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Hello everyone! I am courting an internet radio host, hoping to get an interview, to help sell my script. He suggested that I either have a website, or a blog, that listeners can go to after the interview. Because I am barely technologically inclined, I chose to start a blog. I have just published my third entry. I am not interested in imitating popular blogging formats. I believe that in order for scripts to get better, you must interact with stimulating ideas; ideas that will lead to bold, new scripts. I am part of the disenfranchised film audience, who rarely finds films that are genuinely entertaining, and can stack up against the best of the past. I have a few popcorn movies I want to write, eventually; but, for now, I am writing scripts that make you feel different, from when you started reading them. The goal of any film should be to make you want to see it more than once. The current mentality of getting you in the theater on opening weekend is not a sustainable model. It may make the business people happy, but it doesn't make for a satisfying experience. My blog deals with some of these issues, both practical, and theoretical. Here is the web address for it: . I want to know if you are one of the disenfranchised, or whether you believe movies have never been better. Only through a vigorous exchange of ideas can we find the answers to our questions.

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