Screenwriting : Screenwriting and "State and Main" Real or Not? by Rick Hardin

Rick Hardin

Screenwriting and "State and Main" Real or Not?

As part of my wife and I’s celebration on Phillip Seymour Hoffmann’s work this weekend we watched State and Main and in my opinion it's one of his best. I’d like to hear from those of you who have sold your scripts and had them produced was this an accurate portrayal of a scriptwriter? Are you asked to be on location like that or is it usually another writer there? I’ve been on a couple of sets during production and most of the other stuff seemed pretty spot on (although a bit dramatized). Let’s hear some stories

Stephen Mitchell

When I worked on Sole Survivor for CBS, I was on location for a month shooting around a 'crashed' B25 World War II bomber on El Mirage, a dry lake bed in the California desert. The writer, Guerdon Trueblood, was on the set every day and I would see him in the hotel restaurant every evening. I don't know if he had been paid and invited but I would assume that he was. I was a friend and protégé of the director Paul Stanley and I seem to recall that Paul and scheduled a meeting with Geurdon one evening after dinner, which I believe was to discuss re-writes.

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