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Screenwriting : Screenplays... by Jahzid Johnson

Jahzid Johnson


For all of my screenwriters...How many screenplays/scripts do you have written/completed?

Dan Guardino

I have written thirty.

Matt Otstot

12... and counting

Peter Roach

Six. Writing two simultaneously; Just flip from one to the other. I have two more completed in my head, not yet on paper. Frantic?

Doug Nelson

I store hard copies in three-ring binders - I count a baker's dozen on the shelf. There are a couple more 'in progress' on my computers with back-ups on HD cards.

James Drago

Seven shorts and features. One digital series script in progress.

Cindi Maciolek

Three features, first three episodes of a sitcom written, two features in progress plus many more ideas in the computer. Also, two novels, one memoir, two books of poetry, two business books, several songs...always writing.

Patricia Poulos

Are you in the market to purchase?

Patricia Poulos

Doug trumps us all. I have six completed Features and One Short. Genre range from Family/Friendly/Romance to Drama, Thriller, Fantasy.

Mark Mccoy

I think two or three. Bro I just do it

Anthony Moore

A dozen features, two shorts. Already working on my next one while awaiting feedback from contests on my last three.

Tony S.

About a dozen.

Jimmie Pelyhes

Seven. All comedies. Even some that didn't start out that way.

Mike W. Rogers

Eight, plus another I co-wrote and an adaptation of a novel, which was a collaboration as well.

Chris Todd

One feature, two half-hour pilots, and two shorts.

Shenendoah Thompson

One feature, 5 treatments; currently working on developing a few more full length ideas!

Shawn M Decker

Four, one political comedy, one Dramady about women's journey taking on a male-dominated career, a crime drama about a culturally diverse internal affairs unit and a fish out of water comedy about a straight-laced FBI agent banished to a small Hawaiian town.

Jorge J Prieto

Nine full length screenplays & one short film script. Gotta try to write every day, it's the best experience along w/reading screenplays. Last, always try (I do) to find a personal connection with your characters and your audience will have a chance of caring.

Jerry Robbins

To date I've completed 4 features, 3 pilots, and hundreds of audio dramas (they don't count, but I'm developing some of them in screenplays/pilots)

Lisa Clemens

Currently, about 10 complete, of those one has been produced (DELIRIUM), a few were work for hire and I was paid for them but they were not produced, of a couple I wrote with Johnny Martin, one is optioned and another one looking for backers. And DEAD WAKE has a couple more film festivals to compete in (already won a few awards/finalist laurels) Oh and another my partner and I are currently reworking in hopes of it getting started next year!

Ted Westby

One less than the one that gets me that BIG meeting.

Constance York

Halfway done with my 18th.

Matthew H Emma

Seven features. Working on my first short.

Jess Waters

12, and I've got 3 unfinished features that I really need to get working on!

Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

Eleven. That doesn't include pilots, episodes, shorts and one hour made for TV scripts. Close to twenty. Been writing sp's for ten years and some were adapated from my already written stories.

Marcus McClellan

Two features, 18 shorts....

Litho Freeman

4 TV show Pilots and 6 full feature scripts

David Mc Intosh

I have completed 45+ screenplays, teleplays and some short stories

Connor James Reid Mitchell

1 feature film, 2 pilot episodes with there television proposals, a couple of shorts and a variety of new proposals that need fleshing and scripting

PJ Edwards

2 shorts, 4 features, and 1 feature in progress

Litho Freeman

As a writer I'm so happy to see that I'm not alone drowning in various "back-up" scripts. I have to admit though, I would only bring a half of my completed features to an official table as of now, but to have multiple ideas half thought out or already written is a writers best asset. As an actor it excites me to see that so many writers have scripts on hand, hopefully ready to shoot.

Mark Sanderson

36 feature length scripts, nine tv pilots, one spec sale, twenty-one screenplay assignments, 14 produced films.

Natalie Farst

2 shorts, 2 tv scripts and 1 episodic and 2 features

Aray Brown

6 in my arsenal. in plain sight, 3

Roberto Dragonne

4 features and 2 TV pilots.

Doug Nelson

The better question is how many of your scripts have made it to the silver or tv screen?

Dan Guardino

And how many answers do think he would get asking that question?

Patricia Poulos


Now that all have bared their soul, what plan did you have in place when you posed this question? How many are you looking for? What do you intend to do with this information?

