Screenwriting : Screenwriters need structure...or at least a calendar. by G Robert Frazier

G Robert Frazier

Screenwriters need structure...or at least a calendar.

Hi all! So, I just saw RB's challenge to post something every day here and I thought I'd take him up on it. I'm not sure I'll be able to post every day, but I will try. April is a loaded month on my to-do list, but here's kind of where I am... I'm an author and screenwriter based in Nashville working on multiple projects. I have a thriller novel in the works, several short stories in various phases of incompletion, a screenplay in revision mode, and a couple of short screenplays in the works. It's a lot, but with all that going on writer's block is not even a thing. The biggest challenge has been just finding time to get to it all and in prioritizing which project to work on next. So, you now how "they" preach about needing to have structure in your screenplays...Well, I decided this year to put some structure into my screenwriting and writing efforts. To that end, I developed a detailed writing calendar for the year to set deadlines for myself. I have submitted four short stories to contests so far this year, and I credit the calendar for that. That's not to say the calendar is perfect. I've found myself revamping it more than a few times already and I've kicked myself more than a few times for blowing my writing plans altogether. But, I'm not giving up on it. I'm trying to make it work. Along with that I've started a daily journal, or a logbook if you prefer, in which I note my accomplishments or lack of accomplishments each day. In other words, I'm attempting to hold myself accountable for how I spend my time and I'm trying to up my productivity. Anyone have any helpful tips on how to organize your time or prioritize your writing?

Aray Brown

Create a schedule that works for you. I'm still working on that. Mine is all over the place right now

Dan Guardino

I always just wrote a couple of hours every night and get up early the next morning and spend a few minutes fixing what I wrote the night before.

Conrad Ekeke

Robert, creating a schedule for writing out your script is a great idea and having also to do a to-do list of your daily activities is also important in building up a reputable writing career that organizes your work load. But sometimes, certain projects might just pop up and you have to get at it at all cost. This will cause a shift in your schedule and perhaps alter your month or week of activities so I advice you make a flexible schedule that won't cause such a quaking impact on your organization.

Mark W. McIntire

AJ Agrawal with Forbes magazine shared a few interesting tools for getting organized at:

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