Screenwriting : Screenwriters - Let's talk Netflix! Stage 32 + Netflix TV Pitching Webinar by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Screenwriters - Let's talk Netflix! Stage 32 + Netflix TV Pitching Webinar

Welcome everyone! Would love to hear your comments and thoughts in real time about the Stage 32 + Netflix pitching webinar....sound off!

Mandi Allen


Karen "Kay" Ross

Wahoo!! Hey, all! My name is Kay Ross, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Welcome!

P. James Norris

Hello from Chubbuck ID!

Terry Geo

Hi everyone - the page finally loaded for me :)

Tye Roberson

Hello, glad to be at the webinar

Matt Prielipp

I finally got in. Happy to be here. Chris is great.

Cannon Rosenau

Thank you for hosting this. What an opportunity!

Andrea Mann

Hello all! Andrea from London here :)

Tye Roberson

My name is Tye Roberson

Linda Wright

Hi, there. glad to be part of Stage 32. Looking to connect with other tv drama writers

Dave Mansell

Yay page load! Hello from Toronto!

Kimberly Mailloux

Oh finally I'm in! I don't know what was going on with my ipad. Greetings, my name is Kim and I'm from Rhode Island!

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oh yay! the link is working now!

Sara Hathaway

Hello, from Texas. Nice to meet you all

Swati Chugh

Hi All loving this session !

Mark Kelly

Hello from my rocking chair.

Todd Foley

I'm in! Fantastic already.

Shea Moir

Would love to be able to see it

Judah Ray

Hello from Hollywood, CA.

Arun K Vir

Hey'all from Los Angeles, screenwriter in feature, tv space, with producing background.. @ArunKVir Thank you for this...

Saulo Aroca

Oh, yay, the link finally worked!

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Stage32 for this amazing learning chance!

I'm a director/screenwriter based in Seoul, South Korea. Let's connect

Paul Martin

Hi all from the UK!

Anji Ray

I learned about this from Clubhouse!

Kimberly Mailloux

Oh heck yeah I love Kingdom! I'm not a huge zombie fan but I got super into that show!

Cindie Hurley

Hi All - joining from Philadelphia ! Joined this week, and already psyched about the info & resources. This is great!

Judah Ray

If anyone is looking to collaborate, you can find my work at

Mar Guevara

Hi! Joining from Peru

Neil Every

Anji, did you get a Clubhouse invite? Still waiting for one

Patrice Dean-Escoto

exciting to hear what Chris has to share

DJ Stewart

Hi, nice to meet you all!

Catie Carlisle

Hello fellow writers! I am a play/screenplay writer based in NYC (as well as Texas). Hope everyone is staying sane these days! Love to you all!

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Jack Stockley

Great w-shop! hi everyone! happy to connect :)

Josh Weinroth

Hey all!

I just finished watching "Call My Agent"... Netflix.

David DeHaas

Aristotle! My booooooy

Shea Moir

Could somebody please send me a zoom invite

Karen "Kay" Ross

So glad to see you all enjoying the session so far! I gotta be honest - this is freaking GOLD so far!

Keep checking in and let us know where you're hailing from!

Todd Foley

Hi everyone! I'm an American expat outside of Victoria, BC. I write cathartic thrillers that go down easy. Feel free to send a connection and check out my loglines in my profile. The scripts were a blast to write and are even more fun to read!

Elizabeth Fogner

Hello! I'm a senior Dramatic Writing stdent at SCAD and a Writing Executive at IV Productions. Excited about the workshop!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Shea Moir - If you registered for the webinar, check your email for the "CORRECTED" link.

David DeHaas

Aristotle is awesome! hehe

John Radtke

Hi everyone- from Wisconsin please connect if you want.

Lacye A Brown

Hello all! Nice meeting you. Writer, artist & producer here.

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Is this where the chatting is happening?

Jeff Coley

Is it actually working? Ive been getting a "stage 32 sent an invalid response " for the last hour

Lisa Liz Long - (sag-aftra)

Hi Everyone. Happy to be here. Thank you for sharing.

Chris Bold

Hi all. I'm an accredited screenwritiner looking to network, brainstorm, & collaborate with people in the Cleveland area.

