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I have a few finished scripts, what are the best online avenues in your opinion, so they can be seen by the right people?

Erik Jacobsen

First you must know who the right people are and why they are the right people.

It's called, understanding the business!

Bill Albert

Pitch Sessions here on 32 in one option. Also FilmFreeway Festivals is some place to look. Just remember to read all the details for what people want. What the rules are. Who the judges are. Compare them and find out which ones are best for the type of script you've written.

Alexander J Corsetti

Erik Jacobsen, thanks for the non helpful post !!

David Graham

A good question, Alexander. I came to this script writing from song writing. Pitching songs is tough as well. I found there you could spin a long time in the education/contests without progressing much. Not sure if that is the same thing here or not. I have also found there is more people making money on advising people on their songs/scripts than they are people making a % of your money on getting the song/script into an actual home for it. I'm new, but I'm old to these ways. Finding a right person includes finding someone that can make something happen with the right script or song. Don't just spin.

Gustavo Freitas

Alexander, people frown to that kind of question because there's no correct answer to that. If there was, everyone would be doing it. There are multiple different ways to break in, and I believe there are seminars here that teach you just that. The first question is: is your work ready? I would say it's ready when one of these things happen: you win a couple of Festivals; you place well in one of the top festivals (Nichol, Fade In, Page, Austin, etc.); you receive "recommends" from two different services; or a producer or talent reads it and gets interested. Until then, keep writing good scripts until you have a great one. Now, I'll suppose you already have a great script that passes in the test I've mentioned before. You could choose your path: 1) send query emails to producers, agents, and managers with your logline (you can get their contacts in IMDBPro, Variety, and Similar; 2) attend to Film Festivals and try to pitch it; 3) attend to pitch events and services (Stage 32 has one); 4) enter major competitions that have a film exhibition and attend to that (and try to get the contact from producers/agents/managers); 5) List it on Inktip, Blacklist (I don't recommend, but could work), Movie Bytes, Script Revolution; 6) Produce it yourself (I hate that one, but is a possibility); 7) Find a minor job in the Industry and try to network and pitch; 8) Send it to coverage services which actively scout for screenplays (ex. Spec Scout and Stage 32); 9) Go to LA and wait for a producer in a Starbucks (okay, this one is just me being sarcastic). There is a video about that which I found helpful: Good luck!

Eric Christopherson

I'd target managers and producers. They can both be pitched for a price here on this site and at Virtual Pitchfest among other places. Free options for you: E-query (but you'll likely have to get used to 99 no responses out of 100) or download your script(s) to Script Revolution for free (which has connected me to a producer, by the way and has led to options for others too, maybe even sales by now). Entering contests can sometimes get your script into the "right" hands, but you'll have to do really well in them, and they are often costly to enter.

Craig D Griffiths

Film Competition that have real clout, Nicol etc.

Then Script Revolution is a free platform which has me in a Pre-Pre-pre-production chat with an actor I have a great deal of faith in.

And perhaps, try making them. You have "Producer" in your name block. I'd normally be trying to get my work in the hands of producers.

In a nutshell. With no reputation (like the rest of us), you are bargain basement shopping until you prove your worth. At which time you get an agent that shops you around instead. There is no magic place or shortcut. Lots and lots of work seems to be the answer to most questions.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Email me at and I'd be happy to see if we work with any execs that'd be great for you to pitch to or get coverage from.

Doug Nelson

Alexander - The truth and nothing but the truth is that there are no online avenues to reaching the 'right people'. I'm not sure who you think of as the 'right people' but I'm assuming you're referring to those who can move your golden scripts from paper to screen - you don't 'meet' those people online. Eyeball to eyeball, a firm handshake and a confident swagger is the best way I know to connect with 'em. All the best.

Alfredo Bravo de Rueda

Fine. Thanks. But I still need a way to meet them, even if I have no problem meeting them in person. That's why I need help, somebody who could extend me that bridge while the perfect moment to produce my work is still there. And this is the kind of ideas that visit you once in a lifetime. If you know of somebody who could be a good match for sociopolitical stories and is not afraid of original ways to approach issues, please pass them my info. I will be glad to talk to them in person.

Bill Costantini

Dwight and Alexander: A lot of people have made connections online with "the right people", though. Check the Success Stories pages on this website, and see how many people have found "the right people" right here....during pitch sessions. And as contest winners, too - which all started online.

Don't accept bad advice that isn't fact-based. You can meet "the right people" online, if you're "the right person" and have "the right stuff" that they need - and that's the real truth.

Michaela Kale

The way I contact "the right people", is research screenwriters, producers, managers or even assistants that have been involved in the same genre as my script; That way, for example, if your script is a Sci-Fy, you're not wasting your time sending it to some who does soap operas or sitcoms. Then, when I find possible people; Which you can easily do by searching a similar genre tv show or movie and it should have the full crews name somewhere, you research on how to contact them; Do they have a twitter? if so, is their message option available? If not, simply tweet a simple tweet asking how to get in contact with them. Do they have Facebook?, a good website to take a look at is IMDBpro. It has practically everything you need to know about them, their work history, bio, past and current projects. 97% of the time, they have their contact details or their companies contact details (mostly phone numbers, but sometimes email). RESEARCH is a great tool!

ShaDon Manigault

I 've found success from and recently found I hope you find what you are looking for :)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Just get feedback from anyone you can. yes your mom counts, but she's not enough...friends, script swaps with other writers (here on St32 or on zoetrope). Read scripts. Read all the scripts you can. Put your stories away for a month or two, or more, and then re-read them yourself with fresh eyes. When you think your scripts are truly polished to the level of the best scripts you've read (and by now you've read lots and lots), then it's time to start pitching through stage32. Don't waste your time and ego and money on contests or other pitch sites. All the while, make connections connections connections with people in the biz in your home town. Good luck! Keeep writing!

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