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Natasha Fernando

Screenwriter's Support Group

Hi all, I'm new to Stage 32 so, very sorry if another similar thread already exists. I'd love to join a screenwriters' group to give/receive script advice and support. I'm based in Montreal, Canada but I'm sure we don't need to be limited by location. My background is actually development and humanitarian work. I've been working for the UN mostly, so that informs most of my script ideas. I've not broken into the industry or anything but fingers crossed for an IMDB listing some day soon! My ideas come faster than I can write! Good, I suppose, but for me mostly bad as I project-hop. Is there anyone with similar interests who might like to form a group? Or does one already exist that I could join please? Have a great day, everyone! Best, Natasha

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Natasha. Welcome to Stage 32! We have our November Write Club happening right now. You could join in: Or perhaps glance through the "Meetups" section found in the upper menu bar. You can search by location. Perhaps there's a group already in your area, or perhaps start one yourself. I know there are other groups that have formed over time through Stage 32; members that connect and share work through email and/or Facebook. Perhaps someone from one of those groups could share information. I hope that helps!

Natasha Fernando

Hi Beth, thanks so much! This is great :)

Roxanne Paukner

Ditto Natasha. I sent you a message. I'm looking for support as well - anyone else please send me a note. Beth - I did join the November club. It seems interesting, and also a handy distraction (yikes!) as I keep getting notified when someone's posted.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Roxanne, you can easily reset your email notifications. Click on the "gear" icon found in the upper right corner, scroll down to "Notifications," make your changes, and click "Save." ;)

Brian Walsh

Hi Natasha! Always great to see a fellow Canadian on here. :) There is a ton of support and helpful people here, and you should really follow the awesome Beth's advice and join the November write club for some extra support and motivation.

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