Derek Reid

I mean, I'm sure it's just making conversation. Seems to have worked.

Mark Sanderson

The reality is that you need more than one solid script in the marketplace at all times for any shot at success. Some writers think that one script is going to do it, but it's a numbers game. And even when you do sell something or get paid on assignment, the movies can still languish in development hell, lose financing, the star, a change of marketplace, whatever. The key is finding a genre that you love and write the hell out of it. Your specs are a tool to find your voice, to become a better screenwriter, and find the genre that you love. It's good to hear most writers on the feedback are writing. That's what is within our power.

Richard "RB" Botto

Excellent post Mark Sanderson

Tony S.

Wow! Zeus does come down from Mount Olympus.

Robert Drusetta

Thanks Mark S. I have written 5 scripts and always seem to get polishing ideas. Every time you think 'it's done', another little gem of an idea comes along making it (hopefully) better. I keep writing, reading, watching and learning. Cheers from Oz!

Patricia Poulos

Thanks Tony. Perhaps only because the goddess is a little too forceful.

Patricia Poulos

Hi Robert. Yes, nothing like a first date someone wrote about.

Patricia Poulos

Sorry Robert. Should have mentioned - I'm from Oz.

Doug Nelson

I've seen/read some pretty good stuff from the land of Oz.

Dan Guardino

I wrote a trilogy set in Australia. I optioned it to a company here in LA once but it died in development. Recently I had an Australian Producer who wanted to produce it. They have some great government benefits if the producer is an Australian and if the movie will help bring more tourist to Australia.

Andrew Heard

Quite a few. I've got a couple short film scripts, a TV pilot and a couple TV and film specs.

Adam S. MacPherson

Writing five now, trying to complete one for the National Lampoon competition.

Adam S. MacPherson

I need a f*&king script coverage editor!

Christopher Warman

Maybe 20ish short film screenplays (6 of which have been produced). Currently working on my second feature screenplay

Tony S.

Adam S. MacPherson check out screenplaygurus.com Fantastic notes, not coverage, plus a 10% off coupon for first timers. They're the only guys I use and they've helped me improve tremendously. Good luck.

Rachel Teo

So far, only two TV pilots :(

Devasandhan Nair

I have completed 2 movie scripts

Robert Drusetta

Hey Rachel T - keep going. It’s about believing in your story/s. Good luck!

Robert Drusetta

Hey Dan G

We (in Oz) also need visionary industry people who know there are a ton of great stories that would be better then a pointless bloody remake of the 1970’s “Stormboy” for heavens sake!

Robert Drusetta

Hey Adam S

Good luck with your National Lampoon story. I wrote one comedy (with positive coverage) but man, they’re hard to write.

Raymond Davenport

I have 10 completed award winning screenplays, I have 10 works in progress close to being completed and I have another 10 screenplays I am currently developing. Each one of a different genre, budget and premise.

Robert Drusetta

Thanks Tony S - I will also check it out.

Patricia Poulos

Congratulations Robert. Hope you do well with it.

Patricia Poulos

Congratulations Raymond. Hope all do well.

Patricia Poulos

Robert, I would have liked your post to Dan, but not sure what the >>>> are. I'm not sure of all our talenteds but, we've made some pretty good movies. Hope those guys are still around. I know of one great producer who is.

Patricia Poulos

I'm a little perplexed. The Austin Film Festival is said to be the home of scripts. Yet, I don't seem to be able to submit. Can someone please clarify for me a 'Narrative Feature'.

Tony S.

Fiction, feature length script. AMPAS considers any film over 40 minutes to be feature length to be considered for an Academy Award. Feature length used to be over 69 minutes

Patricia Poulos

Thanks Tony.

Connor James Reid Mitchell

I got 1 feature film and 2 pilot episodes, and 10 pages in on episode 2 of one of the shows now

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

(2) copyrighted features. (1) copyrighted short. They are posted on my logline page. My 31 one page treatments that cover the genres of COMEDY, SCI-FI, TV SIT-COM, TV DRAMA, & ANIMATION are not.

Robert Drusetta

Raymond D - so you're currently working on 20? At the same time?? Seriously?

Jurij Fedorov

Zero. Unless they are made into a movie they are not finished screenplays.

Doug Nelson

Define completed. To my way of thinking a script is only completed when it's sold and no longer my property.

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