Screenwriting : Stage and Screen writing software - is there a favorite? by Kris Polson

Kris Polson

Stage and Screen writing software - is there a favorite?

I am certain this has probably come up before, but I am not seeing a thread on the subject at the moment.  I am interested in finding out if there is a software that will do both stage and screen play formatting in the same software that will also convert to pdf for sending to execs and competitions alike.  Any ideas and personal experience would be helpful

Anthony Moore

I used to use Celtx (free) but I switched to WritersDuet (also free) which is much easier to use. Both will do everything you asked and are web based so that you can write anywhere you have an internet connection.

Doug Nelson

Final Draft does it all.

Philip Sedgwick

Movie Magic Screenwriter, hands down.

David E. Gates

Whilst it takes a little more work to set up, Word can produce scripts without any issue and with the appropriate formatting. There are templates out there for free which can help. I've used it and saved myself $150!

Marjolein Smit

celtx or final draft are my faves :)

Marty Chartrand

WriterDuet. Very helpful to be able to pull up your work and work from anywhere.

Kris Polson

Thank you all for the feedback!! I will take a look closer at some of these that I am not familiar with, and will make the switch. I have used Google Doc's for years to jot down ideas and then to write out the scripts, but it has been a lot of effort to format them to standards. I am hoping moving to a platform will allow me to concentrate on the story and not the format. :)

Dan Guardino

Movie Magic was always my favorite because it is user friendly. I hated Final Draft when I first got it because wasn't quite as user friendly but everyone I was working with was using it so I was sort of forced into buying it.

D Marcus

Movie Magic is my favorite. It does both stage and screenplay format and can easily convert to PDF

Raleigh Marcell

Trelby is FREE and works just fine including exporting to PDF.

Tracy Lea Carnes

Final Draft. It's Industry Standard and is so easy to use. I have a collaborator for a tv series and we can both work on scripts at the same time. I wouldn't use anything else.

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