Megan Antone

finally got to the chat! nice to meet everyone! im new to stage32 but very happy to be here

Selwyn Milborrow

Hi, I'm a screenwriter from Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa. I am really enjoying this workshop. I have in the first 10 minutes learned more than my school years in the benches.

Ben Sparks

Is there a webinar happening?

Cannon Rosenau

This is validating a lot of what I learned in film school. Thank goodness!

Ellie Bee

Hey y’all! I’m Ellie, a writer and producer from Chicago. Would love to connect with all of you! Have to jump early but I’m loving this session!

Vincenzo Carbone

hey everyone

Judah Ray

Watched To The Lake, Alice in Boarderland, The Liberator, Nurse Wratched

Jessica Nicole

Hey there! Jessica from The Bronx, NYC!!!

Travis Heermann

Hey everyone. Interesting stuff so far. :) I'm a screenwriter/author, happy to connect with fellow filmmakers!

Sam M Smith

Hello, I finally got through! I'm Sam, I'm a screenwriter who's just getting started.

Ayten Teksoy

Hello from Turkey

Adam Judge

Took a few tries to get in - this is great.

Mar B. Alves

Hi everyone!! I'm a writer, currently working with a writers' group on an adult Scifi animation series. Based in Cologne/Toronto. Happy to connect!!

Kerry F Booth

Watching from Denver. This is amazing information!

Alex Echols

Really enjoying this! My name is Alex Echols. I'm an author.

Cindy Myskiw

this is perfect info

Zanna Cardash

Greetings from Bath in the UK!

PK Hrezo

Finally! Took me awhile to get in but glad to be here. Thanks for all the amazing info! I'm a novelist turned aspiring screenwriter

Jill A. Hargrave

I had the same problem, Adam. Just got connected. Even though I write features and not TV Series, I'm learning a lot.

Kimberly Mailloux

Ooh I should probably do a little self-promotion. Again, my name is Kim from Rhode Island and I'm heavily into fantasy, steampunk, and eldritch horror. I'm also a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who loves doing character design as well!

Nathan Aaron

Hello everyone. Video editor and shooter here. Worked on Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos and I'm looking to provide value to your next project. Follow me on instagram @nathanscamera.

Hymnson Chan

Loving this webinar and Chris is so detailed and informative. Can't wait to put all this wisdom to work!

Robert Puleo

C-Mack is terrific! Such critical information he's sharing--priceless. What a genuine and likeable guy. It's obvious he's rooting for all of us to succeed. Thanks Stage32!

Hymnson Chan

Guess I should intro myself as well... my name is Hymnson, I'm an actor, screenwriter, stuntman, and diversity advocate in Los Angeles. You can follow me on Insta at @heyhymnson or check out my imdb at

Kevin Weir

Greetings! I'm an author and screenwriter from Alberta, working mostly in speculative fiction. So if you like fantasy or sci fi, you know, get at me. finger guns

Karen "Kay" Ross

I love this idea of finding and using other material to help set the tone - what a great idea!

Coral Untalan

Hello! Writer, director from Baltimore area.

Phoebe Jean

Hi everyone!! this is so interesting!!

Collin Lieberg

Hello all! Enjoying this talk so far. I'm out in the DC area

Francesco Caira

Hi everyone, love the energy of this session, very insightful. I am a screenwriter ( in the UK, sitting here in the dark with my coffee! Great to, virtually, meet you all and would love to collaborate/connect.

Stephen Mullan

Hello From Belfast. N.I.

Wayne Hazle

This has been great

Mario Boucher

A pleasure meeting Stage 32 talent!

John MacNeil

Great information Chris. Netflix could use more edgy Comedies! Please push for more good old fashioned fun shows.

Scot Byrd

Greetings from Austin TX - Writer-Producer

Susan McGraw

I'm a college media writing professor. Loving this content!

Bridgit Li

Finally got here...

Darius Delsoin

Hi everyone I'm Darius. I'm a Production Assistant, Director, and Scriptwriter from NY. Would love to connect with you all! Great Webinar so far!

Marci Urling

Hi People, great to be here. Chris is totally dropping gems!!

