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I have used many screenwriting software programs from Movie Magic Screenwriter to FadeIn to Final Draft (which I am currently using). Which screenwriting software are people using and why? Just trying to see if there are other alternatives out there that I should look into. Thanks for your feedback!

Richard P. Alvarez

I started on "Scriptware" - and still think it was one of the best and easiest to use. It's no longer supported however.

I moved on to Movie Magic - because a producing partner used their budgeting software, and we were working on a script together. I learned to use it - and like it. Still work in it mostly.

I bought Final Draft - because a producer who had optioned a script - asked for it in that format. I imported the script - and worked in it. I've written a second script in it - but don't particularly care for it. Probably because by now I'm used to Movie Magic. There's a fair chance that people in the industry are more likely to ASK for a script in Final Draft as you move forward in the production process. Though one producer was relieved I'd written in Movie Magic after he optioned a script.

But for submissions and queries - everything goes out in PDF anyway.

Dan MaxXx

I use Fade In but I print/make PDF using Final Draft. I guess I'm used to FD's courier font and my eyes believe FD prints darker on the page.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Final draft user. Having been in development and physical production at the studios we used, and asked for, Final Draft files. This made us avoid having different screenwriting programs.

Anthony Moore

WriterDuet to write "on the go" but do final edits and PDF in FinalDraft.

Stefano Pavone

Fade In is my go-to tool. Reasonably priced, updates can be downloaded automatically and it's a decent package overall. The only downside is that it sometimes fails to update the page counter.

Rosan Dieho

Celtx it is (was free) copied from the site: From script to shoot, Celtx kickstarts your production with cloud-based planning tools to create better content faster.

Thom Reese

I'm using Trelby. Mostly because it's free. It's very functional and easy to navigate, though I'd like to see a better spell checking system.

Wanjiru Kairu

Highland2 by John August because it's super easy to use, you can set in your (daily) writing goals (and try to beat them,) it's also affordable and I'm a Scriptnotes fan!

Stephen Olson

Writer Duet, it is free, with limited file saving. I purchased a life time addition for half the price of Final Draft. It can out put as a Final Draft.

Candace Odili

I use Movie Magic Screenwriter Version 6 because I bought it years ago and it still works perfectly.

Doug Nelson

You're using FD now - stick with it.

Richard Banton

I use Writer Duet but it's glitchy and loads very slowly. However, the layout of the interface and other tools keep me invested.

Ryan Brewer

I have been using Final Draft for almost 12 years. I detoured for a little bit when Adobe Story was around because I loved the built in scheduling and breakdown options but then Adobe had to go and discontinue it.

HB Duran

When I first started screenwriting, I tried to manually format in Microsoft Word (yikes) but after discovering and loving Final Draft some decade or more ago, I've been so happy with it that I never looked at anything else.

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

I use Writer Duet. I enjoy having everything just in there for me to access at any time without worrying about my computer crashing and erasing data. Also very easy when I want to collaborate with someone. Also Guy, the creator, is basically always on standby to help if something goes wrong. You can just tweet to them. I've never had anything gone wrong though.

James Hoey

We are currently using Fade In. We have used Final Draft for 7 years, but lately there have been some very destructive bugs. One writing session of two hours worth of work was suddenly wiped out while we were working. There had been several issues prior, but that was the final straw for Final Draft. We may go back to it one day, but Fade In has been great for the most part. Our only large complaint: Index cards do not work the same way as in Final Draft. We rely heavily on those building the story, so it's been an adjustment.

Kaycee Corea

I use celtx for everything!

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