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Do screenwriters get the recognition they deserve?

Cherie Grant

no, i dont think so. the actors do, the directors do hell even producers do, but you never hear about new movies coming out penned by the writer of such and such a movie. the writers are never mentioned in the media.

William Martell

No, but nobody said life was fair. Ages ago I wrote this quiz on screenwriters for screenwriters. If anyone should know who wrote what, it's us, right?

Fay Devlin

I just want to make a good living at screenwriting -- and that means, in part, getting assignments from those who get recognition. If I get some recognition, too, that'll be a bonus.

Rob Mc

Do they need to? I don't really want the attention. At least that way if I get something made I can enjoy the achievement regardless of whether it bombs or not. I find that idea relaxing.

Lani Aisida

Being known by those in the industry is better as they are the ones who will bring more jobs. As long as I get my credit, I'm fine. And cash of course.

Dillon Mcpheresome

recognition from who?

M Powers

Just to see a story you conceived on film is more than enough. As long as you are paid that is!

Lee A. Miller

I'm just guessing but only about 1 in 100 screenwriters ever see their work on a screen. Some people have 20 films to their credit and tens of thousands never have one. Basically, the producers keep going back to the established talent. They have read so much JUNK (submitted by idiots), they close the door and only listen to a few people. So when you walk in they automatically think you are an idiot selling junk. It is a major problem and it will not end until they go bankrupt... financially... morally and intellectually they are already there.

William Martell

It's probably much less than 1 in 100. The writers of TOP GUN had been working pros for over 10 years before they had a script go all the way to screen. 90 percent of sold and commissioned scripts never make it to screen. Now, what percentage of scripts end up sold? This job can suck.

Marty Wolff

My impression is that screenwriters rarely get the recognition they deserve. Often they are not even credited on a movie they worked on. If they are, everybody just seems to forget there was a script needed to make a film, with the praise for a great movie heaped on actors, directors and sometimes the on-set crew (camera, light etc). Who has ever heard an award winner at a ceremony thank the writer for their great script? I haven't. I guess as a writer, you have to really fight for yourself in order to get attention and recognition for your work.

Fay Devlin

Screenwriting is like the lottery: you can't win if you don't play. Of course screenwriting takes talent, creativity, perspiration, perseverance while the lottery is sheer luck.

Lisa Clemens

I like to put it this way. When the film does great, the director and actors get kudos. If it flops, some critic will always say, "bad script!" regardless of editing, direction etc LOL When my friends at my "day job" say, "You'll be famous someday!" I ask if they can quickly tell me who won the Oscar for Hurt Locker. They have no idea. Unless the screenwriter is the director or an actor, no one remembers. But hey, we get to work in our P.J.s, we can go out without paparazzi bugging us and we get to watch our words come to life. Not bad trade off!

Lisa Clemens

Why? I love what I do! It brings my two favorite things together! Writing and what goes on behind the scenes of films! I get paid, I get to watch a film go from my laptop to the screen if it all goes well... If you're in it for big money or fame, sorry. I love it! If the director or producer you work with likes your work and likes the way you work WITH him/her you'll also get recognition and more work. Andy Cheng (whom I was a fan of before I worked with him) liked my work and how I helped him so he introduced me to Johnny Martin, who in turn introduced me to Robert J. Wilson and I wrote one for him (not produced) Meanwhile Johnny Martin wants to keep working with me because he likes how I handle his ideas, notes, rewrites etc. Respect? Recognition? Sure he's flown me out to watch my first produced film get made, even picked me up at the airport himself rather than send a PA for me. Good enough for me! I don't need fame I just want an interesting life and career!

William Martell

Do garbagemen? How about the people who work at sewage treatment plants? Why does anyone feel the need for recognition?

Rosa Lafantastica

I cannot tell you how much I would LOVE Netflix to list screenwriters, and allow you to search for other films (or TV shows) by the same screenwriter.

Derek Ladd

I look at it this way: being able to create a story out of thin air is a gift, a talent that one can spend decades exploring and perfecting. I can tell stories in many different ways: as novels, screenplays, movies, audio productions, stage plays and so on. As a storyteller I can always learn how to produce and direct (and I am learning those skills). Without a story, what exactly does a director or producer have? The title 'producer' has lost a lot of meaning as of late. Sure, there are real producers out there, but most any clown who knows someone's brother's sister-in-law who's in the biz can hang out on a set and get credit as a producer without doing anything. As Vincent D'Onofrio (screenwriter) said to Tim Robbins (producer) in Robert Altman's 'The Player', "I can write. What can YOU do?"

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