Curtis Matzke

Fantastic talk

Jared Isham

Great webinar so far. Reinforcing a lot of what I've been working on.

Shari B. Ellis

Hello! I write adult animation comedy. In LA, originally from Chicago.

Kevin Weir

I'm down for any mention of The Raid.

Mandi Allen

I've been here since 2014, and ashamed to say not used it often. So enjoying this webinar, will be here more often.

Stephen Mullan

This is so goooodddd!!!!

Marsha M. Nelson

Enjoying the webinar so far!

Jamie Maletz

This is so good and so helpful!

John MacNeil

Goliath is a great show

Tobias Vees

So many nice informations! Thank you Stage32!

Writer/Script Consultant from Austria - happy to connect!

Rachel Thomas-Medwid

Hello from Boston...excellent information from Chris so far!

Natalie Gluck Bergman

Excellent workshop by Chris Mack! Hey all I'm based in Culver City and working on tv pilots and feature films that focus on diverse women, demonstrating how "ordinary" people rise up to challenges in extraordinary ways...often in historic settings like World War II or the Gilded Age... @nataliebergman on twitter

Leticia Ayroza

Hey hey! recent AFI grad, screenwriter from Brazil who loves writing female-led genre! Happy to connect!

Tonya Todd

Finally in! Hello from Las Vegas.

John MacNeil

Listening in car from Nova Scotia, Canada

Jack Wood

Kay and/or Amanda - do you know if all of Chris's visual aids will be available elsewhere? I can't write that fast! Thanks, and hi to my boy Nick. Thx

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, no shame, Mandi Allen! We're all on the same creative journey, but we take different exits and entrances back on that highway! Glad to have you here!

Tameka Mullins

Hi all! Currently working on a TV pilot and editing a screenplay so this is right on time! Love the webinar. I appreciate the candor and the great information!

Marshal Gordon

This is invaluable information

Jack Wood

Never mind, I see that the powerpoint will be available. Thanks!

Alex Echols

Jack Wood - yes they will upload the recording and slides to your account!

Mike Esham

Currently writing a comedy pilot and putting together a pitch deck for an action/drama. This is super useful info!

Story Tiles Media

This is great.

Matthew Yturralde

Really loving the seminar! Hello from San Diego!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Jack Wood! I can't say for sure if the PDF will be available, but the recording should be available. Look for a follow-up email after the webinar wraps that confirms the recording is available for viewing!

Julie Bruns

Really getting inspired and loving all of the info coming at us! Cheers from Vancouver!

Tariq Raouf

This is awesome. Not many people can keep my attention for an hour+ by just talking at me. Chris, you rock.

Kelly Lydick

Great webinar!

Joe Thornton

couldn't sign in.

Karen "Kay" Ross

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Stephen Mullan

Now the dramatic tension strikes!

Gillian Fritzsche

This is really such a valuable webinar. Thank you Stage32, RB, Amanda Toney, and Chris Mack!!

Nick Wray

Hi - from a v.wet Winchester, England... good sess

Amazing Kacee

Chris is very thorough. Lots of amazing detailed info. Definitely will have to watch the recording multiple times.

Krista Durand

Hello from London :D

Karen "Kay" Ross

Woo, 5 minute break!

Marshal Gordon

Screenwriter from L.A . Looking to build my network so feel free to add me, particularly if you are in or around L..A

Adriana Rivera


Justin Van Der Mark

Hello from Buena Park California!!!

Bridgit Li

Wow, it’s so good and interesting that I missed to chat with all of you....

Christian Nommay

Hi everyone! I'm a writer currently working on the pitch of an animated series with a creative producer, based on a tabletop RPG and transmedia universe I created.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Just to confirm - in the Q&A box in the Zoom webinar, Harrison responded with, "We'll have the recording of this entire presentation including the PowerPoint available to rewatch later through your Stage 32 account." So, once logged in, hover over the Education tab at the top of the page, select "My Education", and you should see all the webinars you've registered for. Click this one, and it will take you to the recording and supporting material (once available).

Emir Pasanovic

Hello from Sarajevo! Hope to work with some of you in the future. :)

Christian Nommay

I attended a lot of different workshops about pitching, and this is clearly the best I ever had.

