Dave McCrea

Hey everyone, Shawn was a great consultant on this and also a source of positive energy (most people try to tell you why you will fail). He has the right attitude and will go far with that. Here is the trailer - it's an unlisted video/work-in-progress - so would be great to get your thoughts. It's not to be shared also. Thanks!

Debbie Croysdale

Wow factor....Superb camerawork and dialogue in a fascinating, (even if dark, ) environment, was an instant hook. I'm intrigued to want to know more, after this slick taster. Great twist on the norm "A Hip Hop Noir".

Jorge J Prieto

Raw and intense. Congrats.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations Shawn and Dave... it's fantastic!!! Very proud of you.

Shawn Speake

Thanks, Sylvia, and crew! But it's really all Dave. All I did was help Dave talk out his story on the phone. This is all DAVE'S BABY! I'm just happy to be a part of the movie. I'll contribute more on his next project! :)

Emma J Steele

Huge, Shawn! Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see the trailer.

Kathy Jean

Good morning and congratulations from Illinois, Shawn!

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Shawn. Thanks for sharing your journey. You bring such enthusiasm into the community. I indeed wish you the best. :-)

Shawn Speake

Hey, good morning Kathy and Boomer. Thanks for the love! @Emma, the trailer link is posted under DAVE'S COMMENT...

Elisabeth Meier

That's a very cool trailer. Well edited. I like the style, this going back to the photo of the two guys, the music and the view from above. Where did you get that second, this view over the skyscrapers? Is there a source/website for such recordings where you can buy sequences like you can buy music for videos legally?

Tina Goldsack

How Exciting!

Shawn Speake

Hey, Elisabeth! The stock footage comes from

Elisabeth Meier

Thank you Shawn. <3

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