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Jake Cambron

Screenwriting consulting

I am an up-and-coming screenwriter who is on the verge of selling some ideas, but I need help cleaning up my scripts. I am on the autism spectrum (high functioning aspergers) which is a creative gift for me, but there are some things I need guidance with. Particularly in making dialogue sound more natural instead of "written." I'm looking for someone professional and dedicated. You will be compensated.

Phil Clarke

You're more than welcome to come have a chat with me, Jake.

Jake Cambron

I'd love to chat sometime! Let me know when you are available.

William Martell

All of that can be learned, and you will need to learn it. So, start learning.

Phil Clarke

Jake Cambron Anytime is fine. Feel free to private message me or you can always contact me via my site:

S.B. Goncarova

Hi Jake, I'd be happy to help any way I can.

Jason Mirch

Hey Jake - Great to have you here! I am the Director of Script Services at Stage 32. I would be happy to work with you to give some guidance on your scripts. We have a number of fantastic industry professionals who can work with you directly to move your projects forward. You can email me directly at - I will look out for your email!

Craig D Griffiths

Jake Cambron I am no help. But please keep us up to date with your success as you go forward.

Jake Cambron

If you want to take a look at some scripts, send me your email

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