Sephera Giron

Hi from Toronto, Canada!

Judah Ray

As a feature writer, that's transitioning into episodic, I am so grateful for the season map, that breaks down how the three act structure, is broken down into episodes. Major kudos for that!

Karen "Kay" Ross

My bad - Amanda just said no pdf will be available, but the recording will be available 24-48 hours after the webinar wraps. Thank you all for your kind words, it's truly appreciated!

Karen "Kay" Ross

70 seconds of attention before people switch it off?! Jeez... 3 episodes to a long-term relationship?! It's like the 3 date rule! LOL!

Stephen Mullan

Exactly this point !

Inigo Laugermann

Hello from Houston, Texas

Marisa Iozzi Corvisiero

Hey everyone! I just realized that we could chat about this webinar on here. :) Christopher Mack is terrific, yes? :) Good stuff.

Nick Wray feed is working in deepest Inception temporal time... I've aged 80 years waiting for a feed update...

Amy Gray

Chris Mack is the MAN! This info is invaluable in real time!!! Thank you so much :)

Jack Silver

Hi everyone,

I'm Jack Silver - a film and theatre writer and director (and other things) from London, U.K.

I've won a few awards and been nominated for lots more .. but mainly I just love making amazing work. I've also worked with a few famous actors over the years.

This is a great session BTW :)

Really keen to connect with interesting people to chat about doing interesting work.

Gillian Fritzsche

I am just loving this info! It's so so great!

Gilberto Villahermosa

Great presentation! Using my iPhone to snap pictures of the best slides! Beats trying to type all my notes.

Codey S. Wilson

taking screenshots of the slides as fast as I can

Francesco Caira

I could listen to this all day! Chris is on fire!

Jenifer Vine/Jinna Dennis

Hi everyone. I am a screenwriter in Alabama. I would love to connect.

Saulo Aroca

Such an astounding amount of valuable information! Chris Mack is awesome! This is a great learning experience

Nick Wray

This is great stuff...but do we know how long it is?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Codey S. Wilson - no need! The recording of the webinar will be available in 24-48 hours after it wraps. Nick Wray - Not sure how long it will continue, but if you have to bounce, you can watch the replay over the weekend!

Adam Feinsilver

I'd love to see Chris run through this with a sitcom as an example like Friends or even a kids live action series.

Jack Binder

Thanks for posting Matt!

Kalman Szegvary

Very informative. Covers many aspects of writing for television but aspects particular to what Netflix is looking for those pitching to them. Solid info. Thx.

Ayten Teksoy

Losted internet connection :((( thanks for recording ;)

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for sharing your video, Codey S. Wilson! For your links, you can either post them to your profile or post them in the Your Stage Lounge ( for feedback or promotion.

Gillian Fritzsche

This is more than just a class on pitching. This is a stellar structure class!

Alex Echols

Agree Gillian Fritzsche - Chris is doing such a phenomenal job!

Mark Bowes

Great class. So much incredible information. Especially love Chris's enthusiasm and energy.

Stephen Mullan

Have to bow out in a few minutes. Fantastic workshop one of the best I've ever been too. Thank you Chris, Stage 32 and the rest of you.

Gillian Fritzsche

AHHH! The terrible blank page! LOL.

John G. Johnson

Great session!What a great exercise. Thank you.

Judah Ray

Too bad writers are the most underrated, and under appreciated, part of the Industry. Screenwriters don't even get credits listed on most streaming sites. smh

Adrián Pastrana

Hola! Im a mexican filmmaker (director, script doctor, producer) and the singer from the punk eclectical orchestra DRAMA QUEERS! If you want new music for 2021, here's a gift as a pleased to meet you note:

The psychological thrilling musical videos are done by our production company. MAYBE WE CAN JOIN SUPER POWERS (we have edgy, violent, dark humor, queer & liberal films and series):

Mauricio Niebla

Thank you for the webinar. My question is, how we can contact netflix? Do we need a agent? How hard is to make contact with the right person there?

Paula Gill

This is a fantastic presentation, Chris! I love the scope and depth! Thanks to Stage 32 for bringing it to us.

