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Rammuel R. Lavarro

Screenplay Submissions

I was asked by a production company to submit my script about two months back and wanted to how long should I wait before contacting them regarding it. The company was started by a pretty well known actor and garnered some good press for some recent films. As you can see, I’d really like to do everything possible to keep this from slipping away. Any thoughts?

Mark Melville

I think a month is about right.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'd say a brief e-mail follow-up, to the particular person who requested the script, at 2 weeks or so. You can hedge 'Realizing you're busy...' if you like. I would include a direct question such as 'If you have not had time to evaluate the script, when should I get in touch to...'

Rammuel R. Lavarro

I actually just received a reply from the executive I initially dealt with. She told me that even though she thought my script was well written and executed that it wasn't a good fit for their company at the time. And then about an hour later I received another email from someone higher up in the company who loved the script and was passing it on to their producing partner for them to look at! Kind of amazing. Now I'm prepping for a horror short to show them (the script I sent them is a horror) in terms of my directing abilities.

Rammuel R. Lavarro

I know I shouldn't but I'm hoping for something good to come out of this.

Jim Farina

Very encouraging, getting that second email from the higher level! Good luck, Ram!

CJ Walley

That's cool, Rammuel! What a rollercoaster!

Rammuel R. Lavarro

Thanks! Like I said: hoping for good things and so far so good:)

Ken Koh

Why wait! If you've properly copyrighted then send it.

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