Hi! I'm Paula Gill, a former television executive, and now, a writer and story coach. With my own writing, I focus on online serialized storytelling and audio dramas. But I'm also developing young adult and family-friendly stories for TV and animation.

I'd love to connect, and I'm happy to answer questions about any of my areas of expertise.

Inigo Laugermann

Brilliant! Thank you!

Kate Moran

Wow! Chris, Stage32, thank you so, so much! This class was superb!

Alison Rose


Erica Land

Amazing presentation! Thanks Chris!!

Liz Rasley

So amazing. What a gift! Thank you for this, RB, Amanda and Chris! Wowza.

Jason DeRosse

So great. Thank you Chris and Stage32!

Julie Starke

Great job, Chris Mack. Thank you for your time and expertise. Brilliant.

John G. Johnson

The Blacklist

Henry Kelly

Thank you :)

Rick Harwell

Outstanding presentation! Thanks to all @stage32!

Dawn Martin

I'm watching Gomorra now!Great series!

Alison Rose

Yes! Succession!

Rowan Tallant

I'm watching 'I May Destroy You'

Judah Ray

No ones watching original foreign shows, like Alice in Boarderland?

Soneil Inayat

Thank you! Great information!

Mandi Allen

I have learned more in the last 2 and half hours than I did in a 2 year scriptwriting Ma course. Thanks.

Judah Ray

Thank you for your time. If you have a real solid idea, including a spec script, with a full Bible, is it better to work with a Show Runner, or pitch the concept yourself? Also, is it good to have a spec script attached to the Bible?

Judah Ray

Don't model your content for Netflix. Make your own content good enough they want it.

Lisa Liz Long - (sag-aftra)

Christopher Mack is an amazing instructor! Thank you, SO MUCH.

Dan Calvisi

Chris, I'd be honored if you could look at my own Netflix story webinar: you! Amazing presentation!

Diego Rojas

I just finished watching "Normal people". Great show

Codey S. Wilson

CHRIS, will you watch my two minute proof of concept trailer for my show!!! :) - (worth a shot) - I made it in hopes of strategically starting a conversation.

Dayyaan Jameel

Would Netflix give a chance to a first time writer/showrunner/director?

Sephera Giron

Thank you for this amazing webinar! Chris is a fantastic instructor!

Jennifer Schense

Does Netflix Amsterdam only focus on European/Dutch content? Or how does it fit into the Netflix family?

Nalinya Davis

How do we connect to schedule pitches with production executives? Is there a good strategy? Must we have representation in order to secure a meeting?

Kimberly Mailloux

Man this has been a great presentation so far!

Irina Chernikina

Great presentation!

Sylvain Blanchot

Thanks a lot Chris !

Dave Brynlund

I was only able to attend the first 90mins... this was great, and needs another look with some note taking (plus I want to see the rest of the presentation). Where can I find the posted video once available?

Tanya Bittar Massally

This was absolutely amazing! Big love from the UK.

Codey S. Wilson

I know asking Chris to watch my trailer was dumb, and seemingly arrogant, but I thought, "How could I get someone to read my pilot?" So, I shot the 2-minute proof of concept trailer.

Matt Prielipp

Here is a good resource for your Bible that I have been using.

Anita August

Chris is so direct and dynamic with his info.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Mauricio Niebla! Great question! I think you can tell from the Q&A with Amanda and Christopher that that is not an easy, straight-forward answer, HOWEVER, Stage32 has a TON of resources to help you continue to shape up your script and pitch to make it available to Netflix. The most direct route is to pitch it on one of our pitch sessions:

Keep in mind that these pitch sessions are meant to be educational first, and an opportunity to connect with executives second. It is up to the executive whether or not they request more information.

Paula Gill

They said to give them up to 48 hours to process the recording Dave Brynlund and it will be available via, I think, education or resources in your Stage32 profile.

Shayna-Raye Funderburk

Thank you so much for this, Chris! Your time and knowledge are greatly appreciated!!

Amazing Kacee

According to Chris Mack, we do not need a finished pilot script to pitch to Netflix but we do need an agent or manager in order to pitch to Netflix and the agent and or manager will need a finished script.

Christopher Phillips

Great webinar today. Lots of interesting perspectives about stories around the world.

Billie Deen-Owen

Any agents on here?

Daniella Haghani

Hi! I had to leave the webinar early because I had a class, but I was wondering where the recorded video will be posted? Learning from Chris was such a privilege! Thank you.

Sylvain Blanchot

Is there a way to send a novel I wrote (published and awarded) to Netflix?

V.C. Rhone

This has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you to Chris, Amanda and R.B. Great content!!

Judah Ray

In a Bible, is it better to focus on three to five main characters, or list as many characters as possible, which if their stories were expanded, could have an impact on the story?

Mike Tenango

Hey Chris! Question about IP: what are your thoughts on taking a script and flipping it into your own IP (i.e. a graphic novel) in order to get some hype?

Karen "Kay" Ross

As a follow-up, one of the best benefits of Stage32 is CHOOSING who reads your script, whether for script coverage ( which gives you written notes or script consulting ( which gives you a one-on-one call for feedback. This is a fantastic value to get that feedback since a typical "Hollywood Meeting" to pitch your script would just give you a "no" or a "tell me more".

BONUS: ANY script that gets a double recommendation on coverage (recommend the writer and the script) will be added to our monthly LookBook that is circulated to all our executives! What a Win-Win! You get feedback and the opportunity to reach industry executives!

John G. Johnson

Will Netflix take a one-season show?

Tieuel Legacy

Good addition.

Pidge Jobst

Amazing, S32! Really! Chris M. of Netflix could've probably made a living as a prominent screenwriting instructor in Hollywood; he's certainly out-chalkboards two prestigious ones I’ve had the privilege of receiving writing tutelage under. Yet, Chris chose to aid writers and content creators in submitting effectively to his parent company so their stories can be heard. No doubt, Chris is someone who adores his distribution network first and foremost, yet he also loves writing and is quickly becoming the screenwriter’s hero.

John G. Johnson

Altered Carbon

Philip Sedgwick

Love listening to people who know how story works!

Christie "C.Mikki" Dawson

Just want to say thank you. I'm closer than I thought on my series that I've developed but I also see where I need to polish so thank you.

Rich Bryant

An absolutely impeccable presentation! Thoughtful, thorough and most importantly entertaining! Thanks Chris, Amanda, RB et al!

Billie Deen-Owen

Thank you VERY much

Bridgit Li

Thank you so much, Chris! That was awesome! And thanks to the stage32 team! thumbs up

John G. Johnson

Brilliant! thank you, Chris!

Sylvain Blanchot

Thanks so much Chris, that was brilliant!!

Dayyaan Jameel

This was my first Stage 32 webinar, but I've watch a few from others and I have to say Chris - this was amazing. You're a great presenter, I love your story, and just thank you so much!

Sara Karako

Fantastic! Thanks so much

Kalynn Crist

This was fantastic and very informational, thank you!

Christian Nommay

Thank you so much, Chris! That was quite inspiring and very interesting!

Louis Spirito

Great webinar. Lead it all out in a clear, entertaining way.

Thomas Kowa

best presentation I ever saw about pitching!

Agnieszka Wieclawska

This webinar has been incredible! Very insightful and inspirational :) Thank you Chris, Amanda and R.B. for giving us this opportunity.

Peter Henning

Great lecture, heard a lot, but this one was clearly the best. So well structured and focused. Hope to see you soon in Berlin.

Camilla Erlandsdotter

Hi everyone! Great webinar - thanks Chris

Sarah Tither-Kaplan

Thank you! This was so helpful! Especially for those of us building pitches and bibles. Thank you thank you!

Gayle Kirschenbaum

Excellent webinar - Thank you! I studied with Robert McKee in the 90s. I got so much value out of Chris' presentation.

Peter Henning

Made my day!

Emily Skyle-Golden

Hi! Screenwriter (profession) and Director (Aspiring) here! This was a really insightful and informative experience. Enjoyed all of the chat conversations as well! What a great introduction to Stage32!

Franco Flores Hernandez

Thanks for the webinar! Just starting to use Stage32... pretty good so far :)

Niki Smart

Best presentation - so, so good! Clear, concise, easy to follow, totally inspiring - thank you so much.

Squeaky Moore

This webinar was great and extremely informative.

Stephen Potts

I've done and/or read re McKee, Hauge, Field, Vogler and more. You top the leaderboard!

Fiona O'Connell

Thank you from Australia Chris! Awesome!

Amy Gray

Exciting stuff! Thank from Pueblo, CO <3 Happy and excited to connect :)

Lisa-Marie Manso

Fantastic webinar! Grateful to have been a part of this.

Jennifer Schense

Thanks so much!

Judah Ray

Have fun in the Dam, Man! Get some stampot, hit a ride through Vondel, and enjoy life. ttyl

Lupe Valdez

Great talk. Anyone in No HO area?

Claudio Martins

Amazing Workshop!

Dave Stevenson

An amazing workshop from top to bottom. So insightful! Thank you to everyone involved for making it happen.

Karen Rodriguez

Thank you! Super informative!

Amy S Otey

Wonderful!!! Five Stars!

Kimberly Mailloux

Super fun workshop, so glad I was able to be here!

Melissa Butler

This was a wonderful and informative way to spend my afternoon.

Nina Joshi

Brilliant! Thank you so much!

Marylou Mintram

This was an amazing webinar. I took so many notes! Thank you for organizing this!

Celestina Aleobua


Gustavo A. Garzon

Very concise and inspiring. Thx for doing this and congrats, Amanda and RB for your show sale.

Kerry F Booth

We're not worthy! So much information. Invaluable to a creative.

Kevin Smith Carrao

Was an excellent presentation and full of great information. Thank you all so much for putting together!

Jack Binder

Great work Amanda, RB & Chris! Thank you. How was That Everyone! :)

Mark Ridgill

This was great. Tons of helpful information.

Katherine De Bois

that was amazing. This is a great group to be involved with. Generously gives so much information. Chris Mack @Netflix was humble, knowledgable and transparent, Amanda and Rob brilliant facilitators. thank you again for the opportunity to be apart of this

Adrian Vershinin

Really an incredible presentation!

Alison Barclay

Really enjoyed the presentation, thank you.

Karelia Scott-Daniels

It was great - the only thing was I had an actors recording from 8 to 9 so I missed the critical middle bit! I understand it was recorded but do you have to be a paid subscriber to watch it again?

Karelia Scott-Daniels

Thank you so much for putting it on though! If only I had managed to see it all! Great presentation!

Marci Urling

Awesome presentation! Thanks Chris, Amanda and RB!!

Bonnie Johnston

Wonderful webinar, it was so great to learn the structure of a pitch. Thanks Chris, Amanda and Richard!

Donald Smith

Thank you RB, Amanda and Chris - that was a great breakdown and a straightforward and inspiring webinar. Great to have someone in the know map out avenues for the amateurs, and the creative juices are definitely flowing again. That was the extra motivator needed to really get going in 2021! Awesome work, thanks.

Jill A. Hargrave

Chris Mack is amazing. So much energy and relevant information about what Netflix is looking for in a TV series and how to write and pitch the pilot. I don't see Sarah Gabrielle Baron on this lounge. I do hope she watches this as I believe it would be very helpful as she works on her TV Series that we gave feedback on last Monday.

Cindy Carroll

I'm an author and screenwriter from Guelph, Ontario. Loved the webinar. Learned a lot. I write urban fantasy, paranormal, crime thrillers, science fiction. Would love to connect!

Tyson McClain

Chris Mack and the webinar he hosted was one of a kind. Very informative, very insightful, entertaining, and engaging. The best one I've been a part of.

Sherry L. Peterson

Chris has had a long, successful career in the industry. His advice to keep pushing and keep creating, came from experience. I appreciate his sentiment that Netflix doesn't know what they're looking for, but they know when they see it...if they want it. We just have to keep writing, and telling the stories we feel have to be told. Writing is a pretty great arena to be involved in.

Paula Weiner

Chris Mack, Netflix webinar was so helpful and engaging. Thank You for having this today; I've been working on a few ideas in a class, with a script consultant, and they are coming together. The Stage 32 platform seems like a great space to make connections and